Does an exercise bike help lose weight?

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Does an exercise bike help lose weight

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Body fitness is very much essential for human beings. In this globalized world, every person wants to shred their extra pound off their body.

Cardio training or cardio exercise is very much necessary if you won’t lose your fat. 

Other cardio can be ineffective sometimes, but cycling or exercise bike is the kind of cardio that will help you in losing those extra pounds while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. It also tones your leg muscle and gives them a great shape. 

9 Top Stationary bike benefits

Flexbike exercise bike help lose weight

Some of the benefits you get by riding a stationary exercise bike are as follows:

#1 Improves your mental being: 

Cycling is a very good and effective cardio exercise. You may wonder how cycling helps in achieving good mental stability? Let me tell you how- when you cycle the blood gets pumped around your body at a higher rate which results in the fast movement or spread of endorphins and other good substances. These substances lead to promoting positive mental health. 

#2 Boosts your immunity: 

Cycling or using an exercise bike stops the problem of aging and rebuilds your immune system. A better immunity will save you from getting coughs and colds and also illness.

Exercising regularly will help you recover from an underlying medical condition. Everybody wants to boost their immunity. People over the age of 40 slowly lose their immunity, so exercising or cycling daily will help them to build their immunity.

#3 Burns your extra calories: 

A high-intensity workout on an exercise bike is very much helpful for losing those extra fats in your body, burning calories and building strength.

If you work out for more than an hour with the exercise bike workout you will lose more than 600 calories. You will be able to lose weight indoors and actually can lose more calories than you intake. 

#4 Cycling is good for your lungs

When you work out on an exercise bike your lungs continuously get fresh oxygen. Due to this, your breathing rate gets improved and also the muscles around it. The more oxygen your body receives the more benefits your body gets. This also helps in reducing body fats and keeps your aerobic energy production churning.

#5 Cycling helps in building muscles

A greater intensity workout can help you achieve strength in your leg and the lower body. The pedalling action will give strength to your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. You push the pedal where your quadriceps and the gluteal muscles are used. When you change to heavy gears the pushing down of the pedals becomes similar to weightlifting.

#6 Provides a low-impact workout: 

Much other cardio is very much tough and takes a lot of energy. But a stationary exercise bike workout is a low-impact workout. It is very much easy to use and strengthens your joints and bones without putting heavy pressure on them. If you have injuries or issues you must use an exercise bike other than other machines for cardio exercise.

#7 Ideal for high-intensity interval training: 

Sometimes the monotonous, steady-paced cardio workout becomes very much boring for you. With a fitness bike or stationary bike, you will be able to exercise between high intensity and low intensity. This continuous change of intensity will help you in keeping your mind focused on your speed and make your workout less boring and more engaging. 

#8 Safer than road cycling: 

Almost every day we get news of accidents and commotion taking place on roads. Having an exercise bike at home will keep you safe from the hustle and mussel of the busy roads. Besides, you also don’t have to compromise your workout if it’s raining or having bad weather outside. You will easily have your cardio done while watching the rain from your room.

#9 Cycling reduces stress: 

Sometimes you may experience a high level of cortisol (stress hormones) in your body. These hormones disturb you from having a good sleep. You start overthinking and putting pressure on your head. This leads to depression and anxiety attacks.

Regular cycling or doing cardio on an exercise bike will help you in increasing serotonin, which will give you better sleep. Reduce your anxiety levels and avoid you from going into depression. It also helps in improving sleep patterns. 

Are exercise bikes good for losing belly fat?

Losing weight has become a bigger concern in everyone’s life. Especially for the women who are busy with their daily life and don’t get a chance to work out or do any physical activity. 

The extra fat in your body is very much dangerous and it also gives you dangerous health problems like heart disease, obesity, etc. 

Tips Exercise bike help lose weight:

Some ‌tips you must follow while trying with exercise bike to lose weight, which are as follows:
concept 2 bike
  • Having breakfast before work out: Before you ride your exercise bike, you must have a good and healthy breakfast. Skipping meals is not good and you often end up getting more body fat. Taking a balanced protein will be helpful along with your workout.
  • Don’t overdress to sweat: Some people have this false thinking that sweating more will help them in losing weight. When you put on more dress and work out you experience a lot of sweating which imbalances the consistency of water in your body. It doesn’t help in losing weight or burning fat. 
  • Go easy on gluten: A weight loss diet must include all gluten-free products. They are easily found in many whole grains. A gluten-free life will reward you with the loss of 15 to 20 pounds of your weight. 
  • Don’t take dietary supplements: Weight loss diet pills are almost everywhere on the internet. Sometimes you intake a huge amount of these pills for weight loss. Excessive dietary supplements will give you headaches, liver damage, reduce bone strength, and many other side effects.
  • Eat more vegetables: Consuming vegetables more than junk foods and snacks will help you in reducing your weight. A healthy diet must include vegetable soup and more protein. For protein, you may have beans and other stuff like that.
  • Limit portions: While doing the workout you must eat fewer portions of food. Giving up on chocolates and chips will not benefit you. After a sudden time, you will eventually crave for you and can’t help yourself from binge eating them. So you must eat everything but in a small quantity. This won’t let you crave for anything but you will also be able to lose weight

What happens if we stop cycling?

Using a fitness exercise bike is very much essential for those who want to lose their body fats or strengthen their muscles. Regular usage of a fitness bike will improve your heart rate and blood circulation. 

After using the stationary bike for 24 hours your metabolism, blood sugar, and blood pressure improve. It also helps you in improving your mood. But when you stop doing this cardio exercise you get multiple problems in your body. 

What happens to your body when you stop using an exercise bike to lose weight is discussed below:
cultbike fit price
  • Within 24 hours: Your metabolism rises when you ride and you lose around 600 calories an hour. Regular physical activity increases a hormone named serotonin which is responsible for your mood, appetite, and sleep. When you stop cycling your body doesn’t get enough serotonin. And the absence of serotonin even for a day will hamper your mood. 
  • After a week: As we all know doing physical activity decreases your blood pressure and blood sugar. When you exercise daily your body releases hormones that make your blood veins more flexible. Sugar that enters your bloodstream is stored as energy when you exercise but after a week of stopping cycling, that sugar remains in your blood resulting in diabetes and heart disease.
  • After two to four weeks: After not using your bike for two to four weeks your blood volume drops. Your body loses its ability to use the oxygen it gets and the amount of blood your heart pumps out gets decreases. The cells where your energy production occurs which is also called mitochondria shrink. 
  • After more than one month: When you stop cycling for more than a month you start putting on weight. Your body weight increases and your metabolic weight decreases eventually. You get a problem with fitting into your clothes and your stored fat rises. Your waistline increases and your body fat increases by 12%.
  • After a year or years: You get weaker day by day and your body starts storing fat. You get overweight and resistant to insulin. Your brain receives less grey matter. You get a high chance of getting obesity and heart disease. 

Thus, riding once or twice a week will help you in maintaining your fitness. Your body also avails of the benefits you get from riding a stationary bike. 

FAQs on Exercise Bike

What are the benefits of cycling?

This cardio not only benefits you with intense weight loss, it also helps in providing Vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D is very much essential for your skin and body.

For normal growth of bones, teeth, and development a woman’s body needs Vitamin D. Exercise bike is also very much easy to use and doesn’t hamper your joints. Rather, it strengthens your muscle and bone in the lower portion of your body.

What does cycling do to a woman’s body?

Being active will also benefit you at a low risk of breast cancer. Physical activity is related to a reduced risk of breast cancer in both post-menstrual and premenstrual conditions. If you start doing cycling or stationary bike cardio after menstrual then also you have less chance of having breast cancer.

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