Best Dumbbell Brand In India? Bullrock Fitness.

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Best Dumbbell Brand In India 2023

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A good pair of dumbbells can be the catalyst for your home gym. And if you're anything like me a good pair of dumbbells are your best friend in the gym. But when you're talking about a good or best dumbbell brand in India you have to mention Bullrock Fitness HEX dumbbells, which are available in both pairs and in individual sets.😊

Thanks to their versatility, the Bullrock fitness hex dumbbells are a great option for any level weightlifter offering dumbbells as light as 2.5 kg and as heavy as 50 kg. 

They feature an ergonomic handle that’s chrome plated and a knurl that’s ideal for high REP exercises.😊

The fully knurled handle offers optimal grip and the low-odour rubber which allows you to skip the airing out process completely and get right to it. 

✅ Today we will be going to walk you through everything that these hex dumbbells have to offer, the features, the price, some pros and cons, and as always who should and who should not add these to their home gym.    

Best Dumbbell Brand In India

Hex Dumbbells 2 1

Bullrock Fitness Hex Dumbbell

  • This hex dumbbell with a hexagonal head for stability & control. Used for strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, and lunges. Comes in various weights, ideal for both home and gym use.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises
  • The hexagonal shape prevents rolling and increases safety
  • Fully Straight handle.
  • Pointy 1.2 mm Diamond Knurl which provides good grip.
  • No smell rubber


  • May be uncomfortable to grip for certain exercises
  • Expensive compared to other DBs.
  • May require buying a full set, if one needs variation.

What do I Like About These Dumbbells 

1. High quality:

Well for starters they’re coming from Bullrock Fitness which is a high-quality brand.❤️ It’s no exception here with these dumbbells they’re of high quality and they’re going to last you a really long time. 

2. Fully knurled handles:
bullrock hex dumbbell handle
Bullrock Hex Dumbbell

It’s going to allow you to get that maximum grip for your lifts without fear of them slipping out of your hands.

The ergonomic handle here feels really good in your hands and plus the knurling is on the medium side of things so it’s not going to tear up your hands with those high-rep movements you often use with dumbbells.

3. Rubber Coated:

Since the hexagon heads are coated in rubber it makes them ideal for at-home usage meaning they’re not going to tear up your floors if you drop them over time. Also because of the hexagonal shape, you’ll find that if you drop them they’re not going to roll away from you. 😄

4. Used for push-ups:

Since they are in that hexagon shape it makes them great for using them on the floor for any type of push-up variations as well.

Another really cool thing is that not only can you get them as a pair but you can also get them as a set.❤️

❌ What I Didn’t Like About These Dumbbells 

All right now, with all those great things being said there are a few potential cons with these dumbbells. First and foremost as always the price. 

1. Price:

These are an expensive set of dumbbells. There are cheaper options available to you online but with any expensive product, you’re buying the quality which is really evident.

But in case you’re on a really tight budget you might not want to consider these.

Just a pair can be OK, but getting a full rack of bullrock dumbbells would be a lot more expensive.

#2 Available space:

If you’re already tied to space you might want to consider just going down the adjustable dumbbell route. If you purchase a full set like this, it might dominate too much space which might not be good for you. 

Since these dumbbells are available in both individual pairs and as a full set you’re looking at various pricing options.

Let’s talk about the full sets prices:

  • 275kg Set (2.5kg to 25kg) – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹64,900
  • 390 kg Set (2.5kg to 30kg) – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹89,739
  • 680kg Set (2.5kg to 40kg) – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹152,456
  • 1050kg Set (2.5kg to 50kg) – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹229,215

*Delivery is charged EXTRA, which means this price would even rise

If you wanted to skip that lighter weight you can start at 10 kgs that are gonna cost you ₹4956 + shipping and if you wanted to go beyond, the prices are 

  • 12.5 KG Pair – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹6,195
  • 15 KG Pair- GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹7,434
  • 17.5 KG Pair – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹8,673
  • 20 KG Pair – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹9,912
  • 25 KG Pair – GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹12,390

And beyond in 2.5 kg jumps 

  • Last is 50 KG Pair- GST @18% Inclusive Price: ₹24,780

✅ If you don’t want to put all that money down up front with the full set you can buy a couple of pairs and you can expand them over time as you become stronger. 

Hex Dumbbells rack for gym
Dumbbell Rack

Also worth mentioning this 3-tier dumbbell rack you see in the above picture is not included. Whatsoever that’s going to cost you an extra ₹22,998 + shipping which is something to really consider when you’re making that purchase. 😄

Overview of Hex Dumbbells India

When we talk about the build of the Bullrock fitness hex dumbbells there are a few things worth mentioning. 

✔️ Handle Diameter:

bullrock hex dumbbell handle
Bullrock Hex Dumbbell

You’ll notice that anything under 7.5 kg is gonna have a handle diameter of 28 millimetres. 10 kgs and above be 34 millimetres. The handles are fully knurled giving you that maximum grip for your lifts and they’re also chrome plated which gives them a nice shine. 

The heads of the dumbbells are of the hexagonal shape that I mentioned earlier. They’re also attached via friction welding which is really gonna extend their life and add to that durability. 

Note: Handle Diameter: 2.5kg to 5kg: 28mm, 7.5kg & Onwards: 34mm

✔️ Low Odour

The low-odour rubber is really going to allow you to just open them out of the box and get straight to it so you don’t have to let them air out. 

✔️ Construction

features of hex dumbbell set

As far as construction goes, just know that these dumbbells they’re really good quality. 

Bullrock is known for its high-quality products, no exception with these dumbbells I really am not worried whatsoever while using them. 

I can drop them and not be scared they’re gonna break on me and while the numbering on the heads is the exact same colour as the rest of the rubber. You don’t have to worry about not knowing which dumbbell is which because there is a little bit of a lip right here.

Meaning they pop out at you. 

Who should purchase Bullrock fitness hex dumbbells❓

best hex dumbbell in India

Well if you’re looking for a high-quality product that does feature a rubber coating you’re going to LOVE these.😄 

They’re not going to ruin your floors and since they are in a hexagonal shape they’re not going to roll away from your feet. 

Plus you can use them for push-ups if you want to and since you can buy them in individual pairs that give you the option to expand over time as you do become stronger. 

❌ Who should not buy these dumbbells? 

bullrock dumbbell knurling on hand scaled

Well, look trust me I know how much fun it is to go and get the big-name brands but don’t break the bank if you can’t afford these dumbbells. There are cheaper options out there for you and they’re gonna get just as strong.

These are pretty expensive and the rack featured here does not come with your purchase so please add it to the equation.

Once you are confident with the price next is – SPACE. 

Finally, it really boils down to space. If you don’t have enough space for a full rack or say you have individual pairs and you don’t have space for them to be lying around.

You might want to consider going down the route of an adjustable pair of dumbbells because those take up a fraction of the footprint. (why not buy a Bullrock T rex Adjustable Dumbbell). 

best dumbbell in India
Bullrock Fitness T rex Adjustable Dumbbell

As I said there are a lot of really good options for you to go and purchase and this last point is really just personal preference.

If you want your dumbbells to have a fully knurled handle, you know they have that, so if that’s something you want, I would suggest buying bullrock hex dumbbells in India.

✅ Well, that’s all I have for you all today on the Bullrock fitness hex dumbbells. I think this is a high-quality product. They’re ideal for at-home usage and for commercial gym use, of course.

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