The 4 Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India

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best knee sleeves for gym

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Types of knee sleeves. As more and more sports companies are coming to market with heavier-duty versions of their past offerings, most of the time, my answer begins with “Well, it depends.” 

One of the things I wanted to call out that may help you narrow the choices down is the shape of your leg and the sleeves. 

The 3 measurements that we’re going to want to take a look at are a few inches above the knee, the knee itself, and the calf. 

For the knee sleeves, we’ll be discussing: 

  • Traditional tapered sleeve
  • An hourglass shape, and 
  • Finally, a boxier or non-tapered design.

Which Knee Sleeves to buy?

Lifter Number 1:

knee sleeves tradational design

They have a consistent drop from their quad to their calf. In this case, a sleeve that has a traditional taper would work best, as it will contour to their leg shape. 

An hourglass knee sleeve would likely fit well at the top in the middle, but the calf would be a little too large, causing the sleeves to slide. 

A boxier, non-tapered sleeve may have issues in both the middle and the bottom, causing a very, very loose-fitting sleeve. 

Some examples here would be SBD, Prowolf XTM Gold, & Grind Gear Knee Sleeves.

Lifter Number 2:

knee sleeves hour glass design

Relative to their knee joint, they have a larger measurement for their quad and a larger measurement for their calf. In this case, an hourglass sleeve would be ideal. 

A traditional tapered sleeve would be hard to get over their calves and may cut off circulation or require cutting to remove. 

A boxer’s sleeve may tend to bunch up or feel loose around the knee due to the sizing. 

Examples here include the Grind Gear hourglass knee sleeves.

Lifter Number 3:

knee sleeves box design

They have a large consistent measurement across all three. They would benefit the most from a boxer design. Other sleeves would likely need to be sized up or may feel too constricting. 

Now, of course, there are other factors to consider that come down to the sleeves themselves: how dense the material is, the amount of taper or flare, the cost, etc. 

But if you know your knee shape and you know what sleeves would work best, you can save yourself some money by making a more informed decision.

Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India?

sbd knee sleeves for powerlifting

SBD sleeves

prowolf xtm knee sleeves

Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves

cropped grind gear knee sleevess 7mm

Grind gear sleeves

cropped prowolf knee sleeves for squats

Prowolf 7mm knee sleeves


In my experience, I’ve tried various knee sleeves, investing my own money into them. Through this, I’ve formed opinions on what I consider the best sleeve, which I’ll discuss later in a blog.

However, I want to emphasise that sleeve preference often boils down to personal choice.

When comparing sleeves, it's crucial to look at factors like size, neoprene thickness, and compression level. 

If different sleeves offer a similar feel, they’re likely to provide comparable performance. Yet, where they truly differ is in their build quality and longevity.

Many people seek sleeve advice because they’ve invested in sleeves that didn’t last long, despite their high cost. This blog highlights the importance of making good decisions to ensure a better investment.

Know that personal bias influences recommendations.

*Sponsored athletes may favour certain brands, leading to brand bias. This bias can affect perceptions of sleeve quality.

In this blog, I'll share my experiences to help you find the “Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India”. My goal is to provide insights that could potentially save you money when shopping for new knee sleeves.😃

Now, for the most part for this blog, I’m only going to cover four main types of knee sleeves. 

  1. SBD sleeves
  2. Prowolf XTM Gold Knee Sleeves
  3. Grind gear sleeves
  4. Prowolf 7mm knee sleeves. 

1. SBD Knee Sleeves

sbd knee sleeves for powerlifting
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.
  • Patented design.
  • High grade, high-density 7mm neoprene.
  • IPF approved and IWF compliant with the maximum allowable 30cm length.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Heavyweight linings, edging and seams.

Now, let’s turn our attention to SBD sleeves, widely regarded as the most popular choice, particularly among IPF competitors.

There’s been a lot of world record-setting with these sleeves. They’re also what I would say the de facto choice of anyone who competes in the IPF.  

However, opinions vary depending on the federation you compete in.

If you’re in the USPA, if you’re in the SPF, IPA, or any of those other federations, you probably despise these because again, you think of these as the IPF sleeves.

But regardless of your thoughts about who typically wears them, I will say that they are really good knee sleeves.

Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India
Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India

Regardless of personal opinions or federation affiliations, SBD sleeves are undeniably very good. They offer excellent support, although not without their drawbacks.

Some users find them to be lighter compared to other options, and there’s variability in neoprene quality, especially in coloured variants. However, such variations are to be expected in manufacturing.

While SBD sleeves perform well, they’re not my preferred choice primarily due to their high price point, around Rs 11,499 including shipping. Additionally, their limited aesthetic options don’t align with my preference for simplicity.

In comparison, Prowolf XTM Gold Knee Sleeves have proven to be exceptionally durable, justifying their higher price (Rs 7,900). They boast longevity and reliability, making them a worthwhile investment for serious lifters. 

So the SBD’s performance-wise good, price-wise bad.

2. Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves

prowolf xtm knee sleeves
  • Level 4 Stiffness
  • High-quality Top CR Neoprene
  • 7mm thickness (maximum allowed by most powerlifting federations)
  • Centre Narrow Fit Design.
  • Stiffest, most aggressive sleeves on the market.

From there, we’re going to move on to the Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves. I’ve also owned various pairs of sleeves from Prowolf, including the 5 mm knee sleeves, and 7mm knee sleeves among others but not this one. 

They later introduced 9 millimetres sleeves, which are cool to wear because they offer a lot of support, but you can’t wear them in any federation. 

Prowolf’s newest offering, the XTM Gold, boasts a thickness of 7 millimetres, providing substantial support. They are permitted in most federations.

But they’re super stiff, this limitation somewhat undermines their practicality for new lifters.

So if you’re typically a raw lifter, it’s like wearing knee wraps in some instances. So it kind of supports you well. 

One notable aspect of the Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves is their tried-and-true design, primarily featuring a side seam. 

Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves'

Priced around Rs 7,900 before additional shipping, the Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves are among the more expensive options on the market, comparable to SBD sleeves. But the SBD, at least, has a global reputation & recognition, in my opinion, than these particular sleeves. 

While the Prowolf XTM GoldSleeves excel in initial performance,  how will maintain their quality over time is questionable because it’s not too long time since they’ve been in the market.

Due to this, recommending them at such a high price can be challenging. 

You can still buy it on my recommendation since I own their other knee sleeves & they’re working like a char. But ultimately, it’s a gamble as to what the future holds with them.

In conclusion, while the Prowolf XTM Gold Sleeves offer appealing aesthetics and initial performance, their long-term durability is questionable. Considering their price, I advise caution when purchasing them.

3. Grind Gear Sleeves. 

grind gear knee sleevess 7mm
  • Manufactured with high-grade 7mm neoprene
  • IPF spec
  • Manufactured in India
  • Ideal for powerlifting movements, such as squats 
  • Sold as a pair
  • TIP: Hand–washing your knee sleeves with water or a mild detergent.

These are the boxier sleeves because, the way that they’re shaped, it has two seams on the back. 

I got to be honest, I’m not a big fan of this two-seam design on the back. I found that it kind of bunched up on my knee or gave me a little bit of irritation on the back of my knee. 

These are IPF-approved, as I should have said, the Grind gear sleeves are as well. So every sleeve I’m going to talk about today is IPF-approved if that matters to you. 

But with the Grind gear sleeves, they’re okay, and there’s nothing wrong with them, and I’ll still work them into my rotation, but I just feel like the other sleeves I’ve talked about probably offer a little on the better side. 

However, in terms of knee sleeves alone, I’m not a big fan of the design overall.

While they’re moderately priced and perform adequately, they don’t match up to the quality of some of the other sleeves.

Therefore, I find it difficult to recommend them over the other options I’ve discussed.

4. Prowolf 7mm knee sleeves

Now, let’s discuss the Prowolf knee sleeves. They’ve become my go-to option, and I’ll explain why, along with any drawbacks.

Starting with aesthetics, the Prowolf knee sleeves are minimalist and straightforward. They come in a basic black sleeve with a white logo on the front and a small white tab on the back.

This simplicity may appeal to some, although it’s worth noting that currently, Prowolf knee sleeves don’t offer other colour options, making them unique in that regard. 

What I appreciate most about these sleeves is their durability.

Despite being among the smallest in terms of dimensions, they’re the heaviest-duty sleeves I own. This is due to the high-quality neoprene material they’re made from. 

prowolf knee sleeves silicone grip photo

Additionally, I like the design features inside the sleeves, such as rubber silicone grip components intended to provide extra grip on the leg. While I find this feature somewhat gimmicky, I appreciate the attention to detail.

In terms of sizing, these sleeves are narrower compared to others, which suits individuals with smaller calves and quads. Interestingly, although I typically wear XL-sized sleeves for competition. 

This suggests that the compression they provide is superior, despite the smaller size label. I’ve experimented with various sleeves in the past, often having to resell them after finding they didn’t fit properly.

However, the Prowolf knee sleeves have consistently been the most comfortable and effective for me.

Moreover, they’re priced competitively at Rs 3300, making them a great value compared to other options on the market. Overall, these sleeves stand out as my favourite due to their comfort, durability, and affordability.

I highly recommend considering these sleeves for several reasons. 

Firstly, I find that they offer the best fit overall, thanks to their minimal seam design on the back. 

prowolf knee sleeves for squats

In terms of durability, I’ve been using them consistently for about 1 year, and they still look brand new without any signs of wear or separation of layers. 

Moreover, at Rs 3,300, they’re reasonably priced compared to other options on the market. Lastly, they’re IPF-specs, ensuring they meet competition standards.

However, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. 

Some may find them visually uninteresting due to their plain design, especially if paired with all-black attire. Despite this, I believe their performance and affordability outweigh any aesthetic concerns.


Top Pick
best knee sleeves for gym use

Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India

    Our Verdict

    In summary, of all the knee sleeves I’ve tried, the Prowolf ones are my favourite. While I don’t have any discount codes to offer, I genuinely appreciate the quality and value they provide. 

    SBD offers other products in their lineup, such as elbow sleeves and wrist wraps, although I’ve found their build quality to be inconsistent compared to their knee sleeves.

    I will also say, although there are many other brands out there, I kind of feel like the ProWolf Knee sleeves cover those bases because when you take a look at the design of this, where it’s just a sleeve with a single seam on the side, on the outside of your leg. 

    I find that a lot of the other sleeves on the market utilise that design, or they have something similar like the Grind gear knee sleeve, which has two seams on the back. 

    If you’re considering knee sleeves, I highly recommend giving the Prowolf ones a try. Just keep in mind that they may run slightly larger, so you might need to size down.

    Q1: What type of knee sleeve is best?

    However, some key features are generally sought after by powerlifters:

    1. Thickness: Look for knee sleeves made from 7mm neoprene.
    2. Material: High-quality neoprene offers the perfect balance between support and flexibility. 
    3. Design: Ergonomic shaping and reinforced seams can significantly improve comfort and durability. 

    Here are some popular choices among powerlifters to get you started: SBD Powerlifting Knee Sleeves (7mm) / Prowolf XTM POWER sleeves

    Q2: Is It Possible To Wear Knee Sleeves While Running?

    While 7mm knee sleeves excel in powerlifting with their focus on stability, they’re not ideal for running due to restricted movement and heat retention. Better options for running are 3-5 mm Knee Sleeves which can provide some support and warmth without sacrificing stride mechanics.

    Q3: Can powerlifters use knee sleeves?

    Absolutely! Knee sleeves are widely used in powerlifting competitions. The compression from knee sleeves helps stabilise the knee joint, which can be crucial when lifting heavy weights during squats and other powerlifting movements.

    Q4: Are 7mm knee sleeves allowed in powerlifting?

    Absolutely! As long as they comply with federation regulations (usually limiting the length to 30cm), & 7mm thickness. Knee sleeves following these specs are legal for powerlifting competitions.

    Q5: Can I sleep with a knee compression sleeve on?

    Yes, you might be able to. It can help with pain (if not too tight). But, it’s not guaranteed comfort. It could disrupt your sleep sometimes.

    Q6: Can I wear a knee sleeve all day?

    Prowolf Knee sleeves are not designed to be worn all day. It should only be worn during gym exercises where people need extra support.

    I hope this blog “Best Knee Sleeves For Squats India” helps you make an informed decision, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. 

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