Unfiltered MYX Fitness Bike Review USA

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MYX Fitness Bike Beachbody Review

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During the lockdown, I gained weight abruptly. I was very tense and panicked about my weight gain. It stressed me a lot and made me depressed when I used to see myself getting heavy day by day.

It was when I decided that even if the gyms are closed I need to start training at my home. I came across the MYX Fitness Bike on the internet. I was amazed to see its reviews and all the benefits it gives to you. I wasted no time and ordered an MYX Fitness Bike for myself.

Their delivery was very fast and I got my product in almost 2 weeks. It was very much easy to assemble. I started taking the trainer classes regularly. 

The coaches were extremely professional and helped me reach my goal properly and healthily. I lost a few pounds in the first week only. I am very much happy with my body now and couldn’t believe how a Fitness Bike changed my life. 

From being stressed and depressed to getting a healthy and wonderful life MYX Fitness Bike has benefited me a lot. It boosted my self-confidence. 

What is MYX Fitness Bike?

MYX Fitness Bike gives you a decent home workout system that will help your betterment of your health and reach your fitness goal.

This stationary bike has an inbuilt touch screen monitor which is very helpful when you want to track your workout duration, heart rate, and the number of calories you have burned.

The screen is rotatable, and the bike is adjustable, so you will be able to continue your workout on the floor or at your convenience.

It comes along with MYX Media which will be beneficial for you as it prevails with a variety of workouts for you which are spin classes, yoga, barre, Pilates, and meditation. 

MYX Bike Specifications:

MYX fitness bike beachbody
Brand MYX Fitness
Item Dimensions LxWxH54 x 21 x 47 inches
Maximum Height6.8 Feet
Minimum Height4.11 Feet
Maximum Weight Recommendation350 Pounds
Membership required$28/mo + tax
Warranty12 Month

Who owns MYX Fitness Bike USA?

MYX Fitness Bike is owned by The Beachbody Company Inc, which is the world’s leader in home fitness solutions. It is mainly based in Santa Monica, California. It became a public company when it decided to merge with two companies, the Forest Road Acquisition Corp. and MYX Fitness Holdings. 

The co-founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of The Beachbody Company is Carl Daikeler along with Jon Congdon, CEO of Openfit. 

In the first year of operation, MYX had sold over 27,000 bikes all around the world and engaged a high number of users who completed an average of 15 workouts every month. 

Why was MYX Fitness Bike created?

MYX bike review

For people who are trying to achieve their fitness goals, the MYX Fitness Bike is providing a splendid interactive training experience. MYX was introduced in ES for the first time in early 2020 and received warm praises all over. 

The price range around this phenomenal piece of a product starts around $1299 and it’s filled with useful features. Surpassing its competitor ‘Peloton bike’ and others, it has a large HD touch screen, tons of training options, gives a smooth and stable ride, and other accessories like cage and clip pedals, a well-padded seat, and bottle holders. 

MYX Fitness Bike is a bang-for-buck product and the most affordable in the current market, people should try it to get their dream physique. 

What MYX Fitness Bike benefits you with?

MYX Fitness Bike is made for that person who doesn’t get time to hit the gym in their busy life. 

If you want to get the accessibility to get a Fitness bike at your home MYX Fitness Bike will be beneficial for you. It not only gives you an intact exercise bike at your home but also comes with many other benefits. 

Some of the benefits you will get from MYX Fitness Bike areas are discussed as follows:

#1 Monitoring your heart rate:

In the initial state, your heartbeat is very much slow. You should always check your heart rate before and while doing cycling or other cardio.

The MYX Fitness Bike comes with a monitor where you will get to know your heart rate. It provides you with real-time feedback where you get to check how hard you are working out.

You can also get to know if you have to increase or decrease your activity by seeing your heart rate. Weight loss and doing exercise becomes better when you can calculate the heart rate. 

#2 Customize as per your need:

The MYX Fitness Bike comes with an adjustable seat and rotatable touchscreen tablet. Using the exercise bike without setting it according to your need will not benefit you.

It will rather give you joint pains or muscle pains. In other places, stationary bikes are very stiff and uncomfortable.

In MYX Fitness Bike you get to adjust the steering and the seat according to your height and paddle without any hesitation. The touchscreen is also rotatable so you can watch your workout on the screen while working out on the floor.

#3 Optimized for consistency:

Every cardio exercise has the right level of workout which you must do it.

Doing cardio like walking is very much easy but a stationary bike workout is very much intense and you must do it in the correct pattern to get the result you want.

The MYX Fitness Bike provides you with classes according to what you want and how much weight you want to lose. They also help you in doing the exercise in a correct manner which will be very much effective for you.

#4 Touchscreen tablet with Cult fit media:

Listening to music while the workout is very much helpful. It not only kills your boredom but also boosts your stamina and improves your workout.

It also improves your mood and the catchy and motivational lyrics inspire you to work more.

The MYX Fitness Bike comes with a rotatable touchscreen tablet and cult fit media where you will get access to your workout plans and also can switch to listening to music while exercising.

You can also change the music according to your workout plans and also decrease the volume when you are not in the mood of listening to anything.

#5 World-class coaches:

While working out everyone needs a trainer who will show them or guide them how to do and what to do to get the result they want. MYX Fitness Bike gives you the best coaches who will train you according to your convenience.

They are all professionalized and you will get to do many different workouts except doing the same boring workout every day. They help you in boosting your self-confidence and achieving the best.

They also give you a diet plan to follow and these are very much beneficial.

#6 Ability to track your progress:

You should always check how many calories you have lost after every workout. MYX Fitness Bike gives you the benefit of tracking your progress and also gives you the workout plan according to it.

The MYX media comes with unlimited access to content. It has various types of workouts. You will get a total of a hundred workout plans.

Choose according to your choice and start working out with MYX Fitness Bike. 

Other than these, you also get it delivered in very few days and also hassle-free. Order your MYX Fitness Bike and get all these benefits easily at your home.

Some of the classes available are barre, total body sculpt, ride, tine, bodyweight high-intensity interval training (HIIT), rhythm ride, yoga, and meditation.

What do I like about the MYX Fitness Bike?

MYX Fitness Bike is one of the reasons I am living the happiest days of my life. It not only gave me a toned body but also increased my strength and muscle. I can easily work for the whole day without getting tired. 45 mins of workout in MYX Fitness Bike has helped me a lot. 

Here are a few things which I liked about it:

  • The bike comes with other heart rate training which ensures that you work out not only for burning your fat but also for health, recovery, and sustainable results.
  • The coaches are highly professional in their respective fields. They give you workout plans where you will reach your goal efficiently and safely. They are very much motivational and engage you with feeling confident about yourself. 
  • They have various classes ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. They all are not related to the bike. Some are yoga exercises that are given by encouraging and challenging instructors.
  • It also benefits you with cardiovascular or aerobic workouts which is very much helpful in improving your memory and brain function. It also lowers your blood pressure, gives better sleep, and improves blood sugar level, and many other benefits.
  • The size is very much desirable and the compact design can easily be kept in any corner of your house. It is also very easy to assemble. 
  • It takes very little time to get delivered and have a worldwide shipping facility.

So what are you waiting for? Get your home studio in very little time and start working out according to your timings. 


Absolutely love this bike!!!

Customer service was superb for me. I connected with a gal in customer service before I ever got my bike and she went above and beyond to help me and keep me posted on delivery!

I just completed my 15th ride and I look forward to it every day I was not in shape but can monitor my heart rate to make sure it is in the right zone.

Coaches are great too.” Says Peg Kaufman Kesteloot from Marion, South Dakota.

Ordered my bike at the beginning of January and just received it this morning. The delivery was simple and smooth and the gentlemen from the XPO were very knowledgeable and friendly.

XPO called me on Friday to let me know my delivery would take place on Monday and then they called on Sunday to let me know my delivery window.

About 20-30 minutes before they arrived they called me. Set up my account and completed my first 30 minutes Rhythm ride! I loved it!!

Highly recommend this bike and company if you are looking for something with a little less competition like Peloton.” says Stephanie Atwell from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

“I spent HOURS reading reviews, articles, checking videos, comparing and contrasting the different home cycling bike options.

MYX Fitness Cycle came out on top for me. It’s exactly what I was looking for: excellent quality, excellent workouts at a fair and REASONABLE price.

Seeing new content is always being added, reviewers were highly complimentary about the instructors and that it’s not all about the leader board and has more of a personal trainer approach…..all of these things appealed to me.

I also like the styling of the bike- very chic. I’m excited about this purchase.” Says Chrissy Green Morrissey.

MYX bike

Like these customers, I have also experienced the best days of my life with MYX Fitness Bike.

I am very much thankful to all the couches who encouraged me and gave me the proper training. I have lost many pounds. I have become very much active and my mood is always very light after doing 45 minutes of workout with MYX Fitness Bike every day. 

What I didn’t like about MYX Fitness Bike?

MYX fitness bike features

MYX Fitness Bike has helped me a lot in losing weight, giving a better metabolism, boosting immunity, relieving joint and muscle pains, decreasing blood pressure and blood sugar level in my body, and many others. But few things have disappointed me. 

Here are a few things which I didn’t like about the product.  

  • It doesn’t have many options for live sessions. This gives you a chance to stop the workout in the middle which doesn’t benefit you at all. Live sessions are very much popular in its competitor products like Pelton and Echelon.
  • It doesn’t have the feature where you can connect with your friends and see how much they have ridden more than you. This feature makes you more motivated in your workout sessions and encourages you. But MYX Fitness doesn’t have this option.
  • They don’t integrate with popular fitness apps like Strava or Fitbit. Though they have a connection to Apple Health. So people who don’t use Apple will not get the benefit of this feature. 
  • The monthly subscription is very high. You will not get all the benefits without having this subscription. All the workout classes and sessions come under the subscription.

Other than these disadvantages MYX Fitness Bike has worked perfectly for me. 

Insider’s information:

MYX Fitness Bike is not a normal exercise bike. It comes with features like a flexible and adjustable seat, a unique swivel screen, and versatile pedal, and quite a quality ride. 

With the bike, you will get other equipment like an interactive touchscreen tablet, heart rate monitor. It also provides other accessories like a weight set, kettlebell, stretch bands, and activity mat if you want them. 

They deliver worldwide with free shipping. The delivery process is very much smooth and they come and assemble all the products in your house. If you purchase from their Amazon store you get extra PRIME benefits and faster delivery. 

If MYX Fitness Bike doesn’t give you a result in 30 days they will give you your money back. 

Buying Advice:

MYX smart bike comparison

I advise you to buy from its official site/ or through their AMAZON STORE. Sometimes false sites try to take your money and you don’t receive your product in the end. You will also get an amazing offer from their official sites.

The kettlebell set, stretch band, weight set, bike mat, activity mat, and foam roller don’t come with the product. 

But if you buy MYX PLUS, you will get the benefit of these products. The delivery is very much fast and they also help you in assembling the product at your house without taking any extra charges. 

Get your MYX Fitness Bike in very little time and start living a healthy and happy life.

MYX fitness bike memebership


Indoor cycling becomes fun with the MYX Fitness Bike and its accessibility to excellent instructors and good music.

It also offers you various types of cardio including dance cardio, strength, stretching, and yoga classes which improve your health and keep you active. It’s also very much easy to use. 

I have been using an MYX Fitness Bike since last year. I have lost a lot of weight and the results which I got are amazing. My mental health also improved day by day. I became very much active and didn’t get tired by doing household work and well-doing my job well. 

MYX Fitness Bike has given me the life which I wanted for many years. If you are also tired of your busy and boring life, bring MYX Fitness Bike to your home and live a healthy and active life. 

MYX fitness bike
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FAQ on MYX Bike:
What’s the dimension and weight of the bike?

The dimension of the bike is 54.0″ L x 21.0″ Width x 47.0″ Height. The seat can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically. The weight capacity of the bike is 350 pounds (158 kilograms approx.). The console display attached to it is a 21.5” HD Touchscreen.

Is it very hard to assemble the MYX Fitness Bike?

MYX Fitness Bike is not at all hard to assemble. You will get it delivered mostly assembled and without the in-house service, the setup is very much simple. You only have to move it to the place you want it to keep. This may take only two people and unbox the touch screen. The touchscreen can be attached to the mount with four screws which are provided with the package. 

Do they ship worldwide? 

MYX Fitness Bike comes with free shipping and delivery charges. It also doesn’t charge you extra for setting it up at your home.

Is MYX as good as Peloton?
peleton vs MYX bike

The MYX II has a swivelling touch screen, but the Peloton Bike does not (but the Peloton Bike+ does). Dual-purpose pedals that don’t need separate cycling shoes are another characteristic of the MYX II.

While Peloton Bike places a greater emphasis on in-class user competition, interactive leaderboards, and music-themed courses with soundtracks by well-known artists, the MYX II places a greater emphasis on heart rate-based training and tailored feedback based on heart rate information.

The Peloton Bike+ is the most expensive option, and the price goes up even further if you buy accessories or other workout gear.

Can you use the MYX bike without the subscription?

Although you can use the MYX fitness bike without a monthly membership by manually setting the resistance, the majority of the MYX II’s features and capabilities require access to a phone app, which charges $19.95 per month.

How does MYX compare to Peloton?

In the end, the choice is yours. Both the brands and the bikes are top notch, and they keep expanding their selection of exercises and other training options. Both have similar warranties and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Peloton is perhaps the best choice for individuals who are more interested with the class options and music options.

MYX Fitness Bike Beachbody might be the ideal choice for people who are more interested in bike specifications, who are taller or heavier, or who prefer to track their own progress over time without comparing it to others.

Can you watch TV on myx bike?

For the moment, the tablet is only used for subscription services and exercise classes. Even with a subscription, the only thing you can access are the class videos.

Do you need special shoes for the MYX bike?

The MYX II exercise cycle differs from other exercise bikes because you may use it in regular shoes without needing to buy cycling-specific shoes, which frequently cost more than $100.

Does MYX have scenic rides?

The Scenic Ride feature on MYX Media is the biggest and best feature. All locations are accessible. The ride options range in duration from 20 to 45 minutes.

Do Beachbody coaches get commission on MYX bike?

On purchases of extended warranties, no commissions, volume bonuses, or other rewards are given to the Coaches.

What is the difference between MYX and MYX II?
MYX smart bike comparison

The most recent version of the MYX bike is the MYX II. The new sensor and heart rate monitor on the MYX II allow it to track parameters including heart rate, speed, cadence, and distance in addition to other capabilities.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked, “MYX Fitness Bike Review USA 2022” Leave any comments below if you have questions about this studio bike.

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