Cube PowerBells Twist Review: Adjustable Dumbbell Set India

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If you've been searching for the best adjustable dumbbell set in India recently there's a good chance you've come across the relatively new “Adjustable Dumbbell set: Cube PowerBells Twist”. 😀

These aren’t necessarily revolutionary since we’ve seen this concept dating back to 2016 but the cube club has included some nice improvements that have caught the eyes of many who are looking for a space-friendly & best budget adjustable dumbbell set

So are these a legitimate option or are they just another name to throw into the adjustable weight dumbbell category? 👉We’ll answer all of those questions here.

Thing I Noticed:

One of the things that I’ve come to realize after reviewing numerous adjustable dumbbell sets is that there may not be another class of equipment that offers this many trade-offs.

❌Obviously when it comes to buying home gym equipment there are going to be trade-offs relative to other options but adjustable dumbbell set India has always stood out to me in that regard. 

For example,

  • With 24 kg Flexnest Flexibell/ or Cube PowerBells (Bowflex-like design) you get really fast adjustments, but you lose that traditional look and feel. 🙄
  • With something like a Bullrock T rex Adjustable Dumbbell you get that traditional look and feel but you lose those quick adjustments and they don’t have this nice function where it tells you exactly what the weight is. 
  • With a loadable dumbbell handle again you get that traditional look and feel but you give up speed, you give up range of motion given the length and you give up some comfort due to long elongated end caps. 
  • ➡️ But with the Cube Adjustable Dumbbells: PowerBells Twist it’s certainly no exception for you to get some things at the expense of others. By the way, the Cube PowerBells Twist is modeled very similarly to the NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbells that are sold in the US. 

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👉 However, Cube PowerBells Twist has included some very nice improvements; these have a fully knurled straight handle versus rubber contoured. 

They include actual iron plates versus plastic, though they have yet to introduce a higher weight capacity adjustable weight dumbbell, which COSCO already did where you can go up to 32 Kg on them as opposed to only 20 Kg on these. 😀

We’ll go through all of that and by the end of this “the cube adjustable dumbbell set India review” so you should have a pretty good idea of whether these are right for you?

The Cube PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbell Set India Review

adjustable dumbbells price in india

Better Than Flexibells?

  • If you’re a casual lifter who places a big premium on traditional dumbbells and wishes for the same look and feel but that comes at a very fast adjustment speed, then the Cube PowerBells Twist is a great option. 😀

Specifications of Cube PowerBells Twist:

Material:Plastic and metal
Total Weight:20 Kg
Brand:The Cube Club
Warranty:1 Year
Color of Plates:Grey
Weight Adjustable From:2 to 20 Kg
Sold in:Pairs
Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set India


  • Weight adjustment is quite fast.
  • Looks like a traditional dumbbell but with a futuristic look. 
  • The knurled handle is similar to that of a barbell.
  • Excellent functional design
  • Takes an edge over Bowflex-like design with its compact shape. 


  • It makes extensive use of plastic.
  • It must be carefully inserted into the stand or it will become stuck.
  • Less structural integrity
  • Priced at a higher cost 🤑
NUOBELLS: Close to Cube PowerBells Twist

Are Cube PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It?

cube adjustable dumbbells

👉 I think there are some for whom Cube adjustable dumbbell set India: PowerBells Twist makes a lot of sense because rather than purchasing 16 sets of dumbbells for your home gym, purchasing a single set that does it all can be a smart (and surprisingly cost-effective💓) choice.

But there are others who would be better off looking elsewhere, so let’s start with some of the positives: 

✔️ Great For:

  1. People who do high-volume sets or supersets. 
  2. People who prefer the traditional design of a dumbbell.
  3. Those who need to swiftly switch weights between sets.
  4. Owners of home gyms who enjoy a knurled grip.

Not Great For: 

  1. People who can lift more than 20 Kg on each dumbbell
  2. People who drop their dumbbells
  3. Those on a limited budget

✔️ Things I Like About Cube PowerBells Twist Dumbbells India

#1 Adjustability Speed: Very  Fast
adjustment dumbbells

The best thing about the “The Cube Adjustable Dumbbell Set India: PowerBells Twist” is just how quickly they can be adjusted.

Possibly the fastest in the entire industry, it accomplishes that by using a rotating handle that then threads a steel rod through a sequence of plates that corresponds to your selected weight. 

These can be purchased in a single variant currently. You have a 20 Kg version which can be adjusted in 6 weights starting at 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg. The jumps are first in 2 kg, and then 4 kgs. 

👉 You effectively get 6 pairs of quality dumbbells in a very compact shape.

#2 Adjustment Method: Twist

When you want to adjust the weight, you have to rack the dumbbells in these two cradles that are provided to you with your adjustable dumbbells set. It’s actually very easy. 

There’s two latches here that, when initiated, allow that handle to rotate freely, thereby allowing you to adjust the weight.

knurling handle on cube powerbells

But don’t worry, when you’re actually using the dumbbells, the handles don’t spin and you’re not at risk of these plates falling off and hurting you. 

In the end, there is a weight call out with a corresponding +/- to indicate which direction to go when you want to adjust the weight and it’s not just fast, this is a very satisfying operation. 

👉 It’s got a great click to it, you feel it, you hear it and I would say in general this entire adjustment mechanism is by far the biggest selling point of the Cube PowerBells Twist that makes it the ‘best dumbbell brand in India’.

#3 Handles Diameter & Knurl

With easy click-lock handles, the diameter of the handle is 32 millimetre and comes with a fully knurled shaft again, giving it that very traditional look and feel.

The knurl itself is very mild, more mild than any other adjustable steel dumbbell that I’ve personally used. 

✔️ I’ll show you a side-by-side comparison here to my fixed set of Bullrock Hex Dumbbells which as you can see offer a much more textured grip something that I prefer and if the Cube PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbell set came in any higher than 20 Kg, I would definitely find myself wanting something more pronounced knurl. 

It’s also important to note that these handles are not solid steel. They’re actually hollow in order to allow for this steel rod to protract and retract.

#4 The Weight Plates

Another nice feature of the Cube adjustable dumbbell set India at least as it relates or compares to the core fitness adjustable dumbbells which don’t have a great reputation for durability is the fact that the Cube PowerBells Twist offers iron plates giving it that very traditional look and feel.

But as nice as it is to have that, there are some downsides with this particular application because there are momentarily a significant amount of plastic components placed here.

Problems With PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbells

#1 You Might Miss The Connection

The way the Cube PowerBells work is that each of these plates is joined together with a male and female connector made of plastic. Once you’ve made your selection, you pull up on the handle and it magically brings with it the number of plates that are associated with that weight. 

Now with that, there are a few things to keep in mind first when you’re dealing with such a tight tolerance between the connections themselves. There is an element of having to steer these dumbbells back into their cradle and back into their connection slot. 

cradle of adjustable dumbbell
the cube adjustable dumbbell review

So if your aim is a little bit off then you risk lining them up incorrectly or missing the connection all together which if you’re coming off a hard set maybe you’re fatigued, may not be something that you want to have to deal with. 

Now with that said, I have found the Cube Adjustable Dumbbell Set to be surprisingly forgiving, so even if you don’t get it dead center they do tend to go into their slots relatively easily. 😀

➡️ However, you may find some issues at higher weights when you try to rack it. It comes in a little bit at an angle and it creates a gap in between the connections.

If that happens to you, I recommend just pulling the dumbbells out putting them back in resetting them entirely before trying to adjust the weight further. 

#2 You Might Crack Them

Another risk is with the cradles themselves, which are very lightweight and which can include a considerable amount of plastic, especially on these vertical pieces where the risk of hitting them is the highest. 

Again, consider coming in when you’re working on a hard set. Maybe you’ve got the full 20Kg you’re trying to rack your dumbbells and you accidentally hit one of these vertical posts. 

👎 Well, there’s a pretty good chance that you might crack them.

#3 Ends Caps
end cap of powerbells dumbbell

Another consideration is with the end caps. ✔️This is an area where I think a lot of adjustable dumbbells are quite problematic, not only in terms of their function but also in terms of their comfort. 

The Cube Club PowerBells Twist Dumbbells in India again include a male and a female connector but their surface is otherwise flat, which is quite comfortable on the legs unlike something like a Flexnest dumbbell or a loadable dumbbell handle. 🙄

You do have to be mindful of the male connector, which can be a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s very easy to move off to the side. Otherwise, it’s very comfortable. 

Perhaps an underrated benefit of these connectors is that they do a pretty good job of preventing the dumbbells from rolling around. 

Will They Roll Off On The Floor?

adjustable dumbbell price in India
Cube adjustable dumbbell set India

➡️ One of the common complaints of a round-headed dumbbell is the fact that they do tend to roll around the gym a bit more than say a rubber hex dumbbell and while the Cube Adjustable Dumbbells in India will tend to roll somewhat they do come to a pretty fast stop and sometimes, they’ll even roll back to their original starting position. 

This is made possible because on the underside of that female connector is around two and a quarter-inch of flat area. 

So if you’re in a garage and you’re dealing with a sloped floor, then you can rest assured that your dumbbells probably aren’t going to roll away from you. 

They’re gonna stay. 

The durability of Cube PowerBells Twist?

✔️ Lastly, these connectors, they are made of plastic, which brings into question the durability of the overall system. 

Realistically, the Cube 20 kg Adjustable Dumbbell set hasn’t been out long enough for anyone to definitively conclude one way or the other, but I do have my reservations over their long-term durability. 

Especially if you drop them, which I would never recommend that you do. 👎

I also do have some concerns over constantly racking and unracking, putting stress on these connection points, but I’m not quite as concerned about that as I am with the drops. 

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drop Cube Adjustable Dumbbells?

#1 They’ve Harsh edges

The other downside to these iron plates which is another reason why I would never recommend you dropping the Cube PowerBells Adjustable Dumbbell set, is that they have very harsh edges. These are not radiused at all and they leave behind a very hard edge. 

So my biggest concern is causing damage to your flooring from either dropping enough times or dropping from too high or dropping at the wrong angle. 

If you’ve got something like a horse stall mat that’s very dense then you might not be at as much risk as somebody who has a softer flooring but it is a concern nonetheless I would also say that the edges themselves are quite uncomfortable on the inner plate. 

It’s got these two cutouts so you can still do movements like goblet squats and skull crushers and things like that, but it is quite uncomfortable, especially under heavier load because of those really harsh edges. 

#2 Warranty Infringement

Another reason not to drop the Cube PowerBells Twist is you’ll void your warranty. 

These come with a two-year warranty on workmanship and materials which honestly feels a little bit light to me when I look at something like Cube PowerBells Dumbbells which have a 1 year warranty and the Bullrock T rex adjustable dumbbells in India which have 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and 10-year against construction.

cube powerbells dumbbell for home gym

And then you’ve got the Cube PowerBells Twist adjustable dumbbell set India, which has a decent amount of plastic components and a lack of a track record in terms of durability. 

We should all take this into consideration, but at the end of the day, it’s just been made abundantly clear at this point don’t drop these.

#3 They Rattle A Little

Something else to point out is that these dumbbells do have a fair amount of lateral rattle you’re going to hear and feel this on some movements more than you would on others. 

If you’re doing a hammer curl, for instance, you’re going to hear and feel that more than you would on a chest press where your dumbbells are running parallel to the ground. 

I don’t really consider this to be that much of a downside at this point. It’s just something to point out. 

Aesthetically, the The Cube PowerBells Twist | 2 x Adjustable Dumbbells (2kg to 20kg) are some of if not the best quality adjustable dumbbells in India, the grey version at least they’re very sleek. They have a minimalistic look that I tend to favor, especially in comparison to some of the other options on the market. 

Cube PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbells Price In India?

adjustable dumbbells price in india

In terms of price, the Cube PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbells set for home gym are among the most expensive on the market at Rs 24999 🤑 for the (2kg to 20kg) version.

This will get you two dumbbells and two cradles and you didn’t get a dumbbell stand with it.

Compare that to the 25 Kg* 2 Bullrock T rex Dumbbells which retail for Rs 24000 on Amazon India and with the option to expand to 72 Kg per dumbbell with extension kits. But the limitation is that they take longer to adjust and are hard to configure. 

Then you’ve got the (2.5 kg to 24 kg) Flexnest Flexibell Adjustable dumbbells that retail for around Rs 16500 and Flexnest Pair Of 2 Adjustable Dumbbells Set (5Kg To 40Kg) that also serves people with high lifting capacity just for Rs 35000.

The only limitation here is they look huge even at lower weights and have plastic parts due to which durability is a concern. 

You can see that the cube PowerBells Twist Dumbbells India is among the most expensive and LIMITED EDITION dumbbells. First time in India, so their introductory price is higher. 

👉 So if you’re still on the fence of judgment, which adjustable dumbbell to buy?

I love how smart and easy it is, but my favorite part is just how quick and easy Cube PowerBells twist is to turn and the fact that it looks like a normal dumbbell.  

In general, I have a difficult time saying that you should buy these versus Flexnest Flexibells or even Bullrock T rex dumbbells because those are cheaper, can offer more weight and their durability is more proven.

Price Drop (56%): Cube PowerBells Twist is available for just Rs 21999 for today – Lightning Deal. Shop Now.


best adjustable dumbbell India PowerBells Twist

If you compare these to the full set of fixed dumbbells, they save you money.

But if you compare them to other adjustable dumbbell set India, there are some trade-offs.

One of which is the expandability, its low weight compared to 24 kg Flexibell dumbbell, or their own 24 kg Cube Adjustable Dumbbell and the high adjustable dumbbells price in India in general.  

Best Adjustable Dumbbell Brand in India

  • Cube PowerBells Twist Dumbbells


However, if you’re looking for an adjustable weight dumbbell that feels like a dumbbell and feels solid in terms of the handle and doesn’t feel like a weird block. These could potentially be a great fit for you. 

👉 Especially if you’re looking for something that’s super easy to adjust and which you can use for drop sets or things of that nature (drop sets and not dropping between sets). Then these are probably the best in the market. 
adjustable dumbbell set for home gym India

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I hope you can actually get some color customization if you want to match your gym versus having all those weird colours from like the power blocks and whatnot you get some cool things to go with these. 

However, no matter which you choose, these dumbbell picks will always serve you the best. 😀

What do you guys think about the Cube PowerBells Twist Adjustable Dumbbell India Review? Are these a legit contender in the adjustable dumbbell space? 

Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading uptill now. 

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