HACKED: Which is better recumbent or upright exercise bike?

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which is better recumbent or upright exercise bike

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βœ”οΈ Today we are going to talk about the difference between a recumbent bike vs upright bike for weight loss & tell you which is better recumbent or upright exercise bike? 🚲

Now, both are great low-impact cardio machines that are going to provide you with great cardiovascular endurance, improve your stamina, and change your body composition. πŸ˜€

how to choose an exercise bike
How To Choose An Exercise Bike

There are some key differences between the two, and we’re going to talk about them in more depth.

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Which is better recumbent or upright exercise bike?

βœ… So let’s start off by kind of going over the details of what a recumbent bike is and what it is used for?

Recumbent bike Vs Upright Exercise Bike 

benefits recumbent versus upright bike
1. Position of the rider:Β 

βœ… So with your recumbent bike, you are actually going to have a full seat, mostly in a reclined position, whereas, with an upright bike, you are actually in the upright position.Β 

Now, you are going to be engaging more muscles like your lower back, and your abdominal muscles with an upright bike, whereas with a recumbent bike, you have that support for your lower back and your core.😐

So there are some key differences, and we’re going to talk more about that.

2. Seat:Β 

βœ… With the recumbent bike, as I already mentioned, it is a full seat, so compared to any other type of exercise bike where it’s generally really uncomfortable, a recumbent bike seat isn’t.

It’s actually very comfortable; it’s a full seat and it’s generally in the reclined position. πŸ˜€

Most recumbent bike seats also have a vented back, so as you are working out and you are getting sweaty, it’s going to kind of give you some airflow, so you’re not like pulling sweat into your lower back, which we all want to avoid.

3. Position of the pedals.Β 

βœ… So with the recumbent bike, you’re in that reclined seat position and you’re going to have pedals out in front of you.

You are going to be working a different range of muscles, whereas with an upright bike, your pedals are going to be located directly under your hips.Β So think more like a beach cruiser. πŸ†—

It’s going to mimic a typical outdoor bike where the pedals are directly under your hips. So it is going to work a different range of muscles with a recumbent bike vs upright bike.

What is a recumbent or upright exercise bike?

1. Recumbent exercise bikesΒ 

61R3E8nDmkL. SL1500

In 1893, an inventor named Charles Mochet patented a recumbent tricycle design in France. Since it is been used in races and human-powered vehicle competitions. Today, it is sought for its ergonomic design and effectiveness in providing workouts with reduced strain on the joints.

This type of home gym cardio bike is great for people who want a low-impact workout. Recumbent bikes have a relaxed and more laid-back seating position with the pedals placed in front of the rider.

This allows for a great reduction in back and shoulder strain while riding. Recumbent bikes would be perfect for seniors or people who are recovering from an injury.

➑️ Best Features – 

  • Patients often prefer the recumbent bike due to its comfortable seating and backrest.
  • When setting up, ensure your knees are slightly wider than your ankles and your foot is on the pedal.
  • This bike requires significant hip and knee flexion for effective use.
  • Hip flexion measures around 110 degrees, while knee flexion sits at about the same level.
  • Adjusting the seat affects knee flexion; moving it forward increases flexion.

2. Upright exercise bikesΒ 

flexnest exercise spin bike

Upright exercise bikes have been around since the early 20th century, originally serving as basic exercise equipment. Over time, they evolved in features. The commercialization of upright bikes made them widely accessible in gyms and homes.

This type of stationary cycle is great for most home gyms. Upright bikes offer a seating position that mimics a normal bicycle 🚲, which makes it feel more like an indoor spin class. These types of bikes are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders with no pre-existing joint pain or mobility issues.πŸ˜€

➑️ Best Features – 

  • Start with the seat high and move it forward gradually.
  • Maintaining proper hip and knee flexion is easier on this bike.
  • Hip flexion measures around 75 degrees, while knee flexion is approximately 60 degrees.
  • The upright bike facilitates rhythmic movement but requires less joint motion.

❌ Drawbacks – 

  • Getting on and off the upright bike is more challenging, especially post-surgery.
  • It’s crucial to safely manoeuvre over the bike, especially if you’ve had knee surgery.
  • Patients with limited flexibility may struggle to mount the bike comfortably.

Which exercise bike to buy?

Schwinn 270 recumbent bike
Schwinn 270 recumbent bike

➑ Now, Schwinn is a popular name in the fitness community. I mean, they’re most known for their bikes. They also make treadmills and other exercise equipment. But the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is one of our favourites, and that is because it’s loaded with programs.Β 

It has two display screens that are going to show you 13 different types of metrics, and it’s really comfortable to use.😁 So it has a steel rail that you can slide your seat to make sure the position of the rider has enough legroom to use those pedals.Β 

When you place your feet on the pedals, they have a strap to lock your feet into place. Overall, a really easy recumbent bike to use and incredibly efficient for getting any sort of low-impact cardio workout in.

βœ… Also, the 270, although it doesn’t have smart features, is able to use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to programs like Explore the World.

1. Upright bike

There are a couple of different kinds of upright bikes that I want to hit on. First, you have your standard upright.

Your pedals are going to be located directly under your hips; you generally have a larger seat, it’s a little bit more comfortable, handles out in front, and most don’t come with a lot of smart features. They are very basic bikes.

2. Air Bikes

So think of your Echo Rogue or your Assault bike. This is going to have handlebars attached to the feet pedals and the fan, and it uses air to pull resistance in through that fan. Your arms and your feet are going to be working in tandem to create resistance through that fan.

So essentially, the faster and harder you pedal and push on the handles, the harder and more resistance the bike is going to provide you with.πŸ˜†

3. Studio cycle bikes. 🚲

This is probably what people think of when they think of an upright bike. Think Peloton or any sort of studio boutique fitness classes that you see a lot of people getting into. They usually have either magnetic resistance or friction-based resistance.

Now, when you’re looking for one, I would generally recommend looking for one that has magnetic resistance. For one, it just isn’t going to require as much maintenance.

So with friction resistance, you are going to have a lot more maintenance over time; magnetic resistance might have very little to maybe 0 maintenance required with that.

The only downside to magnetic resistance is that it is going to be more expensive.❌

Top Choices: Recumbent Bike Vs Upright Bike For Weight Loss

One of the most popular stationary bikes that people think of right off the bat is a Peloton. But I would also say to check out the NordicTrack S22i.

This is actually kind of my pick. I actually might prefer it to the Peloton bike. It has incline and decline options, it has a 22-inch rotating touchscreen that is enabled with iFit programming.Β 

peleton bike comparison chart

The most common package that people purchase is $39 a month for a family membership. But one thing that’s really cool about this bike that you don’t see with the Peloton bike, but you do see with the Peloton Bike+, is that the iFit programming that you’re following along with is going to auto-change your resistance as well as your incline and decline features.πŸ˜‹

rogue echo bike

βœ… In terms of air bikes, my pick would be the Rogue Echo bike. Honestly, it is the best cardiovascular workout that I’ve ever experienced on a bike. It is going to use air to pull through that fan blade to create resistance.

I think it’s a great purchase; it’s low maintenance, made of steel, super sturdy, and overall a great air bike.😐


πŸ˜† When comparing “which is better recumbent or upright exercise bike”, I don’t think there is a clear winner. I mean, it’s really going to depend on the user’s goals.Β 

  1. So if you are somebody who struggles with maybe mobility, joint pain, or lower back pain, look at a recumbent bike.Β 
  2. If you are somebody who wants to engage your core muscles, and your back muscles, or burn more calories, then look at an upright bike. Because if I’m going the same intensity on a recumbent bike as I am on an upright bike, I am just going to burn more calories.

I don’t think one is objectively worse than the other; again, it’s totally dependent on what your goals are.

So if you have a favorite recumbent bike in mind β€” I know for me, I like the Schwinn Fitness 270  β€” let us know in the comments what you like about your recumbent bike and what benefits it has brought to you.

If you are on the team upright bike, let us know your favourite.

Is it the Assault bike? Is it the Peloton bike? I hope this helps narrow down any decision-making that you are struggling with “recumbent or upright exercise bike” see you next time.Β 

Happy exercising!πŸ˜€

Q1: Is upright or recumbent bike better for knees?

Both can be great for knees, but it depends! Recumbents often win for knee-friendliness thanks to their reclined position, which reduces stress on the joint.

They’re ideal for folks with knee pain or recovering from injuries. However, some studies suggest upright bikes can offer similar benefits, especially with proper adjustments.

Ultimately, listen to your body and try both to see which feels better.

Q2: What is one disadvantage to riding a recumbent bike?

Recumbent bikes don’t work the core muscles as effectively as upright bikes. Plus, they’re generally bulkier and less portable than upright bikes.

Q3: Is a recumbent bike better for lower back pain than an upright bike?

It’s certainly a contender! The reclined position and back support in recumbents can significantly reduce strain on your lower back. But for some, the lack of core engagement might not be ideal. Upright bikes can strengthen your core, which indirectly supports your back. Again, trying both is key!

Q4: What kind of bike is best for lower back pain?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but both recumbents and upright bikes have their perks. Consider your specific back issues and preferences:

  • Recumbent: Ideal for those with pre-existing pain or limited flexibility.
  • Upright: Good for strengthening core muscles that indirectly support your back.
Q5: Which is better recumbent or upright exercise bike?

It’s a draw! Both offer fantastic workouts but cater to different needs:

  • Recumbent: More comfortable, easier on joints, excellent for relaxation and scenic rides.
  • Upright: More challenging workout, engages more muscle groups, better for simulating outdoor cycling.

Take both for a spin bikes and see who your pedalling pal is!

Q6: Are recumbent bikes hard on your back?

Not usually! In fact, they’re often praised for their back-friendly design. However, improper posture or bike fit can cause issues in any bike. Ensure proper adjustment and listen to your body for any discomfort.

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