(4 Types of) Best Weight Lifting Straps in India

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Best Weight Lifting Straps in India

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So, you've got yourself a pair of lifting straps, but they don't seem to be working as expected, and now you're too embarrassed to ask someone what you're doing wrong. πŸ™Œ

Well, you’ve come to the right place because, in this blog, I’m going to show you exactly how to use lifting straps and address the “Best Weight Lifting Straps in India” that most people should buy! 

lasso straps for lifting
Best Weight Lifting Straps in India

Why do weightlifters use lifting straps? 

βœ”οΈ The primary purpose is to make it easier to maintain a secure grip, especially during heavy lifts or high-repetition sets. When lifting substantial weights on deadlifts, straps offer that extra grip support. 

Secondly, they save your hands from the wear and tear of constant hook gripping, especially during performing quick reps or high-volume sets. 

This protection of your grip allows you to focus on refining your technique, which is crucial for long-term progress.πŸš€

When to use lifting straps in training? 

πŸ‘ One scenario is during rapid reps, where the goal is to complete a specific number of lifts in a short time frame. This not only challenges your technique but also enhances your confidence and overall performance. 

βœ”οΈ Another suitable situation is during pauses. If you’re incorporating pauses below or above the knee, using straps can aid in holding those positions for an extended period, promoting better strength and technique.

Hang variations, such as low hang or high hang snatches, are also occasions where lifting straps can be advantageous.

They provide support during the eccentric phase, helping you focus on specific positions and address weaknesses in your technique. 😊

Lastly, heavy pulls like snatch pulls, deficit pulls, or stiff-legged deadlifts are perfect opportunities to incorporate lifting straps. 

These movements target absolute strength, contributing to better position-holding and improved overall technique.πŸ‘Œ

Best Weight Lifting Straps in India

While the market is flooded with different brands, there are 4 types of lifting straps:πŸ™Œ

1. Lasso Strap:

lasso straps for lifting
  • These are Premium lifting straps, with an extended 24″ length.
  • These straps provide a robust grip with a 4 cm width.
  • The 5mm Neoprene padding safeguards your wrists from discomfort when lifting heavy.
  • βœ… Best For: Beginners or general weight room use.
  • Description: Basic single strap with a loop, perfect for deadlifts, shrugs, rows, and more.
  • Recommendation: Excellent for those just starting or needing a versatile strap for various exercises. Check out the Strauss lasso strap for a beginner-friendly option.

The first type of strap I want to talk about is a lasso strap. It’s probably the most common type of lifting strap used, and for good reason.

It’s beginner-friendly and has general use cases.

If you’re looking for a pair of lifting straps to help your grip in exercises like shrugs, deadlifts, bent over rows, and dumbbell one-arm rows. Especially, during heavy sets where grip becomes challenging, a lasso strap is your best bet.

It’s a single strap with a loop on one end, creating a loop that slides over the wrist, providing grip strength. Most lasso straps come with neoprene padding for added comfort.

2. Closed Loop Strap:

71kb19UD0wL. SL1086
  • Straps tested to support 100kg+.
  • Optimal thickness and threading for superior grip and durability
  • Great for Olympic weightlifting.
  • Easy loop stitched for convenience and quick setup.
  • βœ… Best For: Olympic weightlifters, especially for snatches and cleans.
  • Description: A closed loop that sits directly above the wrist, ideal for quick releases in case of a miss.
  • Recommendation: Great for Olympic lifting enthusiasts. Fitcozi offers durable closed-loop straps suitable for this purpose.

Moving on to a closed loop strap, this type is ideal for Olympic weightlifters performing snatches and cleans.

The loop is already made and sewn down at the bottom. It goes directly above your wrist, allowing for a quick release in the event of a miss during overhead movements like snatches. This makes it crucial for safety in those situations.

If you’re primarily focusing on Olympic lifting, especially overhead exercises, a closed-loop strap is the way to go. 😊

3. Open Loop Strap:

image 90
  • Padded Lifting Strap, Excellent Gripping with Bar.
  • Appropriate length 53cm (21″) to wrap around the bar.
  • Webbing & rubber construction. Padded back of hand patch.
  • βœ… Best For: Advanced lifters comfortable with an open loop design.
  • Description: A simple, open-ended strap for the seasoned lifter.
  • Note: Not extensively covered as it’s more for advanced users who already have a preference. If you’re in this category, you likely already know the deal.

An open loop strap is a simple strap without a pre-made loop.

It’s not recommended for beginners and is often preferred by more advanced lifters. It involves wrapping the strap around the wrist and then around the bar.

This type is challenging to use and may not be suitable for everyone. If you’re an experienced lifter with a specific preference for open-loop straps, these might be for you.

4. Figure 8 Strap:

figure 8 straps
  • Figure 8 lifting straps are carefully designed for a secure grip.
  • They empower you to confidently tackle heavier weights, surpass your previous limits, and achieve new records.
  • βœ… Best For: Powerlifters, especially for heavy deadlifts.⭐
  • Description: Thick, rugged, and super durable; provides maximum grip and security.
  • Recommendation: Grind gear deadlift straps are a powerhouse choice for those serious about heavy deadlifts.

Finally, we have figure-8 straps. If you’re into powerlifting and heavy deadlifts off the floor, a figure-eight strap offers maximum grip.πŸ‘Œ

These straps are thick, durable, and rugged, providing a secure lock onto the bar. They’re ideal for heavy deadlifts, shrugs, and bent-over rows where a strong, locked-in grip is essential.

Keep in mind that once you’re locked into the bar with figure-eight straps, there’s no quick release.πŸ™Œ They are like a heavy winter coat, providing unparalleled grip strength.

Which type of lifting straps are best for weightlifting?

  1. Lasso Strap: Beginner-friendly and versatile for general weight room use.
  2. Closed Loop Strap: Perfect for Olympic weightlifting, offering quick release in case of a miss.
  3. Open Loop Strap: More for advanced lifters comfortable with this design.
  4. Figure 8 Strap: Heavy-duty and ideal for powerlifting, especially heavy deadlifts.😊

Lifting Straps Gym – Things To Look For: 

#1 Thickness Matters:

Thickness determines the durability and resistance of lifting straps. The greater the thickness, the more weight the straps can safely handle.

When seeking a heavy-duty product to complement your most challenging deadlifts, opt for thick and dense straps.

Not only do they provide extended longevity, but they also offer an enhanced sense of security.

#2 Length:

Opting for a longer strap is advisable when dealing with powerlifting barbells.

Some athletes prefer wrapping the bar multiple times, and wrist diameter becomes significant there.

However, if you plan to wrap the lifting straps only once, excessively long tails might become a problem. So choose a medium-length strap!

#3 Padding:

Padding is a common feature in many lifting strap brands and often has neoprene for enhanced comfort on the wrist.

The soft cushion serves the purpose of preventing the strap from digging into the skin, even during intense sets.

If comfort matters to you, opt for lifting straps with padding. 😊

#4 Material Breakdown:

A. Nylon Strap:

  • Pros: Durable and strong.
  • Cons: May cause chafing, and less sweat absorption.

B. Leather Strap:

  • Pros: Natural feel and flexibility.
  • Cons: Limited sweat absorption when compared to cotton.

Leather, whether treated or untreated, can be a bit stiff initially but tends to outperform cotton once broken in. It offers durability and a comfortable feel. 

C. Cotton Strap:

  • Pros: Comfortable, absorbs sweat well, and flexible.
  • Cons: Prone to wear and tear compared to nylon or leather.

Heavy-duty cotton is designed for massive pulls, providing longevity and resistance against fraying. Cotton, available in various colours, is basic, affordable, and widely offered. However, it may fray over time, especially with heavy use. πŸš€

βœ… When it comes to adjustable, wrapping a thick material multiple times around the bar can make grabbing a bit different.

However, it provides confidence and security for heavy lifts without the fear of breakage. 

Regular cotton, leather, and heavy-duty options each have their own merits, making them all excellent choices. 

βœ”οΈ Choose wisely and make every lift count.

Lifting Straps vs Wrist Wraps vs Lifting Grips vs Gloves: What’s the Difference

1. Lifting Straps:
strauss lifting straps
Best Weight Lifting Straps in India

These are your grip’s best friends, not replacements. They wrap around your wrist and the bar, taking over some of the pulling pressure from your palms.

Deadlifts and rows are the lifts where lifters must use them. But over-relying on them can turn your natural grip weak. 

2. Wrist Wraps:
Boldfit Cotton Wrist Band for Men & Women

Stability is their middle name.⭐ These wraps hug your wrists, providing support from the evil hyperextension during exercises like squats and presses.

They let you lift heavier with better form like supportive sages guiding your every move. Their focus is on wrist stability, not raw palm power.

3. Lifting Grips:

Think fingerless gloves with built-in grip superpowers. They enhance your palm grip, protecting your hands from calluses and blisters.

They even let you switch up your grip styles, adding versatility to exercises like chin-ups and rope climbs.

❌ CON: But beware, they can feel a bit bulky and might not be the most adaptable tools for every lift.

4. Gloves:

Comfort is their mantra. These hand guards are like soft shields, protecting your palms from calluses, providing some wrist support, and making everything feel cozy.

❌ CON: They can limit dexterity and might get sweaty during intense workouts.

So, who wins here as “Best Weight Lifting Straps in India”?

There’s no single champion! βœ…

It all depends on you. Lifting straps are your heavy pull heroes, wraps bring stability, lifting grips offer protection, and gloves are for your comfort.

⭐ Mix and match these lifting gears based on the exercise and your grip limitations. 

FAQs About Lifting Straps!
Q1: Should I use lifting straps?

Lifting straps can be beneficial for overcoming grip fatigue on heavy-pulling exercises, like deadlifts and rows. However, they shouldn’t replace building natural grip strength, so that must be fixed first. πŸ‘

Q2: Do straps make a big difference?

If your grip is weak & you slip the bar at heavy loads, straps can significantly improve your hold on the bar during pulling exercises. But remember, use straps occasionally and focus on developing your natural grip strength. 

Q3. Are lifting straps allowed in powerlifting?

While powerlifting allows supportive gear like wrist wraps and gym belts, lifting straps are strictly off-limits in competition. They want you to focus on building natural grip strength for ultimate control and performance in the competitions. So straps are not allowed. 

Q4. Are lifting straps worth it?

Straps are not magical shortcuts to power, but they can be game-changers. Gym straps step in to help you complete that deadlift when your grip gives out before your target muscles. They help you overcome grip limitations.πŸ™Œ

Q5. Which is better lifting straps or hooks?

Lifting Straps:

  1. Pros: Easy to use, provide excellent grip support, versatile for various exercises.
  2. Cons: Can weaken natural grip strength if overused, unsuitable for all exercises like push movements.πŸ‘Œ

Lifting Hooks:

  1. Pros: Fantastic for heavy deadlifts, provides maximum grip security.
  2. Cons: Require practice and technique, can be uncomfortable for some, not suitable for all exercises.
Q6. Which strap is best for deadlifts?

We have selected the Fitcozi Figure 8 Straps as the top choice for deadlift straps. Crafted from high-strength cotton webbing in a basket weave pattern, these Figure 8 straps offer robust support and durability.

Thanks for reading “Best Weight Lifting Straps in India”, if you have questions please drop a comment!

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