(Top Pick) 7 Best Air Bike in India For Gym – Updated

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Best air bike in India

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If you are seeking to engage in a rigorous cardio workout or add short but intense bursts of cardio to your workout routine, the best air bike in India is an excellent option. 

Also known as fan bikes or the “Misery Machine” air bikes deliver rapid heart pumping and a multitude of benefits.

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best air bike in India

Typically, the best exercise air bike for home comes equipped with pedal-activated arms, allowing for a full-body workout that is gentle on joints. Furthermore, you can focus on training specific body areas, whether individually or collectively. 

To help you in choosing the right exercise cycle, we have compiled a list of the Best Air Bike in India.

Here Are The Best Air Bike in India Of 2023

AssaultFitness Air Bike Classic
PowerMax BA 2500C Commercial Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handle
USI air bike
Reach AB 110 Air Bike Review
CONCEPT2 Concept 1 Bikerg Exercise Bike

Best Overall Air Bike

Best Overbuilt Air Bike

Best PRO Bike

Best Budget Air Bike

Best Runner-Up

Best Air Bike Without Arms

Best Assault Bike

1. Assault Fitness Air Bike Elite in India

2. PowerMax BA-2500C Commercial Air Bike

3. USI Arb Pro AIR Bike India

4. Reach AB-110 BST Air Bike India


6. CONCEPT2 Bikerg Exercise Bike

7. Assault Fitness AssaultBike Pro

Price: 95K

Price: 70K

Price: 1.16 Lakh

Price: 7K

Price: 74K

Price: 1.55 Lakh

Price: 1 lakh

1. Assault Fitness AssaultBike Elite

Assault fitness bike
  • Item Weight: 110 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Resistance Mechanism: Air
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 350 Pounds
  • Drive system: Air

Assault Fitness makes an exceptional air bike, no doubt in it. They are world-famous across all gyms!

The AssaultBike Elite, which we believe to be the best Assault Fitness bike on this list, earns the title of our top overall best air bike in India due to its remarkable construction and features. 

Assault fitness

Its commercial-grade quality makes it an ideal choice for both home and gym use. Despite sprinting, the robust and powder-coated steel frame remains steady. The AssaultBike is among the most in-demand air bikes available.

While the chain drive system can create some noise. The bike’s superior build quality should require minimal upkeep when used at home.

It can accommodate larger users, with a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, and the seat is wider and more extensive than a standard bike seat for increased comfort. The 2-way adjustable seat enables exercise enthusiasts of all sizes to achieve a perfect fit.

The AssaultBike Elite India does not require electricity to operate, and the LCD display turns on once you begin pedalling. However, you can connect to the FIIT app via Bluetooth and a compatible chest strap. 


With FIIT, you can participate in global challenges and compete on leaderboards using your AssaultBike Elite. You may follow along with instructors for on and off-bike training.

We appreciate that using FIIT with the AssaultBike Elite is entirely optional, meaning you can use the bike independently without subscribing to the service.

To learn more about the Assault Fitness AssaultBike Elite, click here.



  • With its commercial-grade construction, the air bike is sturdy and capable of long use. 
  • The essential LCD console provides critical data.
  • Connects to the FIIT app, and does not require an internet connection or electricity.
  • The seat can be moved up and down, as well as forward and back, to fit a more extensive range of users. 
  • Weighing 139 pounds and featuring wheels, it is simple to move.


  • The chain drive system is louder than other belt drive bikes and may require some maintenance. 
  • The console is not backlit, which could make it more difficult to read in low-light conditions.

2. PowerMax BA-2500C Commercial Air Bike

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  • LCD Display
  • Dual Transmission Drive System (Belt & Chain)
  • Steel Fan/ Air Resistance
  • Max User Weight: 150KG, Crank: 3 pcs Crank
  • Adjustable Seat with 8 Height and 5 Front/Back Settings, Horizontal and Vertical Seat Post
  • Quality Steel Construction for Dependable Stability
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The PowerMax BA-2500C Air Bike is a favoured fan bike offered by PowerMax Fitness India. It comes with a large fan and metallic fan blades that generate substantial resistance, and because of its dual transmission drive system, it may be a little more challenging to get the fan moving. 

However, this bike is relatively quieter when operational and does not require maintenance.

PowerMax BA-2500C Commercial Air Bike
PowerMax BA-2500C Commercial Air Bike

This sturdy bike features robust steel construction that ensures stability, even when pushing the handles and pedals vigorously. The seat can be adjusted forward and back, as well as up and down, to fit the bike to a comfortable size.

Although it may not be the most suitable option for shorter users due to its bulkier design.

The console is simple but provides essential information about the workout metrics. Additionally, you can purchase add-ons such as a fan shield, water bottle cage, and phone holder for a premium cost.

We dubbed the Powermax Fitness Air Bike as the top-overbuilt air bike in India because it has a strong, well-constructed build that is like a tank. If you are in the market for a resilient, heavy-duty air bike, the Powermax Fitness Air Bike is worth exploring.

Check out more details on the Powermax Fitness Air Bike here.


  • The robust construction, which can hold up to 150 kg of weight, is indicative of exceptional build quality.
  • Although the bike’s bulkier design may not appeal to everyone. 
  • The belt drive system is not only quieter than chain drive systems but also demands less maintenance.
  • The bike comes with four rubber levelling feet that keep it stable on the ground.
  • The battery-powered console offers various training goals like heart rate, calories, interval tracking, distance, etc.


  • Some users might not find the 1.5″ thick handles comfortable to grip, and the seat may not lower sufficiently for shorter users. 
  • The warranty coverage is not as extensive as other comparable brands.


  • The PowerMax BA-2500C Air bike is an ideal option for those who desire a silent air bike with the impressive build quality, particularly larger users who require a robust design.

3. USI Arb Pro AIR Bike

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  • 60cm (24″) steel fan delivers unlimited resistance
  • 4-way adjustable seat post accommodates users of all sizes
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 100 Kilograms
  • Resistance Mechanism: Air
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 159 Kilograms

The USI Arb Pro AIR Bike is an excellent choice for those seeking a quieter fan bike that doesn’t require much maintenance. Its belt drive system makes it ideal for shared spaces like apartments or condos. 

best air bike in India

The rubber-coated handles with multiple grip options offer a comfortable grip and help target various upper body muscles. The handles are also designed to accommodate users of all sizes.

What’s more, the bike features a built-in cupholder and storage, which is often sold separately on comparable models. Additionally, it has onboard programs such as interval training, which adds to its versatility.

If you’re in the market for a durable air bike, we recommend considering the USI Arb Pro AIR Bike. USI India is a well-respected brand in the cycling industry, and the 1-year warranty on the steel frame is a testament to the bike’s quality. 

The large seat, fan, and steel powder-coated corrosion-resistant frame make it an excellent addition to any home gym.


  • This bike has a belt drive system that requires minimal maintenance and produces less noise. 
  • Handles have various grip options for isolating different muscle groups. 
  • The console has 9 preloaded programs for focused targeted training and comes with extra storage and an included cup holder.


  • However, the console is not backlit, which can make it difficult to see in darker rooms.
  • Also, larger and stronger users may experience some side-to-side rocking when working at faster paces.


  • If you’re looking for a low-impact, high-intensity training experience with a quieter and low-maintenance air bike, the USI Arb Pro AIR Bike is worth considering. This model also features handles with multiple grip options and a wider cushioned seat, making it a great option to check out.

4. Reach AB-100 Best Air Bike

reach ab 100 air bike with moving or stationary handle adjustable resistance with cushioned seat fitness for home gym exercise cycle black product images orvne487yj6 p599185753 1 202303100311
  • Features:
  • Power Source: Non-electric
  • Recommended Uses For Product Indoor
  • Item Weight: 22 KG
  • Resistance Mechanism Air
  • Product Dimensions 93.5D x 22W x 64.5H Centimeters
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation 100 Kilograms

Look no further than the Reach AB-110 BST Air Bike if you’re searching for a portable air bike.

The front turf tires and rear handle make it easy to move around various surfaces, including grass. Other useful features include an aluminium water bottle holder and an adjustable phone holder.

Best Air Bike in India For Gym

Although it uses a chain drive system that requires some maintenance, it is slimmer than other models and has unlimited resistance. Additionally, it comes with several thoughtful accessories that we consider helpful.

The Reach AB-110 BST is the best affordable air bike for home on our list because it comes with all of the necessary accessories at a low price point.

This bike is made of steel, weighs 22 kg, and can support users up to 100 kg. 

The 38 mm diameter handles provide a comfortable grip for upper body exercises.

The console features interval training programs and displays metrics such as time, distance, calories, watts, rpm, and speed.


  • A great option for those who want a more portable air bike with added features. 
  • It comes with turf tires and a back handle that make it easier to move around.
  • It includes accessories like an aluminium water bottle holder and an adjustable phone holder. 
  • The slimmer design makes it a better fit for smaller users.


  • The LCD display offers various workout modes and training programs for users to choose from. 
  • The bike may not be as stable as other models when used intensively
  • The warranty is more limited compared to other brands


  • We suggest considering Reach Air Bike India if you’re seeking an air bike India that is convenient to move around your home and offers helpful features. Its slimmer design makes it less intimidating than other models, and it even includes an adjustable bottle holder.


  • Features:
  • Colour Black
  • Resistance Mechanism Air
  • Drive System Chain

Looking for an air bike that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than the COSCO FITNESS CEB 10 Air Bike!

This affordable option packs a punch with its included features like a removable wind guard, water bottle holder, and phone holder – all of which are typically sold separately on other models. 

cosco air bike review

Don’t let the price tag fool you though, this air bike is constructed with a sturdy steel frame that’s built to last for both commercial and home use.

One of the standout features of the COSCO Air Bike is its belt drive system, which provides a smoother and quieter ride compared to traditional chain systems. This means you can focus on your workout without any distracting noises.

Plus, the fan offers unlimited resistance, so you can push yourself as hard as you want without worrying about outgrowing the machine.

The seat on the COSCO Fitness Air Bike is another highlight, with its comfortable padding and four-way adjustability to accommodate users of different heights. 

The console is user-friendly and includes a variety of onboard workouts like Tabata intervals and custom intervals, ensuring that you can get a full-body workout no matter your fitness level. 

All in all, the COSCO Fitness Air Bike 2.0 is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet high-quality air bike.


  • This impressive bike boasts sturdy construction at a wallet-friendly price point. 
  • Because of the belt drive system, it operates more quietly than air bikes with chain drives, without skimping on resistance options. 
  • The comfortable seat is padded with forgiving cushioning
  • Bonus features include a wind guard, plus holders for your phone and water.


  • The console doesn’t offer as many tech and training options as some models 
  • The transportation wheels are slightly undersized compared to the bike’s overall size, which can make it a bit tricky to move around.


  • The COSCO Fitness Air Bike offers a great combination of affordability and durability. It’s quiet and smooth operation provides a comprehensive workout for the entire body. For those who prefer a lower-priced air bike, we strongly suggest considering this one.

6. Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 BikeErg
  • Features:
  • Item Weight: 68 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Resistance Mechanism: Air
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 136 Kgs
  • Number of Resistance Levels 10
  • Being lightweight and effortless to manoeuvre with its built-in caster wheels. 

The Concept2 BikeErg stands out from the rest of the air bikes in India on this list due to its unique hybrid design that combines elements of an air bike and an indoor cycling bike. 

This Concept 2 BikeErg features a fan that provides limitless resistance and a damper that regulates the amount of air drawn into the fan.

This allows for an added resistance variability that can’t be found on traditional air bikes, which rely solely on pedal speed and intensity. 

concept 2 bike erg
Concept 2 Bike erg: best air bike in India

Furthermore, the BikeErg’s fan is relatively smaller than other fan bikes, and it operates with a belt drive system, rendering it quieter compared to chain-driven models.

The BikeErg’s stationary handles and slim saddle are characteristics typically found on indoor cycling bikes, which make it ideal for lower body training. 

When riding this bike, you can expect a steady, sustained burn in your legs. 

The console, although basic, features Bluetooth technology that can link with third-party apps like Zwift, and it comes with a built-in phone clip.

For those seeking a bike that can provide more resistance than the standard spin bike, the Concept2 BikeErg is definitely worth checking out.


  • At 68 lbs, this bike is relatively lightweight, making it easy to move around. 
  • You can also adjust it at 4 different points for a perfect fit. 
  • The fan damper feature lets you control the amount of air that flows in, which ultimately affects the amount of resistance you can pedal against. 
  • The display is backlit and offers multiple options, including the ability to connect with third-party apps.
  • Assembling it is a straightforward process.


  • This bike doesn’t come with movable arms or handles for upper-body training. 
  • Additionally, its warranty is more limited compared to other air bikes.


  • If you prefer an indoor cycling experience with limitless leg resistance, the Concept 2 BikeErg is worth exploring. Its belt drive system is quieter than other chain-driven air bikes in India, and its smaller fan produces less noise. Additionally, the stationary multi-grip handles allow for a range of grip positions.

7. AssaultBike Pro

ProX left
  • Features:
  • High Contrast LCD Screen With Improved Readability
  • (11) Different Height Settings and (6) Front-to-Back Settings
  • 36mm Diameter Handlebar Grips for Added Support
  • 25.25″ Diameter Steel Fan 
  • Commercially Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket
  • Max User Weight: 300 LBS

The Assault Fitness Bike Pro is a great choice for those seeking a mid-range air bike in India. It’s not as commercial-grade as the Elite model but still offers a solid workout. 

Unlike the original AssaultBike Classic, the bike’s chain drive mechanism is shielded to prevent debris from damaging it, representing an improvement. While it has a lower weight capacity of 300 lbs, the adjustability is more accommodating for smaller users.

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best air bike in India

Similar to the AssaultBike Elite, the AssaultBike Pro features a monitor with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect to the FIIT app for trainer-led workouts. The FIIT app is optional, which is a plus.

The AssaultBike Pro has been recognized as the second-best assault bike, as it shares many similarities with the brand’s premium model, but is more reasonably priced.

Additionally, its all-black design blends in well with other gym equipment. If you’re in search of a top-tier air bike at a more reasonable cost, the AssaultBike Pro is a great option.


  • The bike is upright yet functional.
  • It can connect to the FIIT app for trainer-led workouts. 
  • The seat is adjustable in two directions and can be lowered to accommodate smaller users. The chain drive system offers a realistic riding experience and the ability to ghost-ride. 
  • The sturdy steel frame and adjustable levelling feet ensure stability during use.


  • The chain drive system produces more noise compared to belt drive systems. 
  • It may require occasional maintenance. 
  • The bike’s weight capacity of 300 lbs may be insufficient for larger users.


  • For those seeking a versatile air bike in India that delivers exceptional quality, we suggest the Assault Fitness AssaultBike Pro India.
  • Whether you prefer to use the FIIT app or ride on your own, this bike offers you flexibility in your workout routine. It’s ideal for home use as well, provided you weigh under the 300 lb limit.


  • If you’re looking for the best overall air bike, the AssaultFitness Air Bike Elite is a popular choice due to its sturdy build, smooth ride, and customizable workout options. It also has a built-in computer display to track your workouts.
  • For those looking for a more heavy-duty option, the PowerMax BA-2500C Commercial Air Bike may be a better fit as it is built to withstand constant use in a commercial setting. It also has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and features a 27-inch steel fan for resistance.
  • For those on a budget, the Reach AB-110 BST Air Bike India are more affordable options that still offer a good workout. But these aren’t the real fan bike and aren’t made for tough workouts. But that’s what you can accept from the 6,000 Rs air bike.
  • If you want the real ASSAULT fitness bike feel, get COSCO FITNESS CEB 10 Air Bike at has a comfortable seat and can support users up to 200kg doing rigorous workouts for utmost an hour or more, for that you have to PAY Rs 70,000.
  • If you’re looking for an air bike without arms, the CONCEPT2 Bikerg Exercise Bike is a good choice, as it offers a full-body workout without the use of arm handles. Lastly, the Assault Fitness AssaultBike Pro is a runner-up for the best assault bike. 


Overall, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the best air bike in India, such as the level of resistance, weight capacity, adjustability, and additional features like computer displays or interval training programs.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing an Air Bike

Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym Workout & Weight loss india

Prior to bringing an air bike home, there are a few aspects to keep in mind to ensure that the fan bike selected is the best match for you.

1. Drive System

Bear in mind that air bikes will inevitably produce some degree of noise.

The fan blades move against the airflow, which creates resistance when you pedal and that moves the handles. As, they tend to produce more noise than other types of fitness equipment, such as exercise bikes with magnetic resistance.

Noise production can also be impacted by the drive system. Air bikes India usually use two different drive systems: chain or belt. 

  1. Chain drive systems function similarly to outdoor bicycles, using a metal chain to connect the pedals to the fan. This can cause clanking or grinding sounds while pedalling, as well as wind noise. 
  2. Belt drive systems use a fabric belt to connect the pedals to the fan, resulting in a smoother and quieter workout experience.

For those who want minimal noise from their air bikes, a belt drive system is good. They require minimal maintenance and provide a smooth ride. 

Chain drive systems may require some upkeep, but they offer a more realistic experience and allow for ghost riding, where the pedals and fan blades continue to move when you stop pedalling.

2. Product Weight And Weight Capacity

When reviewing equipment like the best exercise air bike for home India, we typically assess the weight capacity and the product’s own weight.

The heavier the weight capacity and the machine, the more durable and heavy-duty it is. 

If you are a larger person or plan on using your air bike frequently, it is important to consider these factors.

3. Seat adjustments 

Most air bikes have adjustable seats that can move up, down, forward, and back. It is essential to adjust the seat position to maintain proper form during your workout.

However, many brands do not list the height ranges that their bikes can accommodate, so our reviews include this information.

Shorter individuals may find some fan bikes India uncomfortable because the seat doesn’t go low enough or the bike’s overall build is too bulky.

4. Console

While most air bikes typically feature simple consoles that lack the large displays or touchscreens commonly found on other home fitness equipment in India, some basic consoles still offer workout metrics and onboard programs like interval training.

Additionally, several air bikes can even be connected to external devices via Bluetooth, and a variety of fitness apps offer trainer-led classes that can be taken on a separate device.

It’s crucial to assess the console’s features to ensure they meet your fitness goals and preferences, even if they don’t include fancy displays or touchscreens.

5. Accessories:

While additional accessories may seem like a minor consideration, they can significantly impact your enjoyment and frequency of use of the fan bike.

Some air bikes come with accessories included, while others may offer them at an extra cost. These accessories can include water bottle holders, device racks, turf tires, and wind guards. 

If you prefer having your water and phone nearby during your workout, holders for them can be helpful, especially if you want to watch content on your phone while riding. 

Turf tires may seem excessive for a fan bike, but if you plan to move your bike over different surfaces such as grass, this type of tire can be useful. 

Wind guards can also make a significant difference if you are using the bike in a cold garage, for instance, as you may not want the fan blowing air directly at you.

6. Warranty and Quality:

The brand’s warranty can sometimes indicate the overall quality of the product.

A good warranty is also important in case you encounter any problems with your air bike.

7. Price:

When considering purchasing a fan bike, your budget can play a significant role in your decision-making.

Price serves as an indicator of the bike’s build quality and durability.

A fan bike in India under Rs 30,000 may not be as durable as one priced over Rs 80,000, and the cheaper option may not last as long.

Benefits of Using an Air Bike

If you’re new to air bikes, you might be curious about their benefits. They’re ideal for cardio and conditioning and offer several advantages:

1. Low Impact

Riding on an air bike is a low-impact activity that doesn’t put stress on your joints as running might. It’s an excellent option if you have knee or ankle problems or want to avoid additional strain on your body.

2. High Intensity

Air bikes are also ideal for high-intensity training. You can get a great workout in a short amount of time because the harder you push, the more challenging the bike becomes. 

They’re suitable for high-intensity interval training and are ideal for shorter periods if you’re willing to push yourself.

3. Total Body Workout

Since air bikes are low-impact and offer high-intensity training, they work out your entire body.

Unlike exercise bikes that primarily work your legs, fan bikes or Air bikes have movable arms that work your upper body just as hard as your lower body. They also work your core and back muscles.

4. Targeted Training

By using fan bikes in India, you have the choice to target particular muscle groups. You can place your feet on foot pegs located on either side of the fan to concentrate exclusively on your upper body.

Alternatively, you can pedal only with your legs to exercise all the muscles in your lower body.

5. Additional benefits

Air Bikes India not only provides a great cardio workout but is also useful for warming up and cooling down before and after a workout. Properly warming up and cooling down your muscles can help prevent injuries.

Air bikes can also be used for active recovery and rehabilitation due to their adaptable intensity. They are perfect for days when you want to work out but also give your muscles a chance to recover. 

The full-body, low-impact movements of air bikes are similar to walking or running but without harmful effects on your joints, making them ideal for injury recovery.

Reasons to Consider Buying an Air Bike

If you’re considering purchasing the best air bike in India but still aren’t sure. Should you buy it? 

Let’s explore why it’s a great choice for an effective cardio machine.
1. Time-Saving

An air bike can provide a high-intensity workout in just 10-20 minutes, making it an ideal choice for those with limited time but still seeking an effective workout.

Since it’s low impact, you can go all out without the risk of joint injury.

Using the proper form on the fan bike will engage muscles throughout your body and improve your cardiovascular system.

2. Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Air bikes are a favourite of CrossFitters and many other athletes because they can help take your fitness to new heights. Whether you want to get in better shape or push your limits, this machine is up to the task.

3. Burn More Calories

Higher-intensity exercises burn more calories, and the air bike offers limitless resistance. So, you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, making it an excellent tool for weight loss.

4. Unlimited Resistance

The amount of air resistance experienced on an air bike is directly proportional to the speed at which you pedal and move your arms – the faster you go, the greater the resistance. This means that no matter how strong you are, you can’t outwork this machine.

FAQs on Best Air Bike in India

Q1: Is an air bike better than a spin bike?

Spin bikes are ideal for steady-state cardio over longer periods and focus primarily on lower body training. They are also quiet, making them suitable for shared living spaces. 

Air bikes work your entire body and offer intense, short-duration workouts. They provide unlimited resistance, but they are louder than spin bikes and come with simpler console features.

Q2: What is the price of Airbike in India?

The price of Air Bikes in India varies depending on the brand and model. Some budget-friendly options are available for around Rs. 10,000, while high-end models can cost up to Rs. 60,000 or more. It is recommended to research and compare different models before making a purchase.

Q3: Is Air Bike good or bad?

Air Bikes can be an excellent addition to a cardio routine. They provide an effective full-body workout, improve cardiovascular endurance, and can be adjusted to suit individual fitness levels. However, like any exercise equipment, it is essential to use them correctly to avoid injury.

Q4: Are air bikes noisy?

Air Bikes can produce some noise while in use, especially if they have a fan-based resistance system. However, newer models with quieter mechanisms or drive systems like belt drive are now available. It is advisable to read reviews or test the equipment before making a purchase to ensure the noise levels are acceptable.

Q5: How long can I use an air bike for?

The duration for which an individual can use an air bike depends on their fitness level and overall health. It is recommended to start with short durations and gradually increase the time spent on the bike.

Generally, 30 minutes to an hour of use daily can provide significant benefits to fitness and overall health.

Q6: Is an air bike good for stamina?

Yes, air bikes can be an excellent tool to improve stamina. They provide an effective cardiovascular workout that increases endurance over time.

Regular use of an air bike can lead to improvements in lung capacity, heart health, and overall fitness levels.

Q7: Is air bike better than treadmill?

Both air bikes in India and treadmills have their benefits and drawbacks, making them suitable for different fitness goals.

Air bikes offer a full-body workout and can burn more calories than a treadmill, making them an excellent choice for weight loss and overall fitness.

Treadmills, on the other hand, provide a low-impact workout that can be less taxing on the joints, making them an ideal choice for individuals recovering from injuries or with mobility issues.

Q8: What is Assault air bike price in India?

The price of an Assault air bike in India can vary depending on the model and seller. On average, the price for an Assault air bike in India ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,20,000. It is recommended to research and compare different sellers before making a purchase to get the best deal.

Thanks for reading our blog on “Best Air Bike in India” If you have questions or want to buy any air bike, WhatsApp me I will advise you the best pick according to your needs and budget capacity.

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