The best workouts in life require a little bit of sweat! 😅 And cardio that you love. 

Everyone deserves to stay fit, look good, and feel healthy. In that direction, a moderate 30-minute ride done on the best exercise cycle constitutes to make up for the most complete cardio workouts.

The combination of movements and speed, work your heart, thighs, to get your heart rate up and your legs pumping. Experts suggest doing a biking exercise at least 3 times a week.

There were days when most of us owned a bicycle, but that changed to a motorcycle when we grew up. Now the only time we ride a cycle and work out is EITHER never or when we are at a gym.

Likely everyone would love to go biking every day, but who has the time to do it? With work obligations, personal priorities, and family at the border… this habit seems to get lost. 

✔️ As a solution, stationary indoor exercise bikes have become a perfect option for those who want to work out at home any time of an hour, but don’t have the time to do it outside every day.

Also, it’s the most staple item for people with home gyms. For those who love to own an exercise bike to complete an excellent aerobic workout in an efficient and effective way to burn some extra calories and focus on low-impact exercises that prevent injury.

Do You Know: 1/2 an hour cycling can burn up to 192 calories, making it one of the preferred exercises to lose weight. 😲 

👉 But, should you just pick any exercise bike in the market, or should you go for the best? One such premium product is brought to you by Flexnest Flexbike – India’s 1st Smart Bike.🚲

The perfect centerpiece for your home gym. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill exercise bike. It comes with features that will blow your mind. They have put a lot of thought into this and have built the best exercise cycle for weight loss in India. 

In this Flexbike India Review, you will find out all the great features this exercise cycle has to offer. And are there any pros and cons to Flexnest Flexbike? 

The Flexbike – India’s 1st Bluetooth Enabled Smart Indoor Bike

Flexnest flexbike review unbaised real from mensquats cardio equipment for home India

The Future of Fitness Is At-Home.

  • Join the fitness revolution with Flexnest’s Flexbike India. The Flexbike is smaller and brawnier made easy to move solo. In testing, the Flex bike worked commendably well in areas like footprint, assembly, durability, and overall workout experience!! Get this at home for powerful cardio sessions.

✔️ Flexnest Flexbike Review India

Flexnest Flexbike brings the next generation of smart stationary bikes with a ton of extra features that makes it the 1st smart bike in India. 

The assembly process is super easy, taking less than 30 minutes. The biggest part of the spin bike is already in place, and all you have to do is place the remaining pieces:

  • Bottom tubes
  • Pedals
  • Handlebar
  • Tablet stand

You only need a screwdriver and a little disposition to be riding within minutes.

Once assembled, you first witness its looks. The cycle is made out of plastic that, although it tries to look very elegant with the matte black coating, actually makes it look kind of rustic. It also has metallic and rubber parts.

But don’t let only the aesthetics mesmerize you. This indoor best exercise bike India has a lot to mention, it is made with sturdy, hard, long-lasting plastic for a really strong piece of equipment.💪 

✔️ The Flexbike Technical Specifications:

  1. Net Weight – 31Kg
  2. Gross Weight – 36Kg
  3. Floor Space – 1000*510*1165mm
  4. Carton Size – L1005*W260*H945mm
  5. Flywheel Weight – 14.5lb
  6. Max User Weight – 120Kg
  7. Max User Height – 6ft 4in
  8. Max Tablet Size – 11″
  9. Min iOS Version – iOS 13.4
  10. Min Android Version – Android 10

This bicycle comes in a card box of L1005×W260×H945mm. Seems like a giant piece of equipment but the truth is that it’s very compact and light, weighing only 31kg and occupying a space of 1000×510×1165 mm when fully assembled, which allows you to place it practically anywhere in your room.❤️

Although it’s compact and light, it can very well withstand people up to 6’4″ in height and weight 120 kgs with perfect balance and resistance. In fact, there is a criticism about its height from one of its customers.

Reviews of flexbike indias first bluetooth enabled bike in india

➡️ The magnetic resistance mechanism creates enough friction to challenge your body just as if you were uphill, and it can be smooth enough to make you feel on a relaxed ride. The magnetic resistance system is adjustable, and it uses a rubber wheel to adjust a resistance level.

👍 What I love about Flexnest Flexbike

  • Beautiful design that looks modern and tasteful.
  • Super easy assembly process.
  • Ergonomic seat makes me feel comfortable during the workout session
  • The tablet stand makes easy to watch my training
  • The 1-year complimentary subscription to access training videos
  • The expert fitness coaches and community that keeps me motivated
  • Can be moved anywhere because it is wireless.
  • The price seems very reasonable for what you are getting.

👎 My Callouts to the Flexnest Flexbike

  • They should have chosen aluminum or any other type of metal instead of plastic
  • Placing a smartphone on the screen stand can be uncomfortable
  • The class rides are too painful to attend. The music…

✔️ Who should buy the Flexbike India

Let’s say it straight, the Flexbike is not cheap. It is a high-end gym exercise equipment developed for people fully committed to a healthy body & exercising. And commitment doesn’t stick to a thing that comes FREE. 

Nevertheless, it’s no longer hidden that people who pay a price for coaching/ or any other thing, are more likely to fully commit to the goal associated with said expensive purchase. 

So, if you are a person looking to fully commit to building a new, improved body and health, you can make this investment with total confidence that it will be worth it. If you are looking for the best piece of cardio equipment, then the Flexbike is for you.👏 

👍 You Will Enjoy This Flexbike Fitness Cycle If You Like:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Aesthetically pleasing products
  • Exercising at home
  • On-demand training videos
  • Fully committing on your training 
  • High-end gym equipment
  • Being a part of a fitness community
  • Virtual riding experience

👎 You Won’t Enjoy This Flexbike cycle If You:

  • Don’t like high-end technology-driven products.
  • Like elliptical cycles to work on the upper body with the lower body. 

✔️ Taking The Flexbike For A Ride

Mid-day, the Indian compact newspaper quoted, “The Flexnest Flexbike is built like a tank. It is super sturdy and metal all over. The bike has everything within reach, including the tablet holder, the resistance knob, and the water bottle holder.” 

Absolutely true. 👍

Just by looking at it, you know you got everything a premium exercise cycle would get.  

👉 Seat: The seat is ergonomic and soft, but with great support that allows you to easily align your spine. This seat is wide enough to accommodate people up to 120kg with total comfort. 

You can incline or decline the bike’s seat to be closer or farther from the handlebars. This will help you to align your back in the most comfortable way for you, according to your specific body type.

👉 Pedals: The pedals are also ergonomic, allowing you to place your foot comfortably and safely. The pedal frame keeps your foot in place at all times.

Pedaling the Flexnest Flexbike is a soft yet firm experience. Regardless of the resistance level, you will feel a frictionless, smooth ride due to the magnetic resistance system with a rubber band inside.

👉 Experience To Its True Meaning: This beauty designed in Germany doesn’t only stand out above all its competitors because of its looks or its smooth ride-ability. The real reason why this indoor exercise bike is way greater than any other is because of its extra features.

Where most gym cycle in India gives you a standard/ ordinary metal cycle with no technology integrated system. The Flex Bike gives a whole new meaning to the word interactive, featuring many different ways to engage more and have more fun while exercising.🚲

Flexnest Flexbike features exercise bike

The Flex Bike doesn’t only offer you fitness cardio equipment, it offers you a complete training program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. From a gold membership to online competition with other Flex Bike users, this bike will keep you pumped up and enjoy every training moment.

👉 Exclusive Subscription: The most exciting feature to me is the complimentary one-year membership you get with your purchase. The Flexnest membership gives you access to hours of exclusive on-demand training videos from Flexnest Studios in Delhi and Dubai – streamed directly to your home to help you make the most of each training session. 

Forget about just sitting on your bike and pedaling. This is the ultimate fitness experience that makes you have fun while you shape your body.👏

The Flexnest trainers will inspire and design different training sessions to work every single muscle of your body, including lessons beyond biking, like yoga, aerobics, and more.

With a vast library of On-Demand trainers to guide, motivate and inspire you, the Flexbike offers a uniquely engaging experience that needs to be experienced to be believed.

👉 Virtual Ride: Another great feature that makes this bike the best exercise cycle for weight loss India is the virtual ride program that uses AI to see international locations all over the world, so you can feel like pedaling in Paris, New York, and another 100 different places.

And if you are a competition fan, you can’t miss the interactive leader board that allows you to compete with any other of the 8000+ Flexbike users to put your skills to the test.

This is a great feature for people who enjoy the interaction, it will make you feel in a fitness social network.

✔️ 3 Modes You Get in Flexbike Cycle 

Ride Modes for Flexnest App Best exercise bike India
  1. Class Ride Mode: With easy Bluetooth-setup, connect Flexbike with any iOS /Android device via our app and just follow the experts. As Simple As That! With world-class trainers at your beck-and-call, enjoy expert-guided cardio sessions with TheFlexBike and burn off those calories in a jiffy.
  1. Virtual Mode: Ride to the Eiffel Tower, or beside Lake Como, or perhaps over the Golden Gate bridge- choose from 100+ cities to escape to whilst you burn that fat. So you can ask yourself where are you riding this weekend? 🚲
  1. Quick Ride: For an uninterrupted self-motivated session to ride as far as you want as fast as you can. Adjust the resistance and moderate the pace & intensity of your ride as per your need and make that workout your own.

✔️ Syncs with your devices

The bike includes a tablet stand to place your smart devices up to 11″ inches. No flexbike doesn’t come with any built-in display, which they should have included if only the price won’t be raised to not being economical. 

But a tablet or screen lets you do more other things. I’m not saying they are better but it would be great to see the one which does bring everything in one display. 

Nevertheless, this is a connected bike. So Bluetooth technology allows you to synchronize your tablet, smartphone, computer, and even your Smart TV with your Flexbike.

That’s where the magic happens and it opens doors for easy monitoring of your distance, calories, speed, and all your routine numbers.

Flexbike is compatible with Android 10 or beyond, and iOS 13.4 or beyond smart digital devices.

➡️ However, for now, you can’t connect it or use it with any third-party cycling app – not at least if you want to see real workout stats.

For the time being, Flexbike can only connect to the Flexnest app. The app controls everything and delivers the flexnest-like cycling experience, but also has a subscription rate after the end of the free trial of 1 year. 

FAQs About Flexbike

Can I remove the pedals that come from flexbike and replace it with power meter pedals?

The Flexbike pedal flywheel already has the power/speed sensors to record your speed.

What type of chain mechanism is used for connecting the pedals to the wheel?

It’s a belt-drive. The connecting belt is being used here. The material type used – rubber compound and polyester cord.

How to assemble Flexbike?

If you are unsure how it will come when packaged and how Flexbike assembly should be done? Watch this YouTube video:

Can a person over 100 kgs use this product with no hassle?

Flexbike supports 120kgs weight, you can use this bike without hassle.

How to join for training as shown in the tab?

For training sessions, you have to download Flexnest App on iOS/ or android and connect the bike via Bluetooth.

As the 6.5 kg flywheel is light, can it create enough resistance along with magnetic resistance to make it really hard to pedal?

As per 6.5 kg flywheel, it is suitable to create enough resistance to make the pedal harder to drive, and it assists you to push even harder to burn extra calories by adjusting its resistance.

Is the tablet included with the Flexbike? Or do I have to invest in one separately?

No, a tablet is not included with the cycle. You have to use your own device, either a smartphone or tablet or smart TV. The app works on all devices. You get only a tablet holder.

✔️ Comments on Flexbike Price

Should you buy flexbike India? Best indoor exercise cycle for weight loss in India

Indoor exercise cycles are all the rage these days, where Flexbike is taking charge to get a bike for home gym in India. Although gym and spin bikes are everywhere and nearly all exercise bikes, let you pedal away at a much lower cost. 

But the cost of FlexBike is steep, considering there are no competitors in India with either a low cost or those who provide more features. So the comparison can’t be done. 

Possibly if there where we will inform you. In the meantime we can’t deny the Flexbike price of 30000 rupees may seem higher but in return, it gives you an amazing exercise experience with different landscapes, on-demand training, and interactive functions that makes it one of the best exercise bike to lose weight. 

If that kind of cycling experience appeals to you, then there’s no better option than Flexnest Flexbike in India.❤️ 

✔️ Subscription cost

You’ll also need to decide whether virtual classes are something you want to invest in or not.

Because when you buy Flexbike you get a 1-year complimentary subscription at no cost to access virtual classes, trainers and switch to modes to go on a virtual ride that helps to keep you motivated and intrigue you to pedal more. 

After a year, it would charge something monthly (5000 or 1000 rupees, prices not decided yet) for continuing your flexnest app subscription.

That happens to be with every connected smart bike brand in the world. Their services cost users something.   

You can use this exercise bike independently, of course, without classes for quick rides only. But if you decide not to pay for a subscription, most smart bikes won’t be fun, or technically savvy as they were designed to be.

👏Therefore, the smartest advice would be to buy a subscription and let the exercise bike function as a smart bike. 

We expect the annual price would be set lower/ or affordable by flexnest. You could buy that.

Flexnest flexbike review unbaised real from mensquats cardio equipment for home India
Staff Pick

The Flexbike – Best Exercise Bike For Home in India

If you don’t mind the price tag, I would recommend Flexbike to people of all ages. It could be an excellent Diwali or festive gift or to show the dear ones that you care for them.❤️
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On-Going Offer

When you buy a Flexbike you get free shipping, a 7-day, no-questions-asked return policy, and 1 year of warranty. Also, 0% FMI financing is available. 

Note: Many prices are accurate at the time of our writing this flexbike review, but would change. Consider enquiring to Flexnest for any questions: Contact +91-9205687922

I hope you read my Flexbike India Review to get a full scoop of this worthy splurge. Flexnest Flexbike is the best exercise cycle under 30000 rupees in India that is sure to turn a lot of Flexnest shoppers’ heads. 

Level up with The Flexbike! Ride like never before with India’s 1st smart bike 🚴

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below. I would love to view your thoughts.

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