Pro Wolf 7mm Knee Sleeves Review

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pro wolf weightlifting knee sleeves

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☑️ You all have heard me say it before when reviewing weightlifting belts that help support your core is IMPORTANT when it comes to lifting heavy weights. The same can be TRUE when it comes to your knee joints with “knee sleeves”. 

They can provide your knees with the proper support they need as well as keeping them stable and as warm as your favorite blanket. 

7mm prowolf KNEE SLEEVES

I’ve been using the Pro Wolf 7mm Knee sleeves in India for quite a while. So today I’m going to share with you guys what I found in the full review. 

😁 So first off, it’s an accessory to your workout and they shouldn’t be used all the time. It’s just like a Pro wolf weightlifting belt which is used for core support; the same you’re getting a knee sleeve when you require knee support.

✅ But before I tell you about everything you need to know about these Pro Wolf 7mm knee sleeves from the price and the features and some pros and cons and you know who should or should not buy these? 

Pro wolf 7mm KNEE SLEEVES 

Prowolf 7mm KNEE SLEEVES 


  • Material: Stiffer Neoprene
  • Compression: Level 2
  • Thickness: 7mm Thick
  • Length: 30cm
  • Seams: Double Stitched
  • Sold in Pairs
Pro Wolf 7mm Knee Sleeves Review
  • Trusted By 4500+ Athletes
  • 100% Secure Payment
  • Cash On Delivery

➡️ Main Features:

  1. Patent S-Shape Design: These sleeves are exceptionally durable, and designed to resist wear and tear while snugly hugging around your knee.😁
  2. Silicon Grip Inside: Prowolf knee sleeves incorporate cutting-edge technology with a Jelly Rubber Grip, ensuring secure traction during squats and other movements.
  3. Neoprene: Crafted with high-grade 7mm neoprene, our sleeves offer level 2 stiffness compression. This balance provides stability, comfort, and safety, especially under heavy loads.
Silicon Grip on prowolf knee sleeves

Why Do I Need to Wear Knee Sleeves? 

Why? That’s a valid question. 

Well, it’s pretty simple. There are a couple of reasons why.👇

1. Improves technique:

Knee sleeves are going to provide your knees with warmth and compression and this is going to ultimately increase the amount of blood flow you have to that part of your body. It’s also going to help you with your technique. 🏋️‍♂️

2. Helps with knee pain:

One of the main things, as soon as you start to lift really heavy weights, even if you don’t have any pain, it still can prevent your knees from blowing out when you’re lifting a ton of weight.

The compression material helps push blood to areas which will help reduce swelling and knee pain during workouts and post-workouts. 

➡️ It allows you to stay more controlled and be more stable while you’re lifting. There are also different types of knee sleeves which one can purchase. 😀

  1. Powerlifters – you’re probably going to want to get a thicker knee sleeve. It’s going to provide the most amount of stability you could ask for.
  2. Crossfitters 🏋️‍♂️ – you’re probably going to want a thinner pair of knee sleeves. It’s going to allow you to be more mobile, but it’s still going to provide you know that part of your body with an increased amount of blood flow and keep everything warm. That way, you’re able to lift at your maximum capacity.

What Should be the Knee sleeve thickness?

Elasticity and the other qualities that a good knee sleeve should have. 

You get knee sleeves in different thicknesses. 

  1. 7-millimeter knee sleeve. 😀
  2. 5 millimeters
  3. 3 millimeters. 

The only difference between the 7 & 5 millimetres is the thickness of it.

What does it give you? A little more of an elastic quality, so it helps you push heavier weights. I found that squatting with knee sleeves is way easier than squatting without, obviously because it gives you a lot of support & elasticity. 😁

If you ever see guys wearing almost like a red and black stripe wrap around their knees, that’s called when they’re getting equipped, and that’s for a super amount of elastic quality. 

When I put them on, they straighten their knees completely, so when the weight goes down, it snaps them back up. 

That’s why when you’re wearing equipped, like the bands and wearing just knee sleeves – they are 2 separate divisions for powerlifting and weightlifting.

Benefits of Wearing a Pro Wolf 7mm Knee Sleeves. 

➡️ First off, use them sparingly, develop proper form, and strengthen the joints first, but when you need them, knee sleeves have a lot of amazing benefits, and I can’t recommend them enough.

It's probably my favourite thing in my gym bag, even over my weightlifting belt, weightlifting shoes, jump rope, or just anything. 

I have loved them, and not specifically any knee sleeves, but the Pro Wolf 7mm knee sleeves.

There is some voodoo magic in these.

So first off, I’m looking for mobility, durability, support, and not slipping down my leg when I’m using them.

1. Mobility:

These neoprene sleeves are incredible. Prowolf comes in 7-millimeter thickness which is gonna be on the stiffer side.

And when I’m wearing these, I know that they’re on to support you. As someone who’s worn a bunch of different knee sleeves, that is the best compliment I could give.

2. Durability.

These get thrown in my gym bag, they get thrown in the wash, and they get used for all types of workouts whether I’m doing lunges.

This means they’re going to be banging against the ground, whether there could be the bar hitting them as I’m doing deadlifts.

These things are going to take some damage but these have stood the test of time and they look brand new.

3. Support.

I don’t know what they’re doing to these knee sleeves. At first glance, if you look at them, it is just a simple neoprene material.

It could be how the material is sewn together, but I feel the same support I do with these as I do with this expensive SBD knee sleeve. It has an actual joint hinge with support.

It gives full thumbs up in my book.😀

4. Non-slippage.

Good lord almighty, how annoyed do I get when I’m working out and I can feel the knee sleeve slipping down my leg?

Even on the expensive knee sleeve with the strap, it just never would, especially as you’re sweating more, causes less friction, can’t stay in place, and slides down.

But these pro wolf knee sleeves don’t move a bit, and that is so impressive. 

5. Fit. 👇

The fit with these is super heavy true to size, which means they are incredibly hard to get on, and if you’re not sweating a lot, it’s maybe a quicker workout, they’re even harder to get off. 

A couple of things to mention about those insides, you will be sweating a lot, so be prepared. If you’re wearing something like tights underneath, there will be a massive black or dark gray area where you can see it was completely sweaty.

If you’re sweating a lot and you don’t have any tights on anything like that, they make them weigh easier to get off.

✔️ What did I like?

1. Good for all exercises:

They’re 7 millimetres thick so they’re going to allow you a bunch of support and stability while you’re doing some power lifts like a squat for example. But because of the Contour design, it’s going to allow you to stay mobile enough to use them for some Olympic lifting and CrossFit lifting as well. 

2. Snug fit:
Sleeves with Patent S Shape Design

I like how snug they fit without actually restricting my movements and that’s definitely because of that contour design.

In a lot of those power-lifting knee sleeves, the seams and the stitches are not going to allow you to bend your knees too much. But with these because of that Contour design, you’re going to be able to move pretty freely and that’s awesome in my opinion.😀

3. Good for competition use:

If you are a competitor these are going to be a really solid option for you to consider you know during your next meet or even just to practice with. 

4. Made of Neoprene:

They’re made from a high-quality neoprene so they really shouldn’t weaken or tear on you during an extended amount of period of usage. But if you ever notice anything Prowolf tosses in a one-year guarantee.

This means if there are any manufacturing defects just send it back and they’ll send you a new pair at no charge whatsoever. 

What I Don’t Like? 

neoprene knee sleeves

With all that good stuff being said, there are still a couple of issues you might experience with these knee sleeves. But first of all, it’s kind of going to depend on your style of lifting. 

So because of the contoured fit, it’s going to allow you to have more mobility when you’re lifting. 

Yeah, that might sound like you know a positive thing, but many people are going to prefer a straight knee sleeve because it provides you with even more stability as you’re doing a deep squat. 

🤯 For example, if you’re more interested, in just keeping your knees warm rather than having a bunch of support you might not be too crazy about the 7-millimeter thickness with these sleeves. You might be interested in some 5 millimetres to keep your knees warm while you’re working out.

Sizing can be a little tricky as well. 

Keep that in mind whenever you measure your knee for your specific sleeves you want to go down one size and what you measure and that way you know it's a super tight fit. 


best knee sleeves for gym use
best knee sleeves

💲 Pro Wolf 7mm knee sleeves (version 2.0) are available for right around Rs 3,190 on the prowolf’s website. 

Now, these are not the most expensive knee sleeves on the market but they’re also not the cheapest. I’ve seen some knee sleeves be as expensive as Rs 8,000 and I’ve seen some be as cheap as Rs 800. 

Since these fall right in the middle & I think it’s a really solid price.🏷️

They’re going to last you longer, they might even last you as long as that Rs 8000 pair because of you know the high-quality build given in this. 📤

Considering all that I think they're worth the money.

Build of Prowolf knee sleeves

prowolf knee sleeves for squats

✔️ You know they have a contoured design that’s going to allow you to be pretty mobile when you’re working out. But they also provide a lot of support which is nice and kind of what they’re designed for. 😀

These are available in 1 color only as you can tell. I have the black one & it’s got a little bit of red mixed in with the logo.

It’s going to match your Gym gear if you want to. These are 7 millimetres thick & it’s gonna you know trap that heat in as well as you know increase your blood flow. 

Now whenever you go and measure yourself for your knee sleeves make sure you fully extend your leg and measure around your kneecap to get the best fit possible.

These are available in 5 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and double XL. 

Let it be known on their website that if you do want a tight-fitting sleeve or you want to go down one size from what you measure.

👍 Who Should Buy the Prowolf Knee Sleeves? 

Well, if you are looking for a brand new pair of knee sleeves, that’s going to allow you to be pretty mobile while also providing you with a good amount of support.

I think this is a really good option for you to consider. 

If you’re a competitor and you’re out there looking for a pair of knee sleeves in India. 

Well, guess what? These are right here, and they’re also really competitively priced.

So if you’re buying on a budget, you know this is going to be good for you. 🏷️

👎 Who Shouldn’t Buy? 

➡️ Now when it comes to those people who might not want to purchase these knee sleeves. It just boils down to two different things. 

  1. Thickness: These are 7 millimetres thick which might be too thick for some people who are just looking for some warmth not necessarily a ton of compression. If that’s you then I’d suggest looking for some 5-millimeter knee sleeves instead. 
  2. Contour design: It allows me to stay pretty mobile while I’m working out but not everybody wants that. So if that’s you, I suggest going after some straight knee sleeves because they probably are going to provide you with more support and stability. 

☑️ I LOVE to wear Prowolf knee sleeves personally because they keep my knees warm, and provide me with more stability. They just overall allow me to be more confident when I’m lifting.

Some people might not be too crazy about this but if you are looking for some knee sleeves that provide a good amount of support & don’t necessarily sacrifice mobility.

I think Prowolf knee sleeves are a really solid option for you to consider.

🏷️ Price can be a drawback; Pro Wolf 7mm knee sleeves in India cost you around 💲 Rs 3,200 per pair, but they’re worth the investment. I’ve tried cheaper options that didn’t hold up. 



Patent Design: Made from high-grade 7mm neoprene, they provide level 2 compression with a good rebound and snug fit.
Q1: How tight should a knee compression sleeve be?

The knee compression sleeve should be snug but not excessively tight. It should provide compression and support without restricting blood circulation or causing discomfort.

Q2: How to wash Prowolf knee sleeves?

It is recommended to hand-wash Pro wolf 7mm knee sleeves with water or a mild detergent. Avoid using a washing machine as it can damage the sleeves. After washing, allow the sleeves to air dry standing up.

Q3: Should I use knee sleeves for squats?

Knee sleeves can be beneficial for squats as they provide compression, warmth, and support to the knees. They can help enhance stability and reduce the risk of injury during heavy lifting.

Q4: How to wash neoprene knee sleeves?

Neoprene knee sleeves can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine. If using a machine, wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. It is important to follow the care instructions provided on the sleeve labels.

Q5: How do knee sleeves help?

Knee sleeves help by providing compression, warmth, and stability to the knees. They can promote blood flow, reduce pain, and support the joint during physical activities, such as weightlifting and squats.

Q6: Do knee sleeves increase squat?

Knee sleeves alone do not directly increase squat performance. However, they can provide support and stability to the knees, which may indirectly improve squat performance by reducing discomfort and potential injury risks.

Q7: Do knee sleeves help with squats?

Yes, knee sleeves can help with squats. They provide compression and support to the knees, which can enhance stability, reduce discomfort, and mitigate the risk of knee injuries during squats.

Q8: Who is the owner of Pro Wolf?

Tejas Bhavsar is the owner of the Prowolf gym brand & he is from Maharashtra. Under this brand name, they sell you: Weightlifting Shoes, Powerlifting Knee Sleeves, Deadlift Shoes, Shoes for Lifting, Weightlifting Belts, Knee Sleeves 7mm, Lu Xiaojun Weightlifting Shoes.  

If you have any questions, let me know and follow me on Instagram for more content. I hope this helps you make an informed decision. 

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