Are Door Pull Up Bar Safe To Use In Home? 2 Best Pick!

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Are Door Pull Up Bar Safe To Use In Home?

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In this blog, I want to talk you about why you should have a doorway pull up bar, or are door pull up bar safe to use in home, and then which is the better choice for you based on the two different kinds of pull up bars.🤙

First, discuss the main question.

Are Door Pull Up Bar Safe?

The Cube Club Pull Up BarVersatile Hanging Bar, Pullup Bar, Hanging Rod, Pull-up Bar, Pull up RodInStock950USD10555cube club
The Cube Club Pull Up Bar for Home Workouts NEO

  • No damage on the doorframe
  • Can be hung up at any time
  • Low-cost
  • Only a little space needed
  • Risk of Injuries
  • Very limited freedom of movement
  • Lack of grip variants and widths
  • Adjustable mounting height

Price: Starts from Rs 950

best pull up bar for home India
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I strongly advocate for having a home gym setup or, at the very least, easy access to essential gym equipment without needing to go to a fitness centre. 

Among these priorities, I consider a doorway pull-up bar one of the first and most minimalist choices. 

Why? 😅 It’s not just for pull-ups; it’s also fantastic for stretching your back and shoulders. You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to benefit from this. 

You don’t necessarily have to do pull-ups, but having a place to hang is a fundamental need. 

The last thing you want is to drive to the gym just for a basic hanging stretch, which can offer numerous advantages.💯

The Benefits of a Doorway Pull-Up Bar 

Best Doorway Pull Up Bar for home India

A doorway pull-up bar is a minimalistic addition to your home gym equipment.

It’s straightforward to install and remove, provided your door frame can support it, and when used correctly, it offers a versatile workout option. 

🔥 The beauty of this equipment is its portability; it’s a low-commitment investment compared to other fitness gear like dumbbells that occupy space and need upgrading as you get stronger.

I can attest to the longevity of a well-built pull-up bar. My first one, purchased around 2008 or 2009, lasted for approximately 12 to 13 years.

I only parted with it when I moved to a new location and no longer needed it, not because it became unusable. 

Properly set up, these pull-up bars typically won’t harm your door frame, though this depends on your specific situation.

It’s a cost-effective and space-saving investment.❤️‍🔥

The “Greasing the Groove” Method

Another significant advantage of having a doorway pull-up bar, particularly if you’re focused on training and working towards goals like your first pull-up, one-arm pull-ups, or front levers, is the ability to apply the “greasing the groove” method, as popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline if you’re familiar with his work.

cube club pull up bar PRO
✔️ Here's the concept: instead of following a traditional workout routine with a specific number of sets and reps, you can enhance your strength by performing sub-maximal repetitions throughout the day. 

Let’s say you’re aiming to achieve your first pull-up.🔥 

With a doorway pull-up bar at your disposal, you can incorporate this method into your daily routine. 

For instance, each time you pass by the bar (which you’ve conveniently set up in a location like your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom), you can attempt one honest pull-up or even hold a chin-up position for a few seconds. 

It’s not a stressful or time-consuming task. 

The beauty of this approach lies in its cumulative effect. 

Over the course of the day, these brief, intermittent efforts add up, allowing you to build a substantial volume of pull-up attempts.

This method capitalizes on the convenience of having a doorway pull-up bar at your disposal.

1. Cube Club Doorway Pull Up Bar

61JMAcuJY2L. SL1080


  • Brand: The Cube Club
  • Colour: Neo (63cm – 95cm)
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 Pounds
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Alloy Steel

Now, let’s delve into the first type of pull-up bar offered by Cube Club, their doorway pull up bar.

This design consists of a single bar with end pieces featuring rubber limitors. 

Are Door Pull Up Bar Safe To Use In Home

To set it up, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, ensure that your doorway is flat and solid. 
  2. Measure the width, and then rotate the bar to expand it until it fits snugly. The key is to ensure it’s even on both sides. 
  3. This pull-up bar relies on friction to support its weight, securing itself within the doorway.

Cube Club Pull Up Bar Safety Measures

✔️ It’s important to emphasize safety when using this type of pull-up bar. 

Certain movements should be avoided, particularly if you’re putting a significant load on it.

To set it up securely, follow these steps:

  1. Slowly twist the bar until it feels snug and well-placed.
  2. The rubber at the ends of the bar act as locks to prevent it from spinning.
  3. Before using the bar, don’t rush into it. Instead, hang from it gently, transferring your weight gradually onto the bar.

Be vigilant for any signs of sliding or instability, as this indicates that the fit isn’t secure enough. In such cases, you should make the bar tighter to ensure your safety.

It’s crucial to remain cautious, as using a doorway pull-up bar comes with inherent risks.

Once it’s properly set up, you’re ready to perform exercises like pull-ups safely.👌

To ensure the safety of your pull-up bar, it’s essential to apply a static load, meaning a load without movement. When you’re simply hanging from the bar without any dynamic motion, the stress on the bar is roughly equivalent to your body weight. 

However, it’s crucial to avoid certain types of movements on this type of bar, such as kipping pull-ups or any jerky actions.

These movements introduce swinging, acceleration, and deceleration, significantly increasing the force exerted on the bar. 

In some cases, this force can be much higher than you might expect, and these pull-up bars are generally not designed to withstand such elevated forces.

best pull up bar in India

Here are some key safety measures to follow:

  1. Hang the bar securely in place, making sure it’s stable.
  2. Test it regularly to ensure it remains secure and hasn’t shifted.
  3. When applying your body weight, avoid sudden or forceful movements. Transition your weight gradually to maintain smooth, controlled motion.

Cube Club Pull-Up Bar Advantages

💯 This type of pull-up bar has several advantages:

  1. It’s highly minimalistic and can be easily set up, taken down, or left in place.
  2. It provides a single type of grip, but you can still vary your hand placement. You can switch between mixed-grip pull-ups, overhand, and underhand grips.
  3. For added grip strength, you can drape a towel over the bar and hold onto it, which offers a more challenging grip.
  4. You can perform exercises like levers with slow and controlled movements.

This type of pull-up bar is a valuable addition to your home gym, especially if you’re uncertain about the structural integrity of your doorway. 

👌 Always prioritize safety when setting up your pull-up bar.

Once it’s securely installed, you can choose to leave it in place. 

It’s incredibly convenient and doesn’t occupy much space. If you ever need to move, taking it with you is hassle-free, and it won’t be a space-consuming burden. 🔥

IRIS Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up Top-Doorframe Bar

51bO6XjO4tL. SL1500


  • Brand: IRIS
  • Colour: Black
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 100 Kilograms
  • Mounting Type: Doorway Mount
  • Material: Iron

😄 Moving on to the second type of pull-up bar for home, it is designed to attach to the top of your door frame. 

However, a notable drawback is its specific door frame requirement. 

Attempting to force it into an incompatible frame can lead to potential damage to the door or, worse, result in injuries, a situation you’d want to avoid at all costs. 

✔️ On the flip side, if you have a robust door frame with a square, solid, wooden lip on top, this type of pull-up bar is a preferred choice.

In my personal experience, I favor this pull-up bar over the other option. I find it preferable due to its structural design, which provides better load distribution with multiple attachment points.

While it may be slightly larger and heavier, it does offer the advantage of foldability, which you can see here as it flattens and attaches to itself.

This feature makes it easier to transport if needed. 🚀

Multi Grip Lite Pull Up Bar

✔️ Now, let me highlight a crucial distinction: this type of pull-up bar offers a variety of grip options for your exercises.

The installation involves attaching it to both sides of the door.

This involves fitting it onto the lip on the opposite side of the door. 

Prioritizing safety, ensure that it’s level and securely attached. This step is vital, so don’t cut corners here. Once it’s in place, as I mentioned earlier, give it a gentle hang. 

This not only tests its ability to support your weight but also helps to secure it in position. 

IRIS Multi-Grip Lite Top-Doorframe Bar Benefits

1. Elevated position:

A key advantage of this door pull up bar is its elevated position. If you intend to keep it permanently in place, it works exceptionally well for this purpose. Even if you plan to take it down occasionally, there’s no complex twisting involved; it’s a straightforward removal and reinstallation process. This convenience is a definite plus.

2. Adjustable width:

Now, regarding its width, you have the flexibility to adjust these red support pieces. This is crucial to avoid putting excessive stress on the door itself when the bar bears your weight. 

3. Reposition:

You can reposition them closer or farther apart. However, there’s a critical factor to consider – the measurements of your door. If your home features older construction or unique door frames, this pull-up bar might not be suitable for your situation. To ensure compatibility, make sure your door frames adhere to standard dimensions.

4. Offers various grip options:

Once the bar is securely mounted, you’ll notice that it offers various grip options. The standard horizontal bar is available at the top. Additionally, it provides parallel grips for a different hand positioning. 

5. Emphasizes safety:

As with any exercise on this bar, I emphasize the importance of safety. Between each pull-up, it’s essential to apply your weight gradually. Avoid abrupt, jerky movements or any form of kipping exercises on this type of pull-up bar. 

6. For advanced exercises:

For those more advanced exercises, it’s best to use a bar that is specifically designed to handle greater forces than just your body weight.

The Complete Home Gym Solution

pull up bar for home india

✔️ This pull-up bar offers a variety of gripping options, including a wide grip that’s often referred to as the “lap pull-up.”

This design provides extra space in the middle, allowing for numerous hand placements. 

However, I personally don’t find all these options necessary for my routine. I generally stick with the standard horizontal bar, even when doing mixed grip, towel-assisted, one-arm, chin-ups, or other variations. 😄

It suits my preferences best, but it’s essential to remember that everyone has different fitness goals and may benefit from these additional options.

Once this pull-up bar is installed, it’s set. 

Because of its top-doorframe placement, it doesn’t obstruct walking through the doorway. The design also prevents taller individuals from accidentally bumping into it.

✅ It feels sturdy and safe.

As always, the critical aspect is to ensure you pull down and apply your weight gradually during exercises, maintaining safety as a top priority.

In my opinion, I favour this style of pull-up bar as a permanent fixture in my home. You can conveniently install it on a random door in your house, or even in the bathroom. 

So, which pull-up bar should you choose? 

  • Good Pick
    51ZNCS8szEL. SL1080

    The Cube Club Pull Up Bar for Home Workouts

      designed to effortlessly fit most standard door frames.
  • Best Overall
    61fjuzIirPL. SL1500

    IRIS Multi-Grip Top-Doorframe

      easy-to-install design, easily mounted at different heights and locations.

✔️ My personal preference leans towards the second type I’ve discussed. 

If your doorway can accommodate the top hooks, this one generally provides a more stable setup. 

I find it convenient to leave it permanently in place, allowing for impromptu workouts, whether it’s a quick pull-up, practising front levers, or simply hanging for a stretch. 

However, if you’re uncertain about your doorway’s suitability or prefer a more space-saving option, the Cube Club pull-up bar is still a viable choice. 

It offers additional versatility in terms of attachment.


✔️ Regardless of your choice, safety is paramount.

Ensure that the door pull up bar for home can bear your weight securely.

Additionally, practice controlled movements without sudden jerks, accelerations, or decelerations to minimize risks.


Q1: Is my doorway strong enough for a pull-up bar?

Most standard doorways in well-constructed homes should be able to support a pull-up bar. However, older or weaker door frames may not be suitable. If you’re unsure, don’t use it.

Q2: How much weight can a doorway pull-up bar hold?

On average, most doorway pull-up bars can support between 90 to 136 kilograms. However, this can differ. Exceeding the weight limit can lead to accidents, so always stick to the recommended weight restrictions.

Q3: Are doorway pull-up bars safe to use?

When installed correctly on an sturdy door, doorway pull-up bars are generally safe to use. But inspect your door frame regularly for signs of wear or damage caused by the pull-up bar. Never exceed the weight limit, and always use proper form.

Q4: Do pull-up bars damage door frames?

Some pull-up bars use leverage or pressure to stay in place, and over time, this pressure can cause minor cosmetic damage to the door frame, such as scuffs or dents.

Q5: Do doorway pull-up bars work?

Doorway pull-up bars can be effective for performing pull-up exercises. They are a convenient and affordable option without the need for a dedicated pull-up bar or gym equipment.

📞 If you have any more questions about door pull up bars or home gyms, or if there are specific topics you’d like me to cover in future videos, please feel free to reach out. 

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.🤟

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