9 Cheap Calisthenics Equipment For Home

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9 best cheap calisthenics equipment for home India

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One of the biggest benefits of calisthenics is that you can do it everywhere with minimalistic equipment in some cases you don't even need any tools at all to get a workout done. However, if you want to get serious with calisthenics home workouts you will definitely benefit from the following calisthenics equipment for home.😀

👉 Let’s check what equipment do you need to start calisthenics?

Cheap Calisthenics Equipment For Home

The first one is not even a real workout tool.

chair full body home workout

1. Chairs

  • Chairs are really good if you don’t have any kind of calisthenics equipment for home and still want to make your workouts as comprehensive as possible. 

The biggest pro of the chairs is that you can do exercises that are impossible on the ground. 

You can do dips, knee and leg raises, step-up exercises to target your back and biceps as well as calisthenics skills. 

👉 Please always make sure that your chairs are stable enough and that you are sticking to a safe execution. 

4e9a8 horizontal pulling bodyweight exercise.jpghorizontal pulling bodyweight

2. Tables

  • Another good tool you can find at home is tables similar to the chairs you got many different exercises that are impossible to do on the ground in our home workout program. 

We follow the same approach all exercises can be done with your furniture or no equipment at all if you want to know more about the program just head over to calisthenicsacademy.co 

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3. Push up handles

  • They are a bar that you may place your hands on when doing pushups. This can do a number of things. First and foremost, it allows you to better stack your joints.

The next tools are push-up handles. Push-up handles are great if you’re looking for a handy piece of calisthenic equipment that easily fits in a backpack. They are also pretty useful if you are suffering from wrist problems to minimize wrist pressure. 

Simply use them in any exercise that you would normally do with your hands flat on the floor.

👉 Another benefit is that you can get a bit deeper than on the ground and with that increases the range of motion for many push-focused exercises. There are even push-up handles that allow you to rotate your hands during the movement which can be great if you suffer from shoulder pain in fixed positions.

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4. Parallettes

  • Parallettes are little gymnastics equipment that are used in pairs to replicate the parallel bars used in professional gymnasiums.

Parallettes on the other hand are often a bit longer and higher; the additional height can be quite helpful to perform l-sit variations, full room handstand push-ups, and any kind of transfers between a supporting and an overhead position. 

The downside is that they are not that handy compared to push-up handles and that it’s a bit harder to pick yourself up into a handstand. The additional height could also scare you a bit in the beginning but this should get better over time for some exercises. 

It can still be good to have a partner that spots you until you get used to the parallettes. When it comes to the height we suggest anything between 25 and 35 centimeters this height is not too high or too low. 

We also prefer parallettes with wooden handles but this is more of a personal preference.

home dip bar 1

5. High parallettes

  • High Parallettes are mini versions of bridges, this gymnastic equipment comes with two parallel beams. They’re great for deep handstand push-ups, tricep dips, L-sits, and planche exercises since they don’t put too much strain on your wrists.

The next tool is very similar to regular parallettes but also offers a few more benefits. The biggest pro is that you can do more exercises on them due to the additional height you can do different row variations, leg raises, pull-up holes, and even front lever training. 

The downside is that they need way more space than the lower parallettes and that all kinds of handstand kick-ups, press-ups, and transfers are way more challenging even more than on regular parallettes.

So always practice these exercises on lower parallettes first and make sure that you are able to exit the handstand safely every single time. 

Otherwise, you might learn it the hard way when it comes to the height. We suggest anything that allows you to extend your arms at the bottom of rows without touching the ground usually this is between 70 and 80 centimeters.

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6. Door frame pull-up bars.

  • Even if you have limited space for gym equipment, door frame pull up bars allow you to perform good pull ups. They’re also a less expensive and more practical alternative to standing pull up bars.

While high parallettes allow you to do some pull focused exercises. The pull-up bar actually allows you to do real pull-ups as well as hanging leg raises, skim the cat, and other exercises that you can do in a hanging position. 

Also, make sure you get a solid pull-up bar that you can attach safely at least if you don’t want this to happen.

We suggest door frame pull-up bars that are safer than most telescope bars and you can also set them up at max height.

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7. Gymnastic Rings

  • It is composed of two tiny circles hanging from an overhead support by straps and gripped by the gymnast while doing various exercises. Invented in the early 19th century by the creator of gymnastics, the German Friedrich Jahn.

Gymnastic rings are the best tool for the upper body. Period no other piece of equipment offers the same usability in combination with utility rings are great because they allow your joints to move freely and don’t force them into certain positions exercises that are way better on rings than on bars or uneven pull-ups, archer push-ups, and false grip muscle-ups to name just a  few. 

There are also some bodyweight exercises that can only be done properly on gymnastic rings like chest flies, ring roll-outs pulls, iron cross variations, and many others.

👉 Gymnastic rings are also very handy and cheap. Just put them into your backpack and train outside. You can fix them on beams, trees, and any other stable object you can find out there. 

The only downside is that the additional stability component makes supporting exercises way harder on rings, so if you are a beginner we recommend learning all basic exercises on rigid bars or on the ground first. 

What to buy? If you want to get a pair of gymnastic rings, we suggest wooden ones with a thickness between 2.8 and 3.2 centimetres. Also, look for numbered straps and a stable buckle.
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8. Resistance bands 

  • A resistance band is a type of elastic band that is used for strength training. They are also extensively used in physical therapy, but particularly by gym goers to allow for gradual strength regeneration.

When it comes to calisthenics you can use resistance bands to make exercises easier like when training for skills or you can use them to make exercises harder like when doing regular push-ups.

The most important thing about resistance bands is the effect on the natural strength curve for that we take a look at band-assisted pull-ups and dips. 

➡️ When it comes to dips it matches the natural strength curve support yourself in the lowest position which is the hardest part of the dip more than at the top. 

➡️ When it comes to pull-ups it’s the opposite so the band supports yourself way more in the lowest position which is the easiest part of the pull-up than at the top. 

This is not optimal but should be of no problem if you include other beginner-friendly pull-up exercises into your workout as well good options like negative and feet-assisted pull-ups. 
Calisthenics Equipment For Home
Calisthenics Equipment For Home

One last thing you need to know is about the strength of the resistance band, a thinner band offers less. A thicker band offers more resistance depending on the band. The resistance is somewhere between 5 to 60 kilograms in any band.

You have a range of resistance bands because the more you stretch it the higher the resistance gets.  

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9. Weight vests and Belts

  • Weighted clothing is clothing that incorporates heavy materials to provide weight to various portions of the body, typically as part of resistance training. The effect is created by attaching weighted components to the body, allowing the hands to be free to hold objects.

Adding additional weight cannot be called pure calisthenics anymore but this is no reason to neglect it. 

Of course, weights are not essential because you can modify nearly all calisthenics exercises in other ways.

For example, if pull-ups, rows, and push-ups are too easy try the archer version. Some people still prefer additional weight because it allows you to do the basic form of the movement with a higher intensity. 

weighted calisthenics workout
Cheap Calisthenics Equipment For Home


Weight vests and belts are both good but for some exercises, it’s way better to use a vest such as any form of push-ups and leg exercises.

The weighted belt on the other hand offers a better way to modify the weight easily, while weight vests are usually limited to a certain weight depending on the type it can be a bit more laborious to add or remove some of it. 

👉 We recommend weight vests with comfortable shoulder pads that keep the edges of the straps from causing excess friction, in addition, the fit of the vest is important to consider as a good vest fits close to your body while still allowing you to move freely for belts. 

Make sure you’re getting one with a high-quality chain and carabiners. If you have no belts or a vest you can also use a backpack filled with books or water bottles. 


These were the most important cheap calisthenics equipment for home.

KEY POINTS: Calisthenics Equipment For Home

  • On Budget

    If you are short on the money we suggest getting gymnastic rings because they are cheap and offer the most bang for the buck. 
  • Must-Have

    If you are an absolute beginner you could also stick to high parallettes in combination with the door frame pull-up bar only to make sure you are able to do pull as well as push exercises.

Of course, we also included options for all of these equipment in our calisthenics workout programs. 

No matter if you want to train on rings, do weighted calisthenics, or train with no equipment at all. We got you covered just head over to calisthenicsacademy.co and pick the right program for your needs.


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