Best Bumper Plate Rack Review by Leeway Fitness

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Best Bumper Plate Rack Review by Leeway Fitness

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🔵 When building your home gym, selecting the right gym storage might not be your primary focus, especially when considering items like power racks or squat racks. 

As they take away most of your space and have attachments which can be used for that purpose. 💸

horizontal storage of bumper plates rack

✅ Nonetheless, a proper “dedicated” gym storage rack is crucial for several reasons:

  1. It safeguards your equipment investment; after all, when you’ve just bought a range of gym gear, you obviously want it to remain in good condition for a long time. 💡
  2. You get the benefit of maintaining orderliness; when you’re engaged in your lifting routine, a clear and organized space enhances your concentration.
  3. In addition, it helps prevent potential injuries—keeping weights and equipment well-organized eliminates any tripping risks

In this blog, we’ll walk you through a popular plate storage option “Bumper plate rack”, and help you make the best choices for your gym setup.

Let’s begin. 😀

Leeway Best Bumper Plate Rack Review.

bumper weight rack leeway fitness 04 1


  • Keep the plates off the floor and organise it by type or weight. This Leeway Bumper plate rack makes it easy to pick off and use the plates when most needed.

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🚀 Presenting the “Leeway Fitness Bumper Plate Rack”, the ultimate choice for serious strength enthusiasts who have dozens of plates lying away on all corners of thier gym and they want to organise them all. 

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this leeway bumper plate rack India boasts 4 generously sized plate slots.

Regardless of whether you’re storing 5-kilogram bumper plates, 10-kilogram bumper plates, 15s, 20s, or 25s, this weight plate rack can organise them all. 

This isn’t intended for casual use; it’s engineered for unwavering, heavy-duty storage, perfectly suited to sizable plates and significant lifts.

So, if you’re truly committed to making efficient gym storage & keeping your weight plates in order, this is the perfect fit. 

leeway fitness rack Best Bumper Plate Rack Review by Leeway Fitness

(✅ Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.)


Size:145 X 43 X 27 cm
Item Weight:13.5 kg approx
Plate slot space:7 inch
Number of Plate Slot:4
Number of Barbell Slot:2
Barbell Slot Size:50 mm
Holds Upto:180 kg of weight plate
Best bumper plate rack in India

Customer ratings by feature



  • High-quality steel construction which is then reinforced with powder coating.
  • Added 2 barbell slots for storage.
  • Non-slip design.
  • Long Lasting & durable.😀 
  • Comes with a handle and wheels for easy moving.
  • Safer to handle weights.
  • Budget-friendly. Comes under Rs 6,000.


  • Not the best for those who use VERY thick bumper plates. ⛔
  • The handle is not welded & made of hollow steel pipe. 
  • The cart can’t be pulled when a full 150kg set is kept. 

My Experience

Since I had bought my first set of bumper plates, I was concerned about the safety of weight plates slipping off the plate tree and potentially causing harm to me or others.

As a solution, I found a suitable alternative the Leeway Fitness – horizontal bumper plate rack, commonly called the weight plate trolley.

leeway bumper plate rack

✔️ What sets it apart is the inclusion of barbell storage, a feature not guaranteed ⛔ by all gym storage racks in India, coupled with its impressive capacity to hold a 180 kg set of bumpers.

However, this capacity might decrease depending on the thickness of your rubber bumper plates. 

But the price tag 🏷️ of Rs 6,230 is quite reasonable, especially considering the versatility this rack offers. 

Moreover, the sleek appearance of the storage post is enhanced by its black powder coat finish, which means it won’t rust after years of use. A sign of relief!😮‍💨

The dimensions of this plate rack are 145 X 43 X 27 CM, which means it would take some space in your gym room, but it is definitely worth it if you prefer convenience.

Because here I would easily take off the biggest plate (25s) and put it on my barbell with little work. 

Earlier I was used to putting plates on one another as storage, where the biggest 25s were on the bottom.💡

In that case, if I ever need the biggest plate, I have to move every single plate from above, which creates a mess! 

After ordering a “Leeway Fitness bumper plate rack”, the task becomes super easy.👱‍♂️ (That’s the biggest benefit I see.) 

Plus, I got 2 Olympic barbell holders as an ADD-ON, free of cost. 🤩 Amazing.

How did it help? I currently have 2 bars, and I have to store it somehow, mostly against a wall. During the process, my wall paint got damaged and there was always a risk of the barbell falling down. 

But now it’s all SECURE. ✔️

The next thing to note is the plate rack’s quick assembly process.

Though, the rack comes pre-assembled with wheels, except for the handle, which has to be put together later using bolts.

While this “weight storage rack” stands as our preferred choice, it’s important to acknowledge its CONS ❌ as well. 

I have noted that the 7 inches of loadable space per peg does not accommodate thicker bumper plates, like my SF healthtech one whose 25 kg plate thickness goes to 96 mm and possibly other black crump bumpers, which are used in CrossFit. 

So to compensate for that, I have to dedicate an entire single peg to a 1 X 25 kg plate, and fill the remaining space with other plates.

Best Bumper Plate Rack Review by Leeway Fitness

Additionally, there have been complaints of minor wobbling when sliding plates on and off.

Although not posing any substantial danger, this occasional instability can be mildly bothersome.

✅ For individuals seeking a convenient solution for plate storage, this rack offers satisfactory performance.

You can definitely buy it from Leeway Fitness.💯 (Must recommend for this price!)

How Many Ways You Can Store Bumper Plates?

1. Vertical Weight Plate Tree. 
image 2

✔️ A straightforward method to store weight plates is by employing weight plate storage poles.

These poles can be attached to your power rack, provided you check its maximum weight capacity to prevent overloading. 

As your collection of weight plates expands, there are multiple other storage options available.😮‍💨

If you’re utilizing cast iron weight plates, Olympic weight racks or weight trees are excellent for keeping your weights organized and secure while not in use. 

2. Horizontal Plate Rack. 
image 1

✔️ For bumper plates, the assortment of bumper plate trolleys and racks offers an optimal solution—these are particularly useful for larger plates and offer easy mobility around your gym. 

Moving on to weight bar storage, Horizontal bar racks are ideal if you have wall space, but bar stands are an alternative that’s equally efficient for holding multiple bars.

If you possess a mix of standard 1-inch and Olympic 2-inch bars, adapters are available to accommodate both sizes on the same stand.

Compact storage options are also accessible for those seeking to store a modest number of plates and bars.💯 Like this Leeway bumper plate rack which offers both options, to store plates as well as 2 bars.

How You Shouldn’t Store Your Bumper Plates?

1. Don’t leave it unattained:

✅ While it can be tempting to skip the post-workout equipment cleanup, it’s important not to treat your bumper plates as if they were casually strewn possessions.

Instead of leaving them scattered around the gym area, adopt a more organized approach to storage.

2. Don’t Place it outdoors:

✅ While bumper plates have a high level of reliability during training, they remain susceptible to damage from harsh weather conditions when left outdoors and unprotected.

Subjecting the plates to direct sunlight, for example, can lead to rubber deterioration over time.

This degradation then leads to susceptible bending or cracking upon impact. So place it indoors and away from direct sunlight. ☀️

Why To Buy A Bumper Plate Rack?

store gym weight plate like a PRO.
  1. Convenient to Pick Plates.😀
  2. Designated to store both weight plates and Olympic barbells.
  3. Store & Organize 180 to 250KG plates (depending on thickness). 
  4. No damage/ scratching of 2 plates because of friction.
✅ Transforming your gym space into an inviting and organized way is not just about the workouts, but the experience. 

By investing in affordable yet effective storage solutions like “bumper plate rack for home gym”, you can eliminate clutter, improve accessibility, and make your gym a place where you look forward to training. 

Remember, the journey of building your gym is as rewarding as the workouts themselves.🆗

Other Storage Racks Leeway Fitness Offers:

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    weight rack lf04 leeway fitness 01

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Best Bumper Plate Rack – Leeway Fitness

Keep your Bumper weights & barbell secured and organized at all times.
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1. Is it possible to overload a bumper plate trolley over 150 kg set?

You can fill plates in the empty spaces if it FITS. However, it’s essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding weight limits for trolleys. Overloading can potentially compromise its structural integrity, stability, and functionality. 

2. What is a weight peg?

A weight peg is a protruding rod or peg attached to weightlifting equipment or racks. It is used to hold weight plates securely in place. But firstly you need to have a squat rack to use this.

3. Can we store plates on a vertical plate tree instead of a horizontal bumper plate rack?

Both rack options serve the purpose of storing weight plates. ☀️ Out of two – the horizontal bumper plate racks, place plates on the ground, thus offering ease of access.

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