5 Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set India (Review)

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If I have to recommend one piece of gym equipment, everyone should include it in their home gyms or just start with. Then, the best adjustable dumbbell set India would be my top recommendation. 😀

Why do I say that? Because adjustable weight dumbbells are quick to assemble, take less footprint, have decent max weight, and are priced extremely affordable.

However, adjustable dumbbells won’t be much needed when you are at the gym, where you have the option to choose from a display of different-weight dumbbells.

But what about when all gyms in the country get closed, like we see in a pandemic, or you can’t simply match gym timings and working out from your home is your way to be more consistent? 🙃

 You can, but you shouldn’t buy 10s of fixed weight dumbbell sets for home gym and give each dumbbell its special space.

✔️ Instead, why not get just 1 adjustable weight dumbbell that does the work of 15 other dumbbells, and also gives a tremendous value to the investment?

➡️ In my pursuit to help people build their home gym owners, I can’t miss to not reviewing the best adjustable dumbbell brands in India, that are extremely popular, largely because their prices are very competitive compared to international brands, like Bowflex or iron master.    

Depending on your budget & preference, you can either buy a cheap like KAKSS Neoprene coated adjustable dumbbell set online India, or one with a slightly expensive dial or selector pin mechanism like Flexnest Flexibell.

But there is a lot to consider from choosing which brand you place your safe bet, between what style, material, and weight to go with. 

Don’t you worry. We have done the heavy lifting for you.

After investigating and reading reviews of 10s of companies and more than 50 products listed on Amazon, we have narrowed down our list to 5 Top Best Adjustable dumbbell set India 2023, companies that are reputable and make great dumbbells. 💯

5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells in India 2023 

Which are they? Take a closer look at the table.

the cube powerbells dumbbells India set
BullrocK T Rex Adjustable Dumbbells Kit of 2.5KG to 50KG Weight Iron Pair Dumbbell Set for Home Commercial Gym
Dolphy 20kg Chrome Iron Adjustable Fitness Dumbbell Set for Home Gym
PowerMax Fitness PD 50KG Adjustable Steel Dumbbells Weight Set

Flexnest Flexibell 24 kgs

Cube PowerBell Dumbbell 52 lbs

Bullrock t-rex dumbbell 50 kgs

Dolphy 20 kgs Cast Iron Dumbbell

Powermax 50 kg Adjustable Dumbbells

Top Pick
flexnest flexibell dumbbell India Review

1.) Flexnest -The FlexiBell | ( 2.5kg to 24kg ) Adjustable Dumbbell Set India

Experience the feel of holding the most premium adjustable dumbbell set in India -The Flexnest dumbbell India- Flexibell. If you are looking for a decent upgrade, or generally want a compact all-in-one dumbbell for yourself. 24 kg Flexibell dumbbell should be your sure choice. It adjusts in 15 different weight settings and is strong, quickly adjustable, and not likely to malfunction for years of use, despite its advanced design. 😀 

Product Details:
  • Item Weight: 26 Kilograms
  • Colour: Black/Orange
  • Brand: Flexnest
  • Material: Metal, Rubber
  • Style: Adjustable

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Flexnest brand is popular in selling premium gym equipment in India and is also probably the best adjustable dumbbell brand in India.

I call Flexnest Flexibell dumbbell, an Indian alternative to Bowflex dumbbells (some expensive stuff). This dumbbell isn’t exactly like a Bowflex SelectTech 552, but is no different. Looks, dial mechanism, weight, and quick adjustability all are kept the same, the only difference you would see is in its price. 

Flexibell adjustable dumbbell 24 kgs are priced at affordable rates in India compared to bowflex which has an MRP of 57000 or more on amazon. Because it is imported to India.  

I love how quick they are to change weights, how cheap they are, and lastly how it replaces the need for having 15 different fixed-weight dumbbells for just 1 Flexibell (the reason people buy adjustable dumbbells sets).

But there are definitely some issues around durability and the lack of upgradability I see in Flexibells compared to others on the list, like Bullrock adjustable dumbbells, and Powermax dumbbells

Despite that, Flexibell is a prime example of a company focusing on bringing the best budget-affordable adjustable dumbbells in India.

In fact, there is a good resource we have on Flexibell’s that you must check out: My Honest Flexibell Adjustable Dumbbell Review. 

Flexibell adjustable dumbbell set India 2021

It’s a bit unique in its design, compared to other traditional dumbbells. The sleek red in black color makes these look well settled if you place it in any corner of your home gym.

Flexibell comes with a quick selector dial and works on a dial mechanism, which enables you to switch weights from one resistance level to another (from 2.5 kgs to 24 kgs) really fast. All you need to do is turn a selector dial to your preferred weight settings.  

One customer says in its feedback, “I was first skeptical about it. Because it has some plastic parts that connect the plates. But the locking system here is really strong, so don’t be scared of plates moving, or shaking when you pick it up.”

Another customer writes, “Flexibell is built with keeping home gyms in mind. These dumbbells are easy, snappy, and good-looking.

Not like other traditional fixed dumbbells. Now I have more space to move in my home gym” 

dumbbell flexibell India

These lines would give anyone enough confidence to make adjustable weight dumbbells an obvious choice for our home gyms. Herein you get flexnest app free access to indulge in exercise programs led by the industry’s best trainers so you won’t feel left behind in technology.

Plus, with flexibell there is a 6 months warranty attached, but dropping the dumbbells is one of the exclusions in the policy. 

You even get responsive customer service as well that would clear your doubts and provide support after-sales. A moment of relief. 

What it is going to cost me?
gym dumbbell adjustable weight flexibell India

The Flexibell adjustable dumbbells price in India is kept anywhere near to 9999 for a single dumbbell, and 19999 for a pair (that is justified if you want great adjustability speed and less mess of 15 different dumbbells.)😀

However, flexnest doesn’t sell adjustable dumbbells on amazon in pairs, and you have to place 2 separate orders if you want to buy two (which definitely, you should).

It’s a seller’s mistake, or it is intentionally done to picture flexibell as a more affordable product we don’t know because anything priced over in India makes people picky.  

For real reason, providing international quality of like Bowflex at an Indian price won’t be an easy deal to make. Thus, the price offered is still digestible for the kind of product we get.   

Top Pick

2) The Cube PowerBells | Adjustable Dumbbells Set For Home (5 lbs to 52 lbs)

The Cube PowerBells don’t disappoint its customers, who want Bowflex-like quality, convenience with some products available in India. It also comes in a heavier version for people that are stronger in general and can be adjusted from 10 lbs to 90 lbs (5 kgs to 40 kgs max), thanks to the simplistic selector dial design.😀 It’s the best we have ever seen in the category handling so much weight.

Product Details:
  • Colour: Black and Yellow
  • Brand: The Cube Club
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 43 x 21 x 23 Centimeters
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Item Weight: 52 kg

➡️ Comparatively new in the category and being with few 100 sales and all 5-star ratings provided by its customers. These Cube PowerBells: best adjustable dumbbell set India is a tough neck-to-neck competitor of the Flexibell. 

The Powerbells is unlike any other flexnest flexibell dumbbell, they’re flat at the bottom, quiet with no clanking sounds, and comes with selector knobs at the end, you also get the same rubberized knurled handle, and the entire build is made of all metal-integrated rubber that is quite strong. Making them pretty balanced in hand.

They are much cheaper than bowflex, and come on the same price as flexibell do, with no or miniscule difference as far as the build quality is concerned. 😀

The major difference you will see when you compare them to Flexibell dumbbells is in their color, brand name, the warranty provided (here you get it of 1 year), and the weight unit, though it’s of the same weight that is 24kgs. But all weights mentioned here are in pounds/ lbs (measuring unit) which is difficult for Indians to understand.  

They both look like real brothers (Flexibell & Powerbells), coming from a single factory with a different brand tag. Both function on the same design, and promise to bring convenience to the people exercising at home, be very compact compared to a full set of dumbbells, with a quick weight adjustability feature. However, the experience with each one of these adjustable dumbbell set India would go differently for everybody. 

Also note, because PowerBells are no regular dumbbells, they’re bigger in size, even at lighter weights. Your actual movements will be different (to adjust for the sheer volume) depending on the range of motion of your lifts. However, it can be worked off with practice.  

One could easily select weights in PowerBells from 5 to 52 lbs, by placing them correctly/ aligned in a tray that is provided, and could raise them in 2.5 lbs weight increments. That improves its usability to a greater extent.

➡️ But people complain: What if I outgrow from my current max weight of dumbbells, that is 52 lbs? PowerBells, or any other best adjustable dumbbells India can’t be upgraded, but only be adjusted. That’s why you have to choose your model wisely, and ask yourself is 24 kgs/ 52 lbs enough for me?

Cube powerbell adjustable dumbbells price in India

Luckily, with these top-rated adjustable dumbbells, you get a heavier version option – The Cube PowerBells (10 lbs to 90 lbs/ or 4.5kg to 40kg), which FlexiBells fails to offer. But 24 kgs is also not a bad choice either.

People rave about adjustable weight dumbbell set being extraordinary. Not to indicate the money factor. If you compare 1*24 kgs fixed dumbbell set and adjustable dumbbells, the price is going to shock you. But think of it this way, the best adjustable dumbbells offer 15 different weights, and took around 7 seconds to adjust from the base weight of 5 LB up to the max of 52.5 LB. Wherein other screw-design adjustable dumbbells took far too long, and look sluggish.  

Because weight isn’t just weight. With these PowerBells, you can then glide onto and off the dumbbell with different weighted plates to set your own poundages without ever needing a whole dumbbell rack.

best adjustable dumbbell set reviews

Thing to note: There is a general rule followed with these types of dumbbells, in particular that is they aren’t meant to be dropped. The dial mechanism they use is super fast, but also delicate to handle. In case of drops, they would break.

We don’t know at what height, or how many times after repetitive falling, they fail. So durability is to be thought of here. (Follow instructions, and always use a gym rubber mat underneath and keep them slowly.)   

best adjustable dumbbells for home gym
What is it going to cost me?

PowerBells Adjustable Dumbbells on amazon retail at approximately 20k on average for a pair. (You can’t order a single piece) This is a priceless unit if you want to hold something very premium in your hands, with a dial included that lets you add weights without making you struggle to screw nuts & bolts after each set. (Choose between FlexiBell vs PowerBells) 

But to me the most sensible option seems to be The Cube PowerBells, which come with 1-year warranty, app subscription, and all things similar to Flexibells.

Top Pick
Bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell India

3.) BullrocK T-Rex Dumbbells Set India (2.5KG to 50KG)

The Most Beefiest, sturdiest, extendable & budgetary training dumbbell brand on the list, Bullrock T-rex Adjustable Dumbbell. Made fully of machined steel, and e-coated handles provide it a better grip & reduce the chance of rusting. It can be adjusted from 2.5 kgs to 40, 50, 71kgs options (yes, that’s a lot!), so you can progress more naturally. 

Product Details:
  • Color: Black, Chrome
  • Included Components: ‎Handles: 2pcs; Spanner: 1pcs; Standard Studs: 4pcs; Plates: 1.25kg x 4pcs, 2.5kg x 4pcs, 3.75kg x 8pcs
  • Weight: ‎50 Kilograms
  • Style: (25kg X 2) Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbell Kit
  • Manufacturer: ‎BullrocK Fitness
  • Material Used: Machined Steel E250 for weight plates, and E1080 for handles.
  • Surface Treatment: Hard chrome, 7-tank Resin textured powder coat
  • Shaft diameter: 32mm
  • Knurl: 1.5mm Aggressive Knurl
  • Handle Grip length: 135mm
  • Warranty: 1-year against manufacturing defects and 10-year against construction

➡️ Bullrock T-rex dumbbell set is the beloved choice of most strongmen, pro bodybuilders, and people who train at home, this is the best heavy adjustable dumbbell in India you can ever find.

There are certainly other adjustable dumbbells we could use for various purposes, like PowerBells, but the ability to go super heavy on them, and the freedom to upgrade them at any point where you feel restricted, is unique to Bullrock t-rex dumbbells.

They’re affordable, but not the cheapest available dumbbells with such a high maximum weight. They look like any other traditional iron dumbbells, but there is more to them. You won’t see any extra pointed rods extending from both ends of the dumbbells, which would look not so pleasant.

In fact, this product is made rounded to the ends, making it easy to rest them on your quads and super compact in design. 

BullrocK T Rex Adjustable Dumbbells Kit of 2.5KG to 50KG Weight Iron Pair Dumbbell Set for Home Commercial Gym

The weight plates here are made of high-quality industry-grade material that is machined steel E250, no cast iron is being used which makes them quite indestructible. Plus the surface grinding process (thin E-coat used) over the shaft & end caps is abrasive/ corrosion resistant.

Note: All kits are now available only in the E-coated option from bullrock fitness India, which is a popular surface treatment method to prevent dumbbells from wear and tear. This way you require no need of regular oiling of the studs and threading, which was a need in previous hard chrome coats, only the female (handle) thread needs oiling every quarter or 6 months.

T-rex dumbbells function on a locking mechanism, not so quick to others, but still considerably fast for a large weight range (2.5 kgs to 30 kgs, with additional kits bringing the maximum up to 71 kgs and more).

It has an e-coat plated 20mm threaded bolt welded to the end cap, which can be turned with bare hands to lock and unlock the t-rex dumbbell. Wherein the weight can be incremented with 2.5 kgs, which is a nice because sometimes increasing 5 kgs at once is too much.  

You get a spanner, studs, handle, and plates along, and in case you lock the Dumbbell super tight with your gained strength, you can open it with a spanner.

At heavier weights for things like shoulder presses, and rows, Bullrock T-rex is the best as far as the adjustable dumbbells would go. The feel in hands, with 1.5 mm aggressive knurl on the handles, makes this dumbbell really stable, balanced, and gives a nice touch. 

What you get inside the bullrock t-rex adjustable dumbbells India

Talking little about weight plates, they are of round shape and come with a 7 tank Resin textured powder coat that provides a better grip & you won’t see any issues of plates clanking together or moving after a few drops, because studs and handles hold them strongly. But taking plates on and off is a bit of a hassle. 

But there are more goods with T-rex dumbbells than bad, and remember they come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and 10 years against construction. And if they do get broken, you can contact bullrock fitness and get it sorted out. 

The best thing is if you consider our bullrock t-rex dumbbell review worthy, and buy a unit, either it is a PRO Kit (25kg x 2), or Basic (17.5kg x 2), you always get an option to buy EXTENSION KITS later as your strength progresses.

This would make your money to invest in a better place. 

bullrock t-rex dumbbells assembly
What is it going to cost me?

Bullrock t-rex adjustable dumbbells are far superior in adjustability, and durability, and they’re affordable too. Pricing here is kept really tight, their adjustable dumbbells price in India starts with 13000 for a pair (excluding shipping and taxes), but something with value would definitely deserve this amount. 

If you are a serious gym lifter, I would say it’s the best adjustable dumbbell set in India, and possibly the heaviest set you could have for your lifting endeavours.

Top Pick
Dolphy 20kg Chrome Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Set India for Home Gym

4.) Dolphy 20kg Iron Adjustable Weight Dumbbell for Home Gym India

A chrome finish is its lightning advantage, anybody can fall for this pair of dumbbells. If you like iron dumbbells more than rubber or PVC, which quite have a rubbery smell. These chrome spinlock 20 kg adjustable dumbbells from Dolphy will surprise you with the iron whacking sound it makes with the touch of the ground. Rust-free. Buy it and forget. 

Product Details:
  • Avilable Colour: SILVER/ BLACK
  • Brand: DOLPHY
  • Handle Material: Iron
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 34 x 6.5 x 14.5 Centimeters
  • Size: 20 kgs

For the lovers of old-school iron weights, these Dolphy 20kg Iron adjustable dumbbell set India would have a special place in the heart. Iron is a symbol of pride. The whole set even comes with a case, and knurling around hand grips is better than expected, which allows you to grip firmer during sweaty workouts. 

It’s a fact that iron dumbbells are more durable, and more importantly, rust-free compared to any other dumbbell (if hard chrome plates, which is in here). However, changing the weights and tightening the screws can be trouble for some. 

dolphy weight dumbbell

But if you don’t want to have 5 different dumbbells and also can’t spend on premium adjustable dials dumbbell like Flexibells or Powerbells India, then don’t worry, it works just fine. You won’t find any issues with Dolphy.

However, it isn’t the right comparison, it makes more sense if we compare them to Bullrock t-rex dumbbells in India, but they’re far better than these. Of course, the cost here you get is much more affordable.  

However, one Amazon reviewer mentioned, “The only drawback I found is the absence of collars. There are no collar stoppers to hold the plates.

The rubber gripper is not fixed on the bar and it slides over the bar. This is not a big issue once you tighten the nuts.” 

home gym dumbbells India

Although the weight is incredibly well built and balanced, your hand can be found a little constricted inside the “cage”.

It is the end product you require that has high-quality ingenuity means our weight will last you throughout the years. Read more reviews on amazon before you decide on them. 

What is it going to cost me?

Of course, these are priced lesser to dial mechanism dumbbells (it costs somewhere near to 6500 or 6700, visit amazon for more correct prices), and that too with heavier weights for next stopping your growth. 

Dolphy dumbbells retail at a genuine price. A nice dumbbell would cost the same, considering the weights and accessories included.

Top Pick

5.) PowerMax Fitness PDS- 50KG Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set with Case

PowerMax Fitness can get up to 50kgs in total dumbbell weight (adjustable, too!) for heavy lifting on both ends. The bars are also sturdy and strong, which can easily support weight plates. It looks like a tool kit of a mechanic (though, an expensive one) but its durable plates are baked paint with Hammer-tone Finish to make it look glossy.

Product Details:
  • Item Weight: 50 Kilograms
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Brand: PowerMax Fitness
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Style: 50kg 【Hammer Tone Coated】
  • Includes: 1.25kg x 4pcs, 2.5kg x 6pcs, 5kg x 4pcs durable Plates with baked paint Hammer-tone Finish for rust and maintenance-free.
  • 1inch x 14T Chromed Bar x 2pcs, 1inch 60T chromed bar in 2 sections 1 pcs Solid Steel Chrome Bars with non-slip fibre grip

An alternative to Dolphy 20kg chrome dumbbell, Powermax fitness 50 kg dumbbell adds up the weight for enthusiasts who wish to increase the load. Powermax brand majorly sells treadmills in India. But in making dumbbells they aren’t much behind. 

These dumbbells come with a hammer tone finish and different weights (15kg/20kg/50kg) for you to choose from as per your need. Iron plates remind us of the image of gyms when bodybuilding is done only in city basements, these are here for a long time and will surely remain present for the next coming decades. If you wish to set up your home gym, look no further than these. 


It’s hard to spot any negative reviews around PowerMax, about these dumbbells slipping, peeling, or flaking away, or eroding and breaking down over time. You can go for it if you like the color and weight plates design it comes with. Though, after seeing the product picture, you would possibly be convinced.  

Just carry it, juggle it for your bench press, bicep curls, or shoulder press, in multiple variations and angles, and nothing is going to limit you.

It’s best to cruise your set from the pebble to the heights of the mountain. Plus, it makes you stronger, helps build muscle, and that’s the reason it should be a staple item in all strength training avenues.

What is it going to cost me?
Powermax adjustable dumbbell India

Versatile and tough- that’s what an adjustable dumbbell set should be. PowerMax has a sturdiness and is not a gimmick product, it’s meant to be made for sole one purpose- lifting. It does exactly that.

The price is an extra selling point here. The cost is around 10000, which is slightly less than the Bullrock t-rex dumbbell and higher than Dolphy chrome iron dumbbells. But here for a complete home gym dumbbell set, with a nice case to protect it from climate, pay a nominal amount.

What is the difference between all dumbbells?

##Flexnest FlexibellCUBE PowerbellsDolphyBullRock T-rex (17.5kg X 2) Basic 35 KitPowerMax
Max Weight adjustable2.5 kgs to 24 kgs2.5 kgs to 24 kgs/ 5 lbs to 52 lbs20 kgs2.5 kgs to 50 kgs and so on.50 kgs
Other weight optionsNA40 kgs/ 90 lbsAvailable in 15, 20, 30 kgsAll are available up to 71 kgNA
DesignDial selectorDial selectorSpinlockSpinlockSpinlock
Weight increments in1- 1.5 kgs2.5 lbs/ 1.5 kgs0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 kgs2.5 kgsIncludes 1.25kg x 4pcs, 2.5kg x 6pcs, 5kg x 4pcs durable Plates
Dimensions156 x 35 x 30 Centimeters46 x 30 x 35 CentimetersNANA40 x 15 x 15 Centimeters
Can be boughtSingleIn a pairIn a pairIn a pairIn a pair
Material Rubber and metalCarbon steel and plasticIron with chrome coatingHandle: machined steel E1080, Plates: Machined Steel E250Alloy Steel
Warranty6 months1 yearNA1 year against manufacturing defects and 5-year against the construction3 months
Table of features

The Bottom Line

Adjustable dumbbell for home gym India

There are various ways in which adjustable dumbbells can serve you an advantage of strength training, but having awful-looking dumbbells just ruins the experience at a drop. 

Truly, you don’t have many options to choose from when looking for the best adjustable dumbbell set India.

Buying any of the 5 options recommended by us should set you on the right path. You would never feel disappointed by these brands, they all are rated above 4.5 stars and are well appreciated by their customers for the value they provide in the actual lifting scenario. 

You are your TRUE judge and jury to decide which adjustable weight dumbbell is best according to your budget, weight needed, type (adjustable/ or fixed), and space you have. 

To make the selection easy, this is what we have to say about dumbbells lastly.


  • Flexnest Flexibell

    If you want something that depicts style and has a flavor of new-advanced design of equipment. Flexibell dumbbell is a great product that is quieter, and you do not need to go through the hassle of working out how much metal to add every time. However, to a degree, the connecting parts used here is made of plastic, so be cautious and follow their guidelines to not drop them between sets. If you can take care of them, get flexibell dumbbells India. Absolutely!
  • Cube PowerBells

    On the flip side, Powerbells aren’t much different from flexibell. But they offer slightly more warranty period of 1 year and you can get them in 2 variants, 52 lbs/ 24kgs and 90 lbs/ 40 kgs max weight (available only in pounds). I believe the Cube Powerbells are of better value, although they’re very different in their price points and maximum weights are markedly different. You get rubberized handles in both models, but I would prefer metal knurling as we see in barbells.
  • Bullrock T-rex dumbbell

    If you ever get worried about iron adjustable dumbbells breaking, rusting in the long run, as compared to buying rubber hex dumbbells, then the Bullrock T-rex Iron adjustable dumbbell set is all designed to take your worries off. It is the safest, yet an only heaviest option in dumbbells in India. You can expand them anytime to 50 or 71 kgs by buying a Pro Kit later [PRO Kit (25kg x 2), Basic (17.5kg x 2)], even if you buy a Basic Kit first. Its e-coat finishing protects them from climate and rusting. You also get a strong locking mechanism that holds plated tight, and all-metal handles that keep you stable and don’t hamper your productive number of reps. This dumbbell is truly made like a tank! 100% recommended.       
  • Powermax Dumbbell

    On a budget of 1000 rupees, Kore Dumbbells would fulfill the need of having decent dumbbells. You could choose what fits best for your senses and gym goals, remember PowerMax Fitness cast iron dumbbell’s picture of what old times bodybuilders use also can’t be missed. They are versatile and strong at 50 kg capacity. You get 4 plates of each 1.25 kgs, 2.5 kgs, and 5 kgs. You also get a 2 * 60 inches barbell bar, which connects with a barbell bar connector to transfer in a full barbell. This means it dumbbell cum barbell. Very unique option.
  • Dolphy Dumbbells

    As Powerbells are a close competitor of Flexibells. Here the fight is between Dolphy and Powermax dumbbells. For some people, the clanking sound of an iron pleases their ears like nothing else. They both come with a case, have threaded ends with spinlock collars, are built with iron handles, have the best chrome finish, and don’t shake. For people on a budget, Dolphy 20 or 30 kgs dumbbells is a standard option, but if you need an extra function to convert these dumbbells into a barbell powermax 50 kgs adjustable dumbbells for nearly Rs 10000 is an excellent choice!!  

FAQs About Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Set

Q1: Is a 7.5kg dumbbell enough?

Usually, you would find the dumbbell set listed from 5kgs to 10 kgs. The beginner dumbbell set starts from this range and goes as high as 75 lbs for advanced people. You could choose the one according to your strength levels. 

Q2: Where can I get adjustable dumbbells?

You can search for online eCommerce for the best rates, but due to a shortage of units especially for the home gym category. Stocks are always updating. These retailers still have stock. 

Q3: What is the best adjustable dumbbell set?

Upon our finding of the best adjustable dumbbell set India – Bullrock T-rex, PowerMax Fitness and Durafit adjustable dumbbell are some of the most recommended products to buy from Amazon India. You can get the surety. These dumbbells never fail, and also you get a lot of weight at a fair price.

Q4: Are adjustable dumbbells good?

Yes, compared to any fixed dumbbell. They are best in terms of practicality and cost-effectiveness. The adjustable dumbbell set you can pick from any store should be 20 kg (45 lb). They normally come with 4 x 2.5 kg and 4 x 1.5 kg plates, with 2 kg of handles each, which helps you to make two 10 kg dumbbells, and a single dumbbell with up to 18 kg. Ideal for a home gym.

Q5: Are Olympic dumbbells worth buying?

If you are willing to spend much money on a high-quality product, my advice would be to select Olympic Dumbbell set from any eCommerce, you can get stuff that goes up to 167 kg, which is two 77,5 kg Dumbbells (highly unlikely that you’ll ever outgrow that).  

Other Competitions For Adjustable Dumbbells

All right, that’s all for this article. 

Which adjustable dumbbell out of 5 you are planning to buy? Or any other would you recommend us to include? Ask any question you may have by mailing us at [email protected] or comment below with suggestions to help others like you to choose the best one.

We will keep updating the article in the future. 😀

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