5 Best 50kg home gym set with bench India

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Bring commercial-like mini-gym at home with the best 50kg home gym set with bench: Time to Say Bye-Bye to bodyweight exercises.👋

As the lockdown has rolled again in India and all the commercial gyms have been ordered to shut down🚪 for regular exercisers. Now, people are finding ways to be creative, and have started investing in a full home gym set, in some way or the other. 

Certainly, building a complete Home Gym is an expensive affair. Especially for people who have a particular interest in everything from Squat Racks, Barbells, to Multi-gym machines. Pretty basic. 😊

➡️ But these all home gym equipment slowly do add up nearly paying lakhs of rupees in net expense, though there are other similar affordable options to consider as well for the higher-end models. 

Still, even an affordable gym equipment machine could cost you some thousands, of course. Like the Decathlon compact home gym machine, one of the best multi-gym machines costs nearly 28000 INR💸. An unintentional pun!

✔️ We understand not everyone has a big bank to spend on. That’s been said, you don’t always need a Lakh Rupee setup to get strong and fit.

Then, what’s the solution❓

Won’t it be nice if you spend (or rather say SAVE) quite a bit less than on a one-time purchase, and be able to work out at your place, as you want to? Call it what it is, you can build a full home gym set🏋️‍♂️ without having to spend hefty. 

Only if you are diligent to search at the right place, at a right time. (Like this time. Ha-Ha🙂)

Some words to listen to:

Depending on various factors, such as quality build, included accessories, and most importantly a number of workout variations one can do, the price of one gym set differs from another.

Therefore, we have included our selected 5-best home gym set for you to minimize the chances of selecting the wrong equipment.

So, Hold your horses.🐎

Top 5 Best 50kg Home Gym Set With Bench India

Let’s crack this best home gym set with bench India and set up your mini home gym, without overspending. 

Note: Here we present to you only the best home gym combo set which comes with “Weight Bench”, do not confuse them with other value-for-money products that come without a bench. We will cover them some other day. 🔗

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
Best home gym set overall1. FIT KART 60 kg Best Home Gym Kit with bench
Best home gym set overall

1. FIT KART 60 kg Best Home Gym Kit with bench

Best Indian brand2. Kore PVC 20- 50Kg Home Gym Set with Bench + One 5 Ft Plain + 3 Ft Curl and Pair Dumbbell Rods with Gym Accessories
Best Indian brand

2. Kore PVC 20- 50Kg Home Gym Set with Bench + One 5 Ft Plain + 3 Ft Curl and Pair Dumbbell Rods with Gym Accessories

Best Budget Pick3. BODYFIT Full Home Gym Set with bench 8 in 1, 4 Rods, [20Kg-100Kg] Weight Plates.
Best Budget Pick

3. BODYFIT Full Home Gym Set with bench 8 in 1, 4 Rods, [20Kg-100Kg] Weight Plates.

Best Rubber Weight Home Gym Set4. Protoner Gym Set With Bench (Adjustable), 50 Kg PVC Weight plates + 4 Rods + Accessories
Best Rubber Weight Home Gym Set

4. Protoner Gym Set With Bench (Adjustable), 50 Kg PVC Weight plates + 4 Rods + Accessories

Best Inexpensive Home Gym Set5. BODYFIT Home Gym Combo Set: Flat Bench with 50 KG Weight Plates + 4 RODS
Best Inexpensive Home Gym Set

5. BODYFIT Home Gym Combo Set: Flat Bench with 50 KG Weight Plates + 4 RODS


🛑 Disclaimer: Our review is based on our research to find the trending and top-rated products in the current market. We have not been a customer of the product we recommend. Check these all options closely, because possibly 1 among all might be joining you for your next home workouts.

Top Pick
FIT KART 60 kg Best Home Gym Kit with bench

1. FIT KART 60 kg Best Home Gym Kit with bench

  • Bench Details: 8 in 1 multiple feature adjustable gym bench.
  • Bar Details: 1 x 3 feet curl rod + 2 x 14 inch Iron dumbbell rods + 1 x 5 Feet Straight rod (Capacity of the bar for weight lifting upto 160 Kg)
  • Plates details: 60 Kg of PVC weight (10 Kg x 2 = 20 Kg + 5 Kg x 4 = 20 Kg + 2.5 Kg x 4 = 10 kg + 2 x 2 = 4 kg + 3 kg x 2 = 6 kg)
  • Accessories: Bolts 1 Pair, Pure leather gloves + 1 skipping rope + 4 Spring locks + 1 Hand Gripper.

This home gym set with bench which comes from FIT KART is priced at 13k 🏷️ which is financially manageable, yet expensive for some, but what’s good it does is it helps more advanced lifters while also being good for beginner lifters. 

It has enough items inside a kit for most people, and there are several add-on options as well that affixes best for doing multiple variations of workouts. 

👍 It is our BEST PICK in the 50kg home gym set with bench list, which makes this product a great budget-friendly option for you, and other family members as well. If they are into getting fit in lockdown. ⛹️‍♂️     

Material Used & Quality Felt to Customer:

➡️ The feedback has been brilliant, so far about the Fit kart 60 kg best gym kit for home, with their heavy-duty 8 in 1 multiple feature adjustable gym bench that being the standout feature receiving similar positive comments from all customers.

Weight plates: If you’re the one who throws & taps weight at a height, certainly this kit or any kit is not for you. Only bumper plates can hold for that purpose. Regular gym-goers can understand what I mean by quality. The thickness of the plate is dense, and you can stack it on a dumbbell rod for up to 15kg on each side. 

Barbell rod: Barbell length is of 5 ft which is easy for beginners, take note that it is designed for compact use and rack is built such you can hold the grip wide for bench press and incline press, and re-rack bar without getting hurt.

✅ Leg Adjustments: The bench come with additions, such as leg extensions and legs curls. If you’re into supersets or can’t neglect training legs with upper body. Kudos to you. This home gym kit doesn’t limit you, you can stack all 50kgs and curl to your maximum.     

Unique Selling Point:

  • Multi-function gym machine. 
  • FID Bench with additional leg curl and leg extension.
  • Ideal for tall guys too. 
  • #1 best-rated gym product 🏆 
  • Good Indian startup company


  • Quality weight plates and rods. 
  • Got leather gloves to save your palms from bar knurling. 
  • Adjustable bench cover with added leg curls, and leg extension exercises. 
  • The bench is steady enough to support. 
  • Durable to stand with time.


  • Need little thick sitting.
  • For supersets, this gym set will consume your time. 
  • Stacking plates on dumbbell rod sleeves are limited to 15 kgs each. 
  • The bench cushioning can be worn out with use.
Best Indian Brand
Kore PVC 20-50 Kg Home Gym Set with Bench with Gym Accessories.

2. Kore PVC 20- 50Kg Home Gym Set with Bench + One 5 Ft Plain + 3 Ft Curl and Pair Dumbbell Rods with Gym Accessories

  • Plates Details: 10 kg of PVC weight (2.5 kg Plates x 4 = 10Kg), 20 kg of PVC Plates (10kg x 2), 20 kg of PVC Plates (5kg x 4)
  • Bench details: Kore 8 In 1 Multipurpose Bench
  • Bar Details: 1 x 5 feet plain rod + 1 x 3 feet curl rod + 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods
  • Accessories: Leather gym gloves + 1 Gym backpack + 1 Skipping Rope + 1 Hand Gripper + 4 locks and clippers come with the rods.

This kit is preferable for beginners and those who require light weights for their workout. If you have a cap of 50kg weights. 

This is an economical option that will cover all your basic workouts at home and gives you a wide range of selections in adjustable dumbbells. The weights and exercise options that you get with this Kore home gym set are more than you get elsewhere. 

It is a preferred pick of Indians, and to prove this assumption you can view the rating count, which is now in thousands. 

Material Used & Quality Felt to Customer:

A truly multipurpose gym set allows you to do everything from chest presses to bicep curls and leg extensions so the requirement of having multiple gym equipment feels void to you after buying this.  

This best home gym set India comes with an 

Kore 8 in 1 gym bench

Adjustable Bench with an integrated leg developer, as well as holding angles that let you roll out plates for easy storing. It is made up of a steel frame and offers a wide enough cushion seat for extra comfort.  

✅ What else you get is a compliment, made with greater quality material that serves you better at gaining strength with minimal equipment. Perform dumbbell fly, chest press, curls, shoulder press, leg extension, and more exercises with this single blend of home gym set. 

“Don’t get confused with 1-star ratings, those people might be looking for specialty gym equipment that is made expensive and doesn’t fit the requirement of the population.”

Unique Selling Points:

  • A complete package you get in 1 kit. 
  • Kore brand trust and expertise in these items. 
  • Variations of workouts can be done.
  • Quality exercise equipment for home. 


  • Bars are of perfect length with enough space to hold plates.
  • Accessories, like gloves, aren’t cheaply made.
  • Gripper and skipping cable are of good quality.
  • Good short time delivery. 
  • Kore Brand- best-selling online store. 


  • Packaged with sand inside.
  • Clips don’t hold upto the mark and are difficult to attach & de-attach.
  • For the price, not as good as you find in gyms. (False Belief, it will never be)
Budget Pick
BODYFIT Full Home Gym Set with bench 8 in 1, 4 Rods, [20Kg-100Kg] Weight Plates

3. BODYFIT Full Home Gym Set with bench 8 in 1, 4 Rods, [20Kg-100Kg] Weight Plates.

  • Bench Details: 8 in 1 Adjustable bench. 
  • Bar Details: 1X 5ft Plain Rod, 1X 3ft Curl Rod, 2X14-inch Dumbbell Rods.
  • Plates Details: Pvc Weight Plates, 2 Pcs X 10 Kg Rubber Plates, 4 Pcs X 5 Kg Plates, 4 Pcs X 3 Kg Plates, 2 Pcs X 2 Kg Plates, 2 Pcs X 1 Kg Plates = 50 kgs.
  • Accessories: Gym Gloves, 1 Gym Bag, 1 Skipping Rope, 1 Pair Hand Gripper,1 GYM TOWEL, bar Locks.

If you’re tight on space, this 50kg home gym set with bench you should think of buying. All the items are really compact and you can adjust their height & weight accordingly. When you finish your workout, you can store BodyFit gym set anywhere without risking rust because of its PVC plates and steel build bench. 

Material Used & Quality Felt to Customer:

This combo for home gym equipment has all items, which complete your mini-gym set for home. You need not buy other equipment for doing strength exercises other than this.⭐

➡️ It enables you to work your chest, shoulders, and triceps and gain muscle strength in the upper part as well as the lower part of the body. 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽 According to reviewers, “It is an all-in-one gym set.” 

✅ The Body Fit bench you get consists of 7 adjustable settings and is made of heavy steel construction and from double pipes which is the reason for its stable temperament.

✅ The leg attachment helps you tone the thighs which most people neglect training at home. 

Kore PVC plates

✅ Body Fit gym set PVC plates are a value-for-money product and people like them because of their smooth, curved edges. They are filled with sand and some other heavy but cheap fill, I have used PVC plates but trust me they are not better than steel. But remember plates don’t have to be fancy to be effective.

Unique Selling Point:

  • Available in 20 kg- 100kg weight sets.
  • Good customer ratings with pictures.
  • The whole setup is pretty sturdy, and reliable.
  • Best combo gym set for making a home gym.


  • Packaging is done well to keep deliverables secure. 
  • Good for beginners. 
  • Satisfactory product at an inexpensive price.  
  • Setting up is easy, with support provided.


  • The bench can’t bear max load and is a bit shaky. 
  • Self-installation (not that hard)
  • Barbell rods are made thin. 
  • PVC plates can get broken.
Best Pick
Protoner Gym Set With Bench (Adjustable), 50 Kg PVC Weight plates + 4 Rods + Accessories

4. Protoner Gym Set With Bench (Adjustable), 50 Kg PVC Weight plates + 4 Rods + Accessories

  • Bench Details: Incline Decline Flat Bench
  • Bar Details: 1 X 5Ft Bar, 1 X 3 Ft Curl Rod, 2 X Dumbbell Rods 14” With Bolts.
  • Plates Details: 2 Pcs X 10 Kg Rubber Plates, 4 Pcs X 5 Kg Plates, 4 Pcs X 3 Kg Plates, 2 Pcs X 2 Kg Plates, 2 Pcs X 1 Kg Plates = 58 kgs.
  • Accessories: Gym Gloves Padded, Wrist Band Pair, Hand Grips Pair 1, Skipping Rope, 4 Pcs Rod Locks.

A Protoner gym set with bench is truly a multi-purpose set that allows you to do everything from 💪 arms training to shoulders to chest. You also get an adjustable weight bench along with it, not a flat bench which limits you. 

Plus two dumbbell rods and 2 long bars that blend well in any training program is actually not a bad shout for such an inexpensive product, especially for the home. 😇  

Material Used & Quality Felt to Customer:

Protoner is an invention for fitness people who love to exercise. The items, like bench and bars, are made of alloy steel and are rust-proof, which supports easily 250 kgs or more weights. It is ideal for upto 7 ft tall men.🚹

✅ A bench is made stable and features 7 adjustable settings, from -15 degrees to 85 degrees. For convenience, you get a cushioned seat so where the contact happens the area won’t cause distress.  

Rubber Weight plates are my preferred pick over PVC, for one reason they are designed to dumb from a height. Protoner plates don’t break in half and preserve their life for long use. 

The bar thickness on both rods is 20 mm, which is standard in all home gym kits and helps you learn and practice simple lifts. For advanced and professional exercisers this might be a drawback if they don’t plan to join back the commercial gym after buying this.    

Unique Selling Point:

  • Surety Brand Authorized Badge Given From Shopclues.
  • Massive 66% discount offered. 
  • Made of Rubber material plates, not PVC sand filled. 
  • Made in India


  • Multi-functional product for compact space. 
  • Ease to assemble items (comes with a guide).
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Has Spring locks for safety.
  • No wear and tear with use.


  • Has to be handled with care.
  • You have to assemble it on your own. 
  • Can be late for delivery.
  • Not many reviews are available to compare. 
Inexpensive Pick
BODYFIT Home Gym Combo Set: Flat Bench with 50 KG Weight Plates + 4 RODS

5. BODYFIT Home Gym Combo Set: Flat Bench with 50 KG Weight Plates + 4 RODS

  • Bar Details: 5ft Straight Barbell + 3 Ft Curl Bar + 2 x 14″ Dumbbell Rod
  • Bench details: Only Flat bench
  • Plates Details: 12 plates, 2½×8, 5×2,10×2 = 50kgs
  • Accessories: 1 Pair hand gripper + 1 pair of leather Gloves + 1 GYM BAG+ 1 Skipping Rope +1 HAND TOWEL + 4 Spring Bar Locks.

Crafted with heavy duty steel construction, this BodyFit 50kg home gym set with bench puts a host of essentials in one place. The flat bench comes straight, that’s the only disadvantage here, but for people who like to train the basics of bench press this used to work like charm. 😄  

Material Used & Quality Felt to Customer:

Weight Plates: Featuring a smooth finish, the PVC weight plates you get here does the job done in signature style. You can’t imagine a better quality than this in about 3000 INR, each plate is black and is of uniform thickness. However, it’s not best compared to rubber plates, or steel plates, then there you have a choice.

✅  Barbell: If there is one equipment that rule them all (or at least covers the basics), barbell is one here. It is made up of hard steel, and is a truly solid slab of strength. You can cover all your basic workouts with a high cap of max weight of 160kgs.    

Quality: Receiving ⭐ 3.5 star and above rating from 99 reviewers, who purchased this particular product you can bet on this. Its strong, stable and versatile.  

Unique Selling Point:

  • Much good quality product for 3000 INR 💰
  • Good for beginners, who do medium intensity workouts.
  • 4 & above star rating by its customers.
  • The cheapest 50kg home gym set with bench. 
  • All-in-one accessories you require for daily workouts. 


  • Cheap and value-for-money product. 
  • Weights are calibrated to be exact. (slightly can vary)
  • Delivery Packaging is good and won’t damage items in commute. 
  • No one sells a 50 kg gym set with a bench at such a low price.
  • Can live up to durability factor.


  • No adjustable weight bench given. 
  • For a Tall person, the bench won’t live up to expectations. 
  • Bars are thin as compared to what you use in your gym.
  • Plates can’t handle rough use.

BONUS RECOMMENDATION: DECATHLON DOMYOS Weight Training Dumbbells and Bars Kit 50 kg

When you don’t want to order extra gym equipment individually, just order this Decathlon full home gym set and get rest assured.👍 With this, you get a complete kit with dumbbells, bar, and discs to strengthen your entire body which anyway makes you forget your commercial gym. It’s worth it in case if you want durable equipment better than PVC, or rubber then this should be your choice under 10k.  

View in the video📹, what do you get inside the Decathlon 50kg gym kit?

Take a look. 👇

Comparison of All Home Gym Set

Product FeaturesFitkart Home gym setKore PVC 20-50 kg gym set Body Fit Multi-purpose bench Home Gym SetProtoner gym setBody body flat bench gym setBonus: 50kg Decathlon Gym set
Weight Options60 kg20-50 kg20-100 kgs58 kg50 kg50kg
Plate TypePVC PlatesPVC platesPVC PlatesRubber PlatesPVC platesMetal Plates
Bench TypeFID benchFID benchFID benchFID benchFlat benchNo bench

We suggest: ➡️ Always do your due diligence before, set your expectations right, which exercise you do love most doing, what are some not useful features you don’t want to pay for? And,

You will always pick the RIGHT product which is made in particular for your requirement! 


1. How can I make a home gym with no money?

✔️ Even if you have 0 cash 💰 you can manage easily. A great tool we have at our disposal is the ability of our body to move across multi-dimensional planes (degrees of freedom). If you’re having limited weight at home due to lockdown, this might be a tool to implement. 

Invest some time in setting mobility/ functionality PRs for squats. Use a table/ chair/ bed for tap and go. Slowly increase the range and height of descend. Squaring with the most biomechanically strong stance allows us to move the maximal load. 

Though you have absolutely no money, you’ve your body, move it, do calisthenics, sprint, do yoga it needs minimal equipment, and you can arrange them. DIY.       

2. What is a good color for a home gym?

✔️For all those who want to simply work out in silence, without distraction from vivid colors can choose a rich gray paint color like silver mist, or simply black is a perfect choice for a home gym.  

For the best home gym lightning, use a high voltage tube light💡 this way you can get a cooler blue-white, and feel more stimulated.   

3. Is calisthenics better than the gym?

✔️Calisthenics does build muscle same as the gym, this requires more strength, energy and improves posture, strength, and body composition. However, you can do a combination of calisthenics and weightlifting exercises in a single session.

If you’re stuck about whether should I do more calisthenics or weightlifting, think of your goals and style of lifting. 

4. How do I find a space at home to turn into a gym?

✔️Most people have that one room🚪 in the house that they keep for the relatives and they come in maybe like one to three times a year and that room just sits ideal, that could be your home gym. 

Similarly, your balcony, your storeroom, terrace, or any small space in your home which is left unused can be utilized. You have just to look for the possibilities and have to bring alive a hidden interior designer for a minute.🤵 Just search for home gym design ideas.

Conclusion: Which is the best home gym kit? 

Bodyfit 50kg home gym set with bench
Pic: Bodyfit 50kg home gym set with bench,
Pic source: Amazon reviews

😄 Home gym set/ or kit products are a hot selling section right now and are one of the foremost names in the home gym equipment category and with a good reason.  

We can’t promise if they would be available in stock 🛒 by the time you check it out. Nevertheless, the huge popularity of it shows that it is worth a buy and is dear to many fitness experts and normal exercises.  


  • 1️⃣ First Choice
    Giving the cost of most gym memberships, you will save money here with your Fitkart 60 kg best home gym set with bench, which is the winner on our list. Giving you 10 kgs extra weight which packs tons of functionality into a tight and affordable package compared to others PICK. 
  • 2️⃣ Runner-up Choice
    But with BODYFIT Full Home Gym Set with 8 in 1 FID bench, you can always choose weights from 20 kgs-100 kgs. What else do you need? It takes whatever action you throw its way, all at a cost of half to the FitKart Home gym set. 
  • 3️⃣ Best Choice Overall,
    If you are a person who appreciates/ value quality, feel of the product then Decathlon: 50kg Home gym set iron weight plates should be your best bet. Leave aside all budget options of amazon.
The final judgment is always yours, whether you want a home gym combo set or want standalone gym equipment of your favorite brands, then assemble them together, which of course costs you handsome cash.

If you are prepared for that, we have made a review blog of every best equipment brand in their category as well.  

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That’s all for this blog. Thanks for reading until here!

Which 50kg home gym set with bench you liked the most? Or what you want us to cover next? Please leave your comment ✍️ and we will discuss your all questions as always.

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