(10 Ways) How To Choose Elliptical Cross Trainer in India?

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What To Look For When Buying An Elliptical Trainer

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Today, we're going to go through some of the key features and talk about what to look for or how to choose elliptical cross trainer to help you decide on the “best cross trainer in India” for you. ✌️

➡️ Cross trainer are an increasingly popular option in gyms due to their ability to work multiple muscle groups, and produce high-calorie burn, all while being easier on the joints. 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cross-trainers in India, such as choosing between a front or rear-drive machine, chain or belt-drive train, different flywheel sizes, and so much more. 😁

How To Choose Elliptical Cross Trainer in India
Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

You also want a machine that provides a challenge for you at the middle of the resistance level that gives you room for improvement.

It also gives you some lower resistance levels where you can ease up on your workout.

Some machines have an incline which allows you to challenge yourself even more.

We put every elliptical machine on this fixture so that we can measure the range of resistance and how each different level changes throughout that range.🏃

Which elliptical is best for home use in India?

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✔️ We evaluate machines for their ergonomic qualities, but the challenge is that everybody is unique so you really need to try a machine to see how well it fits you. 

For example, when you’re using the moving handles, you should be able to maintain a nice vertical position.

➡️ A cross-trainer is a machine you’re likely going to be spending a lot of time on, so you must take the time to find the right fit.

We’ll be breaking down everything about what to look for when buying an elliptical cross trainer, so you can be confident in the machine you’re buying.

How To Choose Elliptical Cross Trainer in India?


The biggest difference you see between elliptical trainers is between front-wheel drive versus rear-wheel drive. 

This is probably one of the most important factors to consider right off the bat when choosing a cross-trainer.

A rear-drive will feature a flywheel at the back, whereas a front-drive elliptical will feature the flywheel at the front. 

So let’s take a look.😁

elliptical cross trainer rear wheel

✔️ First is the stride feel. This refers to the sensation of the machine’s motion. Rear-drive cross-trainers provide a hopping motion that follows the shape of the user’s body and tends to mimic the feeling of walking downhill. 

Front-drive cross-trainers, deliver a flatter, more natural stride.

This smoother motion is facilitated by dual rollers positioned on rear rails, ensuring added stability during more intense workouts. Stride width, defined as the distance between pedals, further impacts this experience.

Front-drive models allow the pedals to be closer together, mimicking a normal walking gait as most people will naturally walk in a narrow stance.

The stride length will also be an important consideration and will be a key component in ensuring your workout is comfortable and effective.

You want a stride length that’s compatible with your height, with taller users generally requiring a longer stride length. 

👉 Front-drive models tend to offer the largest strides, with the longest being around 50 centimetres in length. Most users should look for at least a 40-centimetre stride length to feel comfortable.

A bonus for rear-drive machines is they tend to be a lot smaller, making them a popular option for home gyms. 

With the increased stride length of front-drive models, they tend to take up a lot more space, which may be a con for some trainees.

Front-drive models will also generally have a higher maximum weight capacity as the weight is distributed over the rollers rather than the crank of the machine. A higher weight capacity will also provide a smoother, more stable ride.😁


✌️ Pedalling backwards may look silly, but it’s actually extremely important for targeting a different set of muscle groups than pedalling forward. 

You’ll target more of your glutes and hamstrings when pedalling backwards while pedalling forward will target more quads. 

Look for a cross-trainer with reversible motion. 😀

All of PowerMax Fitness’s cross-trainers will feature reversible motion, which allows you to pedal in both the forward and backward directions. 

This gives you more control over your workout and will engage a greater number of muscle groups in your lower body.

✔️ Elliptical paths should appeal to you; they can be round like a bicycle or more linear like a cross-country ski stroke. Pedals should be spaced as close together as possible. 

If they’re further apart, that can cause stress on the ankle, knee, or hip joints, and it just may not feel comfortable after a while. And if you’re not comfortable with the machine, if it doesn’t feel right before you realise it, you’ll probably stop using the machine.🏃


👉 Understanding the different drivetrain systems is important, especially if noise is a concern for you. The flywheel of the cross-trainer will feature one of two drivetrains: chain or belt. 

✔️ Models such as the Reach Evolve hybrid cross-trainer feature a chain drive, which is built up of metal components and is similar to the experience of cycling. Chains will produce more noise and won’t be as smooth compared to a belt drive.

Chains will also require lubrication from time to time.

Other models like the XT40 will feature a belt drive. This is a single piece of rubber that creates a smoother rotation while pedalling. An advantage of belt drive trains is no matter how fast you pedal, they will remain completely silent. 

They also won’t require maintenance or replacement and are a great option for those who are concerned about noise in small spaces. 😀


elliptical machine for sale in India

The type of drivetrain will go hand in hand with the flywheel weight in determining the smoothness of your ride, with a heavier flywheel creating a more consistent motion. 

A heavier flywheel will take more work to accelerate but will maintain speed more easily once momentum is built up. This is important when trying to maintain high speeds or sprints, with a bigger flywheel creating a pedalling motion that is less choppy. 

A lighter flywheel will be easier to accelerate, but pedalling will not be as consistent. 

Our cross-trainer flywheels will come in a variety of weights, starting at 5.5 kilos up to 12 kilos, with higher-end models generally featuring the heavier flywheels.


👉 One of the best ways to adjust the intensity of your workout is to adjust your cross-trainer resistance level. Depending on your machine, resistance can be adjusted in one of two ways. 

There’s mechanical resistance, which is controlled using a twist style on the machine, and there’s variable automatic resistance, or VAR, which allows you to alter resistance on a touchscreen or via the handlebars. 

VAR makes use of magnetic resistance, which has the advantage of being much quieter, smoother, and requiring less maintenance. 

At the push of a button, VAR commands the high-quality motor to allow for quick, smooth changes on the fly. This makes interval training and varied workouts easier, allowing the user to switch between low-impact and high-intensity cardio sessions. 

Choosing a machine with high resistance levels available will ensure you can progress to those higher-intensity workouts, especially if you’re looking to incorporate high-intensity interval training.

Our cross-trainers are equipped with resistance levels spanning from 8 to 32, with our larger front-drive models.

Not only are VAR cross-trainers easy to adjust, the computer-adjusted resistance opens up the possibility of workout programs that will adjust the resistance for you.🏃 

👉 Look out for preset or customizable workout programs that provide structure and purpose to your workout and push you to work harder.


Another way to increase the intensity of your workout is through incline adjustment.

Now, generally, incline is a feature only found on commercial-grade machines but has recently been made accessible to some high-end cross-trainers. 

Inclination proves particularly advantageous in developing tone and focused muscle growth, mimicking the effort of climbing up a hill or stairs. 

🏃 PowerMax Fitness’s incline cross-trainers help five adjustable incline levels, empowering users to increase heart rate, maximise calorie burn, and create work for muscle engagement.


elliptical sfhealthtech
How To Choose Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

✔️ Another thing that will differ between cross-trainers is frame size. This will affect the sturdiness of the machine to accommodate larger users and more intense workouts. 

A larger frame will reduce shaking and side-to-side wobbling that may occur in more rigorous workouts. This will give the user the peace of mind to accelerate their workout knowing the machine will be able to handle the added intensity. 

Having a lighter frame, on the other hand, has the advantage of being more compact and easier to move around.


➡️ All of our cross-trainers feature an LCD display screen, with most relaying workout information such as time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate, and rotations per minute. 

These will help you keep track of your workout progress, with some models also featuring preset programs to guide you through specific workouts with resistance adjusted automatically. 

You also have the option for models with an integrated iPad/tablet or book stand to keep yourself entertained during your workouts or to pump music through the built-in speakers.


You shouldn’t hear any squeaking, rattling, or grinding, and the action should be smooth. Another thing that you can look for is the frame materials. They should be solid, and you should see larger bearings made of steel rather than plastic.

If the machine has wheels, then instead of small wheels, look for larger ones that rest on a large rail surface.😀

There are different types of moving hand grips on different machines. Some of them provide multiple hand grip positions and others provide just a single position. 

🚀 Multiple hand grips are nice because they allow you to change up where you’re gripping and the placement of your hand. 

Of course, with heavier framework and larger materials, it’s going to cost you a little bit more, but the benefit is that the machine will probably last longer and is a little bit better built.✌️


Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer + Stepper
Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer + Stepper

👉 Hybrid trainers can switch between a cross-trainer and an exercise bike, allowing you to save space and get more benefits from a single machine. These machines can be used either sitting or standing, with an adjustable seat to get the right fit for your body. 

Additionally, some hybrid machines will be outfitted with dumbbells and resistance bands, easily attachable and stored on the frame, thus making them well-rounded all-in-one exercise machines.

All PowerMax Fitness models will come with convenient transport wheels and floor levellers so you can easily adjust your cross-trainer to your fitness space. Most models will also come with a handy water bottle holder.

When it comes to cross-trainers, there’s an option to suit just about anyone, whether you’re a serious trainer or an average user. 

✌️ Elliptical cross-trainers provide the best of both worlds, delivering high-intensity aerobic training in a safe, low-impact workout. The full range of PowerMax Fitness models gives you the choice between different features so you can choose a machine with confidence.

You also want your displays and controls to be clear and bright enough to read in different light conditions. The knobs and buttons should be large and well-labelled. 

Larger buttons definitely serve a purpose; they’re much easier to use when your arms are moving because you’re exercising. And a heart rate sensor is helpful to give you feedback on how hard you’re working.

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Where to buy an elliptical trainer?

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Q1: Is a cross trainer better than a walk?

Cross trainers burn more calories and are easier on joints, but limited to gyms. Walking is more natural, and can be done anywhere, but burns less and has a higher impact. Choose based on your preferences and goals.

Q2: Which is better: elliptical or cross trainer?

The terms “elliptical” and “cross trainer” are often used interchangeably to refer to the same type of equipment. Both provide similar workouts. It is like the two names for the same item.  

Q3: How do I choose an elliptical for my home?

When choosing an elliptical for your home, consider factors such as stride length, resistance levels, console features, and available space. It’s also essential to test out different models to ensure its 

Q4: What to look for when buying an elliptical trainer?

When buying an elliptical trainer, consider factors such as stride length, resistance levels, console features, build quality, warranty coverage, and customer reviews. It’s also helpful to test out different models to ensure a comfortable and effective workout experience.

Q5: Which is better: cross trainer or treadmill?

Both cross trainers and treadmills offer effective cardio workouts, but they target different muscle groups and have unique benefits. Cross trainers provide low-impact, full-body workouts, while treadmills simulate outdoor walking or running experiences.

Q6: Is a cross trainer good for weight loss?

Cross trainer = yes for weight loss! Burns calories, works many muscles (boosts metabolism), and is easier on joints for longer workouts. But remember, intensity matters and diet plays a key role too.

Q7: Is an elliptical trainer bad for knees?

No, elliptical trainers are generally good for knees. Their low-impact design minimises stress on joints compared to activities like running. This makes them a good option for people with knee pain or those new to exercise. However, it’s essential to listen to your body to avoid any discomfort or strain on the knees.

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