Are push up boards any good? (Harsh Reality!)

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There are some workout equipment for home that are really helpful and even necessary when it comes to bodyweight training while others are a complete waste of money. Talking about the waste of money let us introduce to you the push up board. 

😊 Today we are addressing questions like, “are push up boards any good” and “do push up boards work”.

This home gym equipment promises many benefits over regular push-ups but actually delivers nearly none of them. 

Are push up boards any good?

Let’s take a look at the advertisement for push up board and show you the so-called benefits. 

👉 According to this product push-ups with bare hands can injure your wrists, the actions are not standard (whatever this means) and you can’t target different muscles. 

When we take a look at those benefits we wonder why you actually need that push-up board when you can literally do the same with normal parallettes or push-up handles. 

🔥 Parallettes that are used in calisthenics have the same benefit when it comes to the wrist position they require less space and even better you can not only use the same positions as with the push up board you can even adjust it way more freely and precisely. 

Are push up boards any good?

The grip itself also doesn’t magically improve your form, when it comes to the full range of motion, body tension, and body alignment. 

You can cheat on your push-ups no matter if you use the push-up board, parallettes, or just do it with your bare hands on the ground.

Push up board and wrist position.

Before we get to the main selling point of the board let us share some final thoughts and suggestions when it comes to the wrist position.😅

Parallettes and push-up handles are great if you have some wrist problems, previous or current injuries.

If you want to do exercises or combinations that require more space between your wrist and the ground. Or if you work with really hard exercises that put your wrist under immense pressure. 

➡️ On the other hand, push-up handles don’t allow your wrists to get stronger and more stable in an extended position. 

Doing push-ups on the ground with your bare hands is a task every healthy wrist should be able to do.

push up wrist position right
are push up boards any good

✔️ It allows you to build strong tendons and joints and prepares your wrists for upcoming tasks like handstands and other moves. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to do it like that. 

Right from the beginning, you can use push-up handles, while building up wrist flexibility and stability at the same time. 😊

Push Up Board Explained!

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Alright let’s get to the main selling point and the biggest hoax of this gym equipment targeted muscle training depending on the grip. 

👉 According to the ad, push up board amazon you can target your triceps, your chest, your shoulders, or your back with these different grips besides that the manual itself doesn’t give you any further guidance. 

push up board amazon
Are push up boards any good?

This Redline is marked as the chest. So should you use the grip like this or should you grab this red position this way or that for our test?

We use the grips that make the most sense even if some of them don’t make any sense at all.

Yellow – Triceps

Let’s start with the triceps, two of those yellow marked grips can actually emphasise the triceps more than other muscles. The close neutral grip can work if you know that you have to push more from your elbow. 

The overhand grip can also work if you know that you have to do a sphinx push-up like motion but the manual doesn’t tell you, so if you are not well informed you are not really able to target this muscle on purpose. 

If you do it like this you won’t hit your triceps that effectively and you stress your wrists and shoulders a lot. 

Red – Chest
do push up board work?
Are push up boards any good?

Alright let’s move on to the chest, of course, the board suggests to mostly use wide grips from all the suggested grips. There is only one that makes some kind of sense in terms of chest training and joint alignment and even this can be questioned. 

Studies show that narrow or normal grip push-ups have a higher pectoralis activity than wide grip. 

The other blue-marked grips offer no real benefit for your chest and can even harm your shoulder in the short or long term, especially the wide overhand grip is pretty dangerous because it leads to an internally rotated shoulder without flared elbows. 

To train safely we strongly suggest avoiding this position if you want to do push-ups with wider hand placement.

Blue – Shoulders

The next muscle is the shoulder and none of the shown grips offers any additional benefit for these muscles targeting. Your shoulder has very little to do with the grip; the only thing that would make a little difference is the shoulder rotation. 

✔️ If you aim for an outward rotated shoulder you turn away a part of the middle delt and emphasize the front part a bit more. 

But none of these grips shows that position besides from that there are only two ways to increase your shoulder activity when you do push-ups, 

  1. Do an overhand push movement like handstand or pike push-ups 
  2. Lean forward so that your shoulder travels in front of your wrists. 

The more you shift your weight in front of your wrists the bigger the lever for your shoulder.

Green – Back
do push up board work
Are push up boards any good?

Alright, let’s move on to the last grip variation which should work your back similar to the shoulders.

None of the shown grips has any additional benefits for your back muscles when it comes to regular push-ups you can work your back only to a certain extent. 

Of course, you need your erector spinae as well as other back muscles to stabilise your body but in the push-up position, they work more as support muscles instead of primal movers. 

So if you think you can target your back muscles like the lats by only changing the grip you will simply waste your time. 


The push up board not only offers no benefits over normal push-ups or other gym equipment it also spreads misinformation and suggests potentially harmful joint positions. 😅

👉 We suggest parallettes, push-up handles, or gymnastic rings instead. 

All of this callisthenics equipment can do the same and offer other additional benefits like individual grip variations without fixed positions.

If you are looking for the most comfortable shoulder position we suggest gymnastic rings or push-up handles that allow you to rotate your arms freely.

So what’s the answer to ‘Are push up boards any good?’

🔥 Pushup boards are really good because you can move them completely free in any direction but of course, you need some basic strength and coordination to be able to do push-ups on them. 

FAQs on Push up Board

How to use push up board?

Using a push up board is fairly simple. You may get a 9-in-1 foldable push up board on amazon that is ready to use. Just fix the handles on the 2 grip positions or holes you wish to train for. Find the stability. Get in a push-up position and take a dip. 

Is push up board effective?

Generally speaking, push up board aren’t as effective as push up bar, or paralletes that are freely movable. You only get 9-in-1 push board exercises, but that is sufficient to target chests from all areas. Rest grips to target shoulders and back muscles aren’t as useful or practical to use.   

Do push-up boards work?

You see, push up boards make pushups more navigational. On the ground, you might not be able to find the perfect angle to engage your specific muscle group, but a push board will fix your alignment and enable you to dip deeper for more muscle activation.

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