5 Best Home Gym Kit in India- Exercise Gym Combo Set

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Before you invest your money into buying the best home gym kit in India, you should know about an open secret—your home is not designed to be transformed into a complete gym. Most homes do not have enough space for setting up multi-purpose gym machines.🙂

Hence, the best gym kit for home use needs to be compact and specially designed to be able to fit inside regular-sized homes and still be as effective as regular gym equipment.

Why one should buy home gym kit?

Your perfectly located full home gym kit would promise no wait time and crowds of all people hogging all gym machines waiting for their turn- although you might feel some limitations but anyway if you’re IN for doing some basic weight training exercises without a gym trainer, there’s a lot you can recreate also with at home gym kit.

And for the better, this will continue to become the norm even after the COVID-19 pandemic situation gets better often because of poor ventilation and necessarily confined indoor space.

Therefore, rather than investing in a gym membership, it’s practical and SAFE to upgrade your home space for a home gym, no matter what type of apartment you live in or what are your budgetary constraints. We have a suitable product for all.  😁

All you have to do is buy the right product that suits your requirements, among the ocean of all gym kit for home workouts in India, out there. 

Short on time to read the full review? Don’t take stress, just view this table.

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domyos home gym kit
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sfhealthtech weight training kit for home India review

Cockatoo (10 Kg to 200 Kg) Best Home Gym Kit India

Decathlon Domyos Weight Training Kit at home 93 Kg

Kakss Neoprene Coated Home Gym Set (10Kg to 130Kg)

LEEWAY Metal Integrated Rubber Plates Set (10KG to 200KG)

Sfhealthtech SF-H002 HomeKit Pro 30 Kg


Metal Integrated Rubber Plates

All metal Plates

Neoprene coated plates

Metal Integrated Rubber Plates

PE Plastic

If you are thinking, OKAY, this makes up the weights. I have dumbbells and barbells ready, but what about the workout bench? Where would I be doing bench presses?

Then I must tell you, most gym kit for home don’t have a bench included. You have to pay something EXTRA, or buy it individually altogether.

➡️ If you want everything in 1 bundle, then we have made a review on the Best 50kg home gym set with bench India. You can select from there. But trust me, “the consistency of a product’s quality gets better when you buy unit per unit”. That’s the reason we review every home gym equipment on mensquats.com

Now get back to the topic.

Ready to jump-start? Here we bring you every insight and minute detail after a lot of researching and reading customer reviews.

Among 20+ products, we found our top 5 best home gym equipment kits, these are aimed for homes of every size and lifters of all experiences. So no matter what’s your level of understanding. This blog will explain everything at a primary school level difficulty. (Don’t miss the ending)

Which Are The Best Home Gym Kit In India – Exercise Gym Combo Set? See My Top 5.

Top Pick
Cockatoo Professional Gym Training 10 Kg to 200 Kg Home Gym Set with Regular Metal Integrated Rubber Plates

1. Cockatoo (10 Kg to 200 Kg) Home Gym Set with Metal Integrated Rubber

  • 2.5x4Plates + 5×2 Plates = 20 Kg
  • 1 x 4 feet plain rod & 1 x 3 feet curl rod & 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods.
  • Extras: 1 Pair Gym Gloves (Gel technology) & 1 PVC skipping rope & 2 Foam Hand gripper & 4 locks & clippers comes with the rods
  • This Rubber Weight Comes with 31 mm Hole Diameter
  • This gym combo set for home is ideal for professional gym training.

➡️ The first pick is presented by Cockatoo brand, most popular because of their treadmills and cycles and now for its home gym kit. If you’re planning to buy a gym kit online in India, most people who known well about the gym equipment market would suggest either go for Cockatoo or LEEWAY

The recommendation is obvious because the brand is the most affordable and has the trust of its customers. This consists of all basic gym requirements, as other products we will be discussing. But surely this goes without saying that each exercise gym combo set quality and specifications differ from one another. And cockatoo gym combo set for home tops it all. 

In most cases, you see metal plates or rubber integrated rubber plates as a component that is suitable for home training. But if you don’t like color, all-metal grey plates, this all-black rubber plate with a 31 mm hole diameter will WOW you. 

The bridge of any home kit is its bars, and here two rods with an overall capacity to hold 200 kgs or more without bending or breaking that is very much appreciated and the impression of the cockatoo brand on it makes it appear visually better. 

✔️ Check More Images of Cockatoo Home gym Kit:

The pack includes Olympic weight rubber plates in a pair of 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, and 15 Kg + 14” Dumbbell Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 5 Ft Straight Rod + 1 Pair Gloves + 2 Foam Gripper + 1 Skipping Rope and gym bag. What is different here is, you get nuts/ clamps attached with the barbell rod/ curl rod/ dumbbell rod. You don’t need to do an extra attachment.  


  • Versatility score: A
  • Plastic attached dumbbell rod: A lot of people complain about rusting due to the sweat after a time. A rubber attachment over it enables no wonkiness with a firm grip. 
  • The thickness of rod: If you are into a regular workout, you have known what a slim, thick, and just correctly size rod feels. Here you get a 31 mm rod, which is good for boys with larger hands. 
  • Glove gel technology: Where most extras you get with a home gym kit are of standard quality and aren’t durable. But these cockatoo gloves are of complete use. 


  • The thickness, finishing, and overall feel in your hand are of premium quality!
  • Weight plates fit perfectly into all the bars with no play at all.
  • Pocket-friendly and accurate of weights. 
  • The bar is long enough to go well with a workout bench or squat stands if you have them.   
  • Weight plates quality is the star presence here. 
  • Dumbbell rods have a plastic casing on them.


  • The bag isn’t good, but that’s the same with all kits. 
  • Light quality hand gripper. 
  • The rods are pretty thick (Approx 30mm)
Top Pick
weight training at home DOMYOS decathlon

2. Decathlon Domyos Home Gym Kit 93 kg

  • 2 x 2 kg solid bars (35 cm long, 28 mm diameter). – 1 x 8.7 kg bar (175 cm long, 160 kg max load)
  • 4 x 10 kg cast iron discs – 4 x 5 kg cast iron discs – 8 x 2 kg cast iron discs – 4 x 1 kg cast-iron discs. The set comes with 3 pairs of disc collars.
  • A number of boxes: 4 boxes containing the discs and bars. The bar is not stored in the boxes.
  • Warranty: 5 Years

➡️ If you are looking for the best gym kit for home use to perform basic strength-building bodybuilding exercises, then our 2nd pick from Decathlon is a paradigm in your selection. We would definitely recommend this brand, if not the weight capacity (93kgs), because trust us, you won’t be in favor of returning it anytime soon. 

The barbell rod you get is a basic 25mm rod, measuring 175 cm long, with 8.7 kgs in weight but it can easily load to 160 kgs or more without any issues of bending or fracture. That means you have the flexibility to make more adjustments, which will help you in building up more strength gradually. 

This is vital, as halting at the same weight for a long time just means you are leaving all gains at the table. Though you get a total weight plate of 93 kgs, but you can anytime upgrade or degrade, and it’s good to always have extra weights putting aside whenever you need it. 

✔️ Talking about the overall feel of this fitness kit, it is very versatile for setting indoor gym. You got not 1 but 4 weight pairs, i.e., 4 x 10 kg cast iron discs – 4 x 5 kg cast iron discs – 8 x 2 kg cast iron discs – 4 x 1 kg cast-iron discs which can be easily mixed and matched to perform all kinds of workouts, like bench press, overhead press, deadlift, and squats.

Similarly, you can mimic the exercises with a dumbbell rod by adding weight plates (upto 40 kgs on each dumbbell) to target specific muscle groups unilaterally in your body.

In short, this Domyos decathlon kit provides easy & quick all-time access.

✔️ Check more images of Domyos home gym kit:


  • Versatility Score: B.
  • Adjustable weights: Unlike fixed weight barbells, here you get 4 different types of weight discs that can be adjusted to attain 93 kgs of total weight, similar to dumbbells. These major 2 pieces of equipment can be made out of it. 
  • Long-lasting: The stainless steel bars and cast-iron discs are very robust and will stand the test of time, probably you can pass it to your next baby boomers. 
  • Standard sized barbell: The thickness of the barbell rod is extremely comfy to make lifts easy, even you’re a beginner lifter or a female with shorthands.  
  • Good for all lifters: It comes with sets of 4 discs, each weighing 5kg, 4kg, 2kg, and 1kg respectively. Hence, this kit can be used for both light and heavy lifting and everything in-between.


  • Robust build quality with compact cast-iron weight plates.
  • A textured grip eliminates any chances of a slip.
  • Adjusted in 1kg increments. 80 kg discs + 2 x 2 kg dumbbells + 1 x 9 kg bar.
  • Intermediate lifters may choose to put on additional weights.
  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  • The cast-iron build isn’t suitable for more humid environments. 
  • Available only in the standard-sized bar makes Olympic-style lifting impractical.
Top Pick
Best home gym kit in India

3. Kakss Neoprene Coated Home Gym Set (10 Kg to 130 Kg)

  • Weight Include: 5 Kg : 4 Weight Plate, 3 KG: 4 Weight Plate. 2 kg: 4 Weight Plate, 4kg: 2 Weight Plates, 1kg: 2 Weight Plates
  • Kettle Bell: 4 KG
  • 5ft Straight Weight Rod{ 25 MM },3 Ft Curl Rod {25 MM }, 2 Dumbbell Rod {25MM }
  • Free: Skipping Rope
  • Brand: Kakss  

➡️ If you want a colorful home gym set to take for your home workouts that isn’t cheap like PVC or expensive than Urethane material, this crafty setup from Kakss is the one to buy. You get dumbbell rods, barbell rods, 1 * 4 kg kettlebell, skipping rope, and 10s of neoprene weight plates that are totally smell-proof, non-toxic material, & easy to clean. 

Meanwhile, its looks are way too much attractive to grasp a show. If you record Insta reels, then this home gym kit would gain a lot of DMs to ask for its price. It allows you to do every single dumbbell, barbell & cardio exercise to completely train your body as a whole with one simple kit. 

Simply take a rod, and start attaching neoprene weight plates of your desired weight on each side, tie a bar collar at the sleeve end to not displace the weights from its place, and get to sweating. 

✔️ Check more Images of the Kakss gym equipment kit:

You also get a kettlebell of 4 kg along, which looks like a cast-iron cannonball with a handle on top along so you perform kettlebell swings, lunges, and shoulder presses with one hand that reveals and fix misalignments in the body. This Add-on you won’t get elsewhere.  

The more you see, the more you fall in love with its practical design. The rods are made robust. The weight plates are thin/ sleek and properly finished to easily settle on the barbell sleeve despite the weight you wish to increase. This allows the user to add sensible weight combinations, i.e., plates in sets of four.

Overall, this gym set is worth every penny you spent on it. Read its reviews to gain more confidence. 


  • Versatility Rating: A+
  • Great Add-ons: You get kettlebell, skipping rope, and barbell clips along with the home gym kit, so you won’t have to pay any extra. 
  • Non-slippery: Despite being made of neoprene, its grip is similar to rubber, which provides great comfort and confidence to the user.
  • Chrome Plated rods: Most rods you get on the roadside are made cheap, have irregular weight, and faulty dimensions. But here you can be assured of the accuracy.  


  • The after-sale service is also good, you get a helpline number to discuss your complaints. 
  • Good customer feedback. There are reviews in 10 multiples to prove it.
  • Withstand the shock from falls and throws. 
  • Some eye-popping colors of plates and dumbbells.
  • Delivered in wonderful packaging. 


  • Rarely, the steel paint rips off.
  • Finishing is not similar to rubber-coated/ bumper plates. 
  • If not taken care of, can develop rust.
Top Pick
LEEWAY home gym kit India

4. LEEWAY Metal Integrated Rubber Plates Home Gym Set (10 KG to 200 KG)

  • Olympic Weight Plates + 14” Dumbbell Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 5 Ft Straight Rod + Gym Kit
  • 2.5 Kg X 4 + 5 Kg X 2 + 10 Kg X 2 = 40 Kg; (Weight Plates Customization is available).
  • 5 Ft Straight Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 14″ Dumbbell Rod’s. This Rubber Weight Comes 31 mm Hole Diameter.
  • 1 Pair Gloves + 2 Foam Gripper + 1 Skipping Rope and Gym Bag For Indoor Workout Strength Training.
  • They Offer 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction And Replacement For Damage.

➡️ This pick comes from no other than LEEWAY INDIA, a sports company that provides an excellent full body home gym kit to set up your own home gym. This product offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction & replacement when not liked to provide a wholeheartedly shopping experience. What a deal. 😀 

You could take its total weight capacity from 10 kgs to 200 kgs, which brings together a varied range of differently sized weight plates all made with metal integrated rubber plates, much better than all PVC or all metal plates. The advantage here is it uses refined metal orbs in its which means improved structural strength and durability.

When we consumers order a home gym kit, we expect we make up for our whole entire gym under a set budget. That’s the reason LEEWAY is on our list, the complete set includes: Olympic weight plates + 14” dumbbell rod + 3 ft curl rod + 5 ft straight Rod + Gym Kit 2.5 Kg X 4 + 5 Kg X 2 + 10 Kg X 2 = 40 Kg; (Weight Plates Customization is available). EXTRAS: 1 pair gloves + 2 foam gripper + 1 skipping rope + gym bag.

✔️ This reasonably priced LEEWAY gym kit really has it all. Just choose your required weight from the drop-down display weight section on amazon and order for a 100, 150, or 200 kg weight capacity set. Which is HUGE for anyone to jump-start your workouts from scratch. 

And if one finds it difficult to climb up weights, slowly increment the weight plates from 5 to 10 kgs range as you navigate from exercise to exercise. And if you feel the dialogue 🎵 “YEH DIL MANGE MORE” then always you get an option here to upgrade to a higher item weight. Get it, it’s completely worth it.

✔️ Check images from LEEWAY Best exercise kit for home:


  • Versatility Score: A, do quick transaction between exercise to exercise to make your footprint in the game. 
  • More weight options: It’s less aggressive offered than other product options, but the resistance offered is unmatched along with a lot of extras.
  • Solid construction with knurl handles: The knurling adds extra grip to the workout so to prevent the rod from slipping. You get a mild volcano knurl of the handles which won’t rip your hands, but be extremely reliable.
  • Spin collars: Spinlock collars add a level of safety to your workouts, and is easy to lock and unlock to shift plates at a speed.     


  • Ideal for home use, designed for workouts on your schedule. 
  • Good quality extras given, skipping rope/ bag/ collars. 
  • High-quality long-lasting plates. 
  • The locks given are smooth and easy to unscrew and switch weights. 
  • Very responsive helpline numbers. 
  • Fast-delivery and no-question returns.


  • The handgrip is of average quality.  
  • Reviewers claim some extras were missing, but they get delivered in few days. 
  • None other was found. 
Top Pick
sfhealthtech training kit for home

5. Sfhealthtech SF-H002 HomeKit Pro 30 Kg

  • 4-in-1 Home convertible Fitness Kit – 30 kgs
  • Dumbbells: PE plastic on the outside and environmentally friendly composite material inside (mainly made of iron sand)
  • Connector: Foam grip outside with iron sand inside
  • Kettlebell handle: PE plastic coated with iron sand inside
  • Connectors length: 40 cm

➡️ When looking at this equipment of black and orange color, you probably won’t consider it as a home gym set. But believe me, it is. However, once you take it for use you will be impressed by seeing its extensions, adjustments which quickly transform into a total body fitness kit. Call it a convertible.

This 4-in-1 product comes from a brand, sfhealthtech which is on a mission to equip the fitness community with innovative, best in class, and practical products. Like this one. 

What’s more, during the workouts, the easiest go-to approach is joining all weights nearby so you don’t waste extra seconds adjusting the plates. This sfhealthtech HomeKit Pro 30 kgs OR convertible gives compactness and freedom to customize the weights and transform them into a barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell at times. You don’t need a separate rod for the barbell, or an individual kettlebell which you could see on instagram here. Isn’t it great?😀

Talking about its construction, its PE plastic on the outside and environmentally friendly composite material inside (mainly made of iron sand) that’s how the adjustable dumbbells, connectors, kettlebell handles are made. Don’t assume it’s plastic so it would break, but the reason to use this material is to decrease the cost & increase impact strength as well as give low friction finish. 

✔️ Check more images from Sfhealthtech best home workout kit 30 kg:

With the package, you get plates of 1.25kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg x 4, Dumbell Rods x 2, Locks x 4, Connector Rod x 1, Kettlebell Handle x 2, Kettlebell Base x 1 = Total weight 30 kgs. For some, it isn’t a substantial weight, but for a beginner, it’s a good start. 

Though we expect not many people would use it for kettlebell swings, or use a connector and transform it into a barbell to be used for bench press.

✔️ But the needs of a beginner are different than that of a PRO athlete and it is essential to provide fitness enthusiasts of each level with the right tools to support their goals & gains!!! Once you buy this perfect home gym starter kit in your home gym arsenal, you’ll be amazed to know its benefits. 


  • Versatility score: A ++
  • Smooth finish: You won’t find any plastic kit, looking this appealing and have a smooth texture. Don’t even think of PVC, which is filled with sand. 
  • Powerful design: The design element has carried away in the entire design and enables you to fold up, convert the entire available weights into one equipment/ tool. This saves space and strengthens workout capabilities. 
  • Connector rods: This is one piece that connects between two dumbbell rods and form a complete barbell. All parts are made such they adjust into one another to form a new workout tool.  


  • Sleek, colorful modern design.
  • Takes very little space.
  • Safe for all fitness levels. 
  • Comes with everything, and can be adjusted or converted to desired equipment. 
  • Made from ecofriendly composite material.


  • Low total weight capacity, 30 kgs. 
  • Made of plastic.
  • Can’t grip barbell from a shoulder-width distance.
  • Can’t be dropped on ground from a height, otherwise it would break.

Final verdict (Which Is Best And Why?)

Set Up Your Perfect Home gym

✅ If we have to pick one best home gym kit in India, we’d go with the Cockatoo kit (view on amazon India). It’s really tough to overlook, or rather I say beat, its overall size (200 kgs), rubber coated metal plates design, 2 significant and strong bars. This brand got popularity/ and reliability both. 

You could perform every exercise with, and in cases, it can be used for squats too. Some people would still question its price. Typically, the more comprehensive the product is, the higher the price tag you would see. 

And if you want to see something advance from the traditional rig setup, sfhealthtech Pro home kit is a definite answer. It’s a convertible/ flexible home gym exercise kit. It’s good to have for seniors or ladies who don’t need to go massive on volume, whereas for an advanced lifter who needs more versatility, weight resistance, to perform fundamental lifts when shopping for a combo home gym set. 😊

For them, Leeway is a very practical product. You could move with the one that might feel the best option for you. 

FAQs of Gym Kit For Home:

How much does it cost to set up a gym at home in India?

Setting up a gym at home isn’t that complicated thing until you make it. With the basic infotainment system, lighting, flooring, gym kit, paint, and with all equipment the total cost would come around 30000 or less. And if you don’t care about all this and just want a basic gym kit for home, then you can get it under 10000, depending on the total weight you order. 

What is a good size room for a home gym?

The minimum area required for a home gym space should be 20-50 sq ft. If you are interested in bringing treadmills, then you need about 30 sq ft and, as the equipment adds in, the space requirement keeps on increasing.

Where to buy gym kit for home India?

Normally, people order from a word of mouth, or from a local retailer, manufacturer. But recently, from lockdown amazon sales sees a major spike in sales of home gym kits from India. Over 35000. This proves that people love to see reviews and order from online stores like amazon, Flipkart, decathlon. 

That’s all for this blog and I hope you have got your best preferred exercise kit for home. Thanks!

Comment down below, if you have any questions in your mind.

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