RXN weightlifting shoes India Review

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RXN weightlifting Shoes India Review

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Shoes: The most common piece of footwear found in everyone’s closet. Add a word in prefix (Weightlifting) weightlifting shoes in India, ah not really sure!

Are they even necessary? “The question I always used to ask myself.” 

And now, I end up owning one for me. A nice one! How did this change come? 


The scene was created when one fine day after my way back to the gym, I suddenly stopped. 

best weightlifting shoe in India

Oh no, please god, not this time. I looked down at my feet with my one eye closed and what I saw stunned me for a second. “My right shoe upper material has ripped apart and my thumb was sticking out of the tear” Almost! *Cried. 

No! Nike. I have paid Rs 4500 for this pair of shoes and almost vacated my entire piggy bank. How could this happen after only 1 year of use? 

Hundred of thoughts running through my head in a second. What now?

Also, I don’t have any spare gym shoes available to wear for the next day of my training. (Just for reference, I don’t like to miss my workouts.) 

Time is passing by and I have to think of a solution. This time a great one!

But I have to be fast. I got home, turned on my laptop, opened multiple tabs, and searched in the quest to find something affordable yet sturdy. 

After scrolling through tens of premium weightlifting shoes in India with hefty price tags, I passed by UnderArmor, Adidas options like they never exist and. 

Finally, after overcoming this embarrassing moment of ripping my shoe, I did deep research to take a smart decision this time and bought my first-ever Olympic weightlifting shoes with highest heel. 

Which are they? No other than the title- which says. Rxn weightlifting shoes.

Prefer watching the review, see this video.

RXN Weightlifting Shoes Review

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Best weightlifting shoes for squats

  • Sole: Leather
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Upper:-High grade natural leather with mesh lining,velcro for fastening
  • Sole:- High Grade strong Rubber Out Sole
  • Weight-lifting shoe with Standard Fit for better stability and forefoot flexibility
  • Use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew; dust any dry dirt

These white beauties are gorgeous and were nicely packed in a string polybag, when delivered to me in the black cardboard box (printed alike Adidas) which looks splendid when unwrapped.

Unboxing of RXN weightlifting Shoes in India

Also, wearing RXN shoes too, are no exception. 

A dream of every lifter, “What type of shoe he chose to lift in.” And I have taken my decision. Claps!

It may sound biased (I am not), but I must say from a customer perspective “RXN weightlifting shoes India are the best you can have in a budget and with the brand name that could be trusted”.


That’s why I encourage you to read the full blog “RXN weightlifting shoes India Review” if you are also planning to buy them as your next best weightlifting shoes. Find out what positives and negatives I found about them. 

Here we begin. Firstly.

How do RXN weightlifting shoes look?

Have no time to read FULL. I got you no hard feeling.

If you are in a hurry, and what to jump to the bottom fast. Use Table of Contents Block (attached in the beginning).

But before doing that, take a look at RXN weightlifting shoes, which I wore every time during my squats.


Check the latest price of these on Amazon/ Flipkart. Hope you get a nice deal! 

A wonderful shoe, with a thick sole, lightweight, sleek, and stylish design. Truly, RXN is a champ in the category of weightlifting shoes in India.

“These are something that could be dreamt of.”  

Hey, Rishabh RXN shoes look good, but why did you say that?

Because I own them and have used and tested them for weeks, for my lifts. (Not sponsored by the company or received any freebies)

As you can see in the above photo, they look no less than a perfect weightlifting shoe.

With their stylish upper sole, minimalistic styling, brand logo imprinted in front & backside, and high level of comfort and stability provided by its grippy sole placed under the 1.4-inch heel, RXN weightlifting shoes went above and beyond my expectations.   

No wonder, why every Indian lifter or gym goer found posing on their Instagram pictures,  wearing these pairs. I can spot it, anywhere. 

The shoe is also available in red and black color too on Amazon India, to choose from. No forcing yourself to buy a color you never liked! For me, white is my preference. 

Though white needs care, I have maintained it quite well. That’s the reason they look almost like new shoes till now.

(That’s why you should take care of everything you wear!)

Why ever buy an Weightlifting Shoe?

Because I want greater stability, mobility for me and you. 

Walk into any gym today, and you will find a number of different shoes on people’s feet. Some wore squishy sole running shoes, some wore flat shoes, while others went barefoot while lifting! 

That’s a common code for every gym. But some distinctive characteristic of what makes every shoe slightly different for an athlete.

I am not pushing that you absolutely need weightlifting shoes to perform well, but these are some great additions for some that can help you push your game to the next level. (Pro) 

On the other side, running shoes are great, but not ideal for lifting. (The gut feeling!)

Why not? The squishy soles of running shoes will absorb and dissipate a large amount of force generated against the floor that should be directed towards moving the weight. 

(A clear waste of effort!) They too redux the stability of a lifter.  

Then comes weightlifting shoes (like from RXN). These shoes are smartly designed for lifting movements (squats, snatch & clean jerk) where squats are just like the part of the equation. 

They (RXN) design these shoes with hard, incompressible sole, and raised heels.

What makes up a weightlifting shoe
Pic credits: HoylesFitness

For what benefit? So the power generated doesn’t dissipate in the ground by standing on a soft platform and go in vain rather be used to lift weights in a linear motion.  

Especially when moving heavyweights that make it ideal for advanced and intermediate lifters. (Newbies anyhow won’t be aware of them)  

Plus for 10 other reasons, but mainly is for ankle flexion.

How weightlifting shoes help you in lifting?

I use them more for squats on Leg Day, that’s why I call them a squat shoe. Because I do plenty of them. (Remember, you are reading this article on Mensquats site)

Let’s understand how weightlifting shoes help. When you squat down, the angle between the shins and feet reduces. This is called dorsiflexion. 

Now, a lot of people have limited ankle mobility due to which they can’t perform dorsiflexion for a greater range of motion which limits the depth they can go to during the squat. 

Squatting with a raised heel basically allows you to go lower within the same degree of ankle dorsiflexion. And move the weight through a variety of positions with optimal posture angles (which makes it easier to keep your chest tall, knees track properly, etc). 

However, if you are able to achieve an adequate range of motion (ROM) without a raised heel, lifting shoes may not help you in any way.

Additionally, the benefit of owning RXN weightlifting shoes in India is it reduces the forward lean of the torso that would eventually reduce the shear stress on the lower back. 

Therefore, individuals who have limited ankle mobility or a history of lower back injury may benefit from using weightlifting shoes.

(A great reason why I bought them!!)

Just because I have a past medical history of acute lumbar pain, the reason would be tight hip flexors, too much forward lean of the torso, or anything in between. 

Owning RXN Weightlifting shoes provides me a great aid to help my position keep strong and lift through my heels while increasing my confidence.

A power boost.  

Let’s take a test to confirm their effectiveness. 

How RXN weightlifting shoes performed in testings? 

RXN weightlifting shoes testing

Truly, they performed extremely well in my weightlifting tests. I even took it to the squat rack to ensure I ain’t just biasing myself. I wasn’t.

On the testing day, I have loaded up 60 pounds on the bar and completed 3*5 sets each following the exercises while wearing RXN weightlifting shoes

Which exercises I have performed (and what was my experience?)

  1. Squats: With an elevated heel, I didn’t experience any struggles I have otherwise faced in running shoes. From set 1, I can clearly see a difference, which means having more stability, the more upward force generated, the less pushing from toes. A nice, balanced, & controlled movement. (The way I liked it.) For an inexpensive shoe, it comfortably passed the squat test. 
  1. Deadlifts: In the deadlifts test, the shoe remained snug, and my feet didn’t move a centimeter forward or backward while moving the bar weights up and down. There was no discomfort felt during or after the testing. The lacing and strap didn’t allow any vacant space in the toe box area to compromise the foot security. Thumbs up. 
  1. Snatch: In the snatch, I found the strap-related tightness, but it was no problem because the lacing system was snug and comfortable. I readjusted the strap and get back again, completing my set. This is much expected because the second half movement is only an overhead squat, in which an elevated heel works best.
  1. Powerclean: I found during the power clean exercise that the strap began to dig up into the foot, to the degree that for the second set I had to loosen the strap a little. (Or it is only the feeling to me.) Even without double straps or BOA lacing, I have not faced many problems with loosening the strap when performing the exercise. Quite impressed overall. 

I was quite optimistic that these four exercises would give me the real-life experience to present a solid and timely review to you of these RXN shoes. 

If you are counting how many sets I have performed, this makes a total of 12 sets. It was sufficient for me to give me a knowledgeable viewpoint, whether these are the best weightlifting shoes or not. (I am glad, these shoes are no bluff!)

What are its features?

  1. Lacing and strapping system 

The lifter, which prioritizes foot security, for them the lacing and strapping system is a big deal. Therefore, RXN shoes come with a single strap and lacing mechanism to provide a level of security to your foot, which helps retain the foot position during important lifts. (Running shoe has a disadvantage here)

You may find double straps attached to the other RXN shoes (Like on RXN World Star Weightlifting Shoes (on amazon), and RXN weightlifting 2 training shoes (on Flipkart)), but the single strap would also provide the same security. You may buy the variant, which makes you feel best.

  1. Heel Type
heel height of RXN weightlifting Shoes.
heel height of RXN shoes

The main cornerstone of selecting weightlifting shoes is an elevated heel. Regular sneakers have a compressible rubber heel that may help you run better, but not provide any assistance during lifting. 

On the other side, RXN shoes come with a 1.4” heel (answered by them in their Q/A on amazon) made with a high-grade strong rubber outsole that gives it a different appearance, level of stability, performance and feel on the platform.

It’s often upto the lifter’s preference to which heel type, or the height he wants. But 1” inch is an ideal heel height to go for. (RXN shoes has 1.4″, Its ok.)  

  1. Material Used

The shoe is affordable, but definitely not cheaply made. For the first time, an Indian shoe brand has impressed me. The thread used to stick the shoe is neatly done and has no issues such as tearing or ripping apart after months, instead; I feel over 2-3 years these will be in place. 


RXN bottom sole is made of rubber, which won’t slip on wet surfaces and has a tiny block of treads for holding a stronger pause during lifting.

The outer shoe sole is made of leather construction and inside it features antimicrobial lining plus additional design elements for better airflow to make it breathable. So no more stinky feet! 

Points I Noted


The Good

  • Retails at a fair price of 2100-2300 rupees.
  • Solid construction makes it great for all lifters (doing other than traditional movements). 
  • Wider boot to support a foot size and toe splay.
  • Reinforced leather construction and single strap design to ensure no foot hang. 
  • Breathable, stable and comfortable design to wear for long gym sessions.

The Bad

  • Some buyers question its heel height, 1.4” is too much. (Read faq to understand)
  • Not so good for walking. Obviously. 
  • Upon daily use, the shoes could fold and are prone to wrinkles in the future.
  • Little heavy to wear. 

What I feel about them?

For me personally, as a 6 feet lifter, these shoes are the best I can find for squatting and lifting that could easily satisfy all my needs I want of the weightlifting shoe. That is – Stability, mobility, and safety.

With over 200 plus positive 5-star reviews on Flipkart and Amazon, you can see that it’s not only me who loves them. 

How much I would rate them?

Overall, a rating of 4/5 stars could be easily given to the shoes. As some points have to be worked on the shoes, leave it for the next update.

The Bottom Line

Based on my review and extensive testing I can confidently say RXN weightlifting shoes India are the best shoes with high heels found in India.

I love the features it comes with, ideal 1” inch elevated heels, single strap design, breathable material, solid structure that gives me greater stability during the lifts. And the quality feel of wearing a weightlifting shoe which only the international brands offer. 

But in India, buying those shoes could give a jolt to your pocket. The range starts from 8k for a pair, also you have to wait for weeks to deliver those to you. (Not to mention extra delivery charges of up-to INR 1080 approx because we import them, I have checked them*).

But the old question would rebound, no matter whichever shoe we wear (running, flat, or weightlifting), what for we buy a shoe after all? 

Yes. At the end of the day, the shoe is known for its comfort! But that’s not a single thing RXN has given in their shoes, but the list is long. 

Champ of Lifting Footwear.

If you’re looking for inexpensive weightlifting shoes with a quality grade similar to the big daddies i.e., Adidas, Inov 8, Nike, Do-win weightlifting shoes in India, this is something you won’t regret having.

Congo!! If you bought them already, but if you haven’t. Don’t miss these pairs. (especially the white one’s)


Can RXN weightlifting shoes be used by women’s as well? 

Well, on Amazon and Flipkart the title says, it is for Men’s. But when you toggle to the drop-down menu to choose the shoe size, you would find the size ranges from 4 to 13, which fits for women as well. It’ll be easier if you measure the foot size & see that in product images. 

Is 1.4 inches the effective heel height for weightlifting shoes?

On the lifting shoes, the normal heel is 0.75′′, but the anthropometric and strength sports play a huge role in selecting the heel height. 1.4″ inch however is a comparatively higher heel suited for tall people, or people with shallow hip structure, and poor ankle mobility. So it’s ideal. 

Should you squat barefoot?

While barefoot squats drastically improve the stability during the squat, but also it can lead to forward lean of the torso during the squats. Therefore, barefoot squats may not be recommended for people with a history of lower back pain or those who do high-bar or front squats.

Should I squat with plates under my heels?

You’ll have more high chances to come up on your toes during a squat if you have tight ankles. This is a mistake. Many lifters normally place a 5-10lb weight plate under their heels to help them hit deeper in the squat. By doing this they are compensating for the lack of ankle mobility. 


Alright, that’ll be for the RXN weightlifting shoes India Review. 

If you believe I’ve missed something, please comment below your thoughts to help others decide to buy these weightlifting shoes or not?  

I would be reviewing other models in the future. Stay connected. (Save this for later)

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