Best Rowing Machine in India: Concept 2 Rower Model D

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best rowing machine in India

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The big question is what best rowing machine in India should you get when you're looking to get into rowing? There are so many freaking options out there, but which rowing machine is going to be right for you? 

➡️ Well, in today’s blog we’re going to be looking at best rowing machine for home India that is out there. We’re going to be going through one single best of them and leave other options at the last.😀

I’m going to just sit here and chat with you about my personal experience with this rowing machine and I’m just going to be straight up and honest and not going to sugarcoat anything.   

leadearship board of flexnest rower

This might hurt some people’s feelings. You know there’s going to be a lot of opinions but my genuine goal with this blog on “best rowing machine in India” 😀is to give you just the hard truths about the rowing machines that are out there and which one is gonna be right for you, for your budget, for your goals, etc.

So get right into it. ❤️

➡️ We’re gonna bring light to the big high-end rower, the more price one. If you like the other rowers like subscription-based rowers, or low cost options, etc check to end. 

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Overview

Concept 2 Rowing machine

We’re going to kick things off here with what I would consider really the gold standard and overall for most people the best option, and that’s the concept 2 rower.

This used to be called the model D, so if you’ve heard concept model d before, they just rebranded it to call it the rowERG. It’s the exact same rowing machine. 😀

It’s the gold standard in the rowing world as far as the competitive rowing world goes. You look at all the different rowing teams, high school teams, collegiate teams, and masters teams not just in India but across Europe and across the world. 

➡️ All these rowing teams when they’re not rowing on the water, most of them are using the Concept2 RowErg as their rower trainer of choice. 

When you hear discussion about rowing world records etc all those are done on this machine.

Best Rowing Machine For Home India

rowerg home

The Concept2 RowErg

  • Built by rowers, for rowers, the RowErg is used by people of all ages and abilities worldwide who want a full-body, low-impact workout.


  • 10 resistance levels 
  • Superior easy-to-use monitor pm5 
  • The contoured padded seat can be separated for storage 
  • Bluetooth and ant plus connectivity


  • Large footprint 
  • Doesn’t fold 
  • Some maintenance required 

Concept 2 indoor rowing machine specifications 

Overall Length96 in (244 cm)
Width24 in (61 cm)
Seat Height14 in (36 cm)
54 in (137 cm)
Chain or CordNickel-plated steel chain
Power RequirementTakes two D cell batteries. 
Max User Weight500 lb (227 kg) as tested by Concept2.*
ConstructionAluminum front legs, steel rear legs
Machine Weight57 lb (26 kg)
Shipping Weight70 lb (32 kg)
Space RequirementsAssembled: 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm)
With Clearance for Use: 9 ft x 4 ft (274 cm x 122 cm)
For Storage: 25 in x 33 in x 54 in (63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 137.2 cm)

➡️ These details confirm the concept 2 rower model d is best for tall heavier than average users and requires a fair amount of space.

Things you should know before 

➡️ The seat on this model is contoured and well padded for maximum comfort. After a couple of months of regular use, the cushioning thins out, making the seat hard and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, it’s easy to deal with. You can throw on a folded towel or use a removable seat pad. 

The handles are covered with molded rubber grips for sweat absorption.

However, if you are new to rowing and have soft hands, you may have to deal with blisters after the first few sessions if you notice any signs of this, simply slip on a pair of workout gloves. 

Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review

concept 2 rower model D

The Concept 2 Rower Model D is a sturdy, well-built machine designed to withstand years of continuous usage with no difficulty. It is commonly seen in gyms and exercise facilities, and many rowing clubs and athletes favour it over any other rowing machine.🔥

➡️ There are several factors contributing to its popularity, but the PM5 (Performance Monitor 5) is a major one because it not only tracks workout data but also provides games, fitness programmes, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s also super lightweight as well. It’s the lightest out of all the rowing machines.

➡️ An air resistance system is complemented with a damper which changes the sensation of the strokes and allows resistance modification. 

Although it is worth highlighting this unit cannot be folded, it can be divided into 2 sections for simple storage which makes it really easy to transfer in storage, so it’s super durable, super lightweight, and very easy to move around. It doesn’t require an outlet or electricity or anything like that. 

It uses air resistance, which is its biggest drawback for sure because this machine can get really loud.

❌ Drawbacks:

Once you learn how to row well and how to row hard and fast this thing gets really freaking loud. So if you’re someone who lives in an apartment setting or where you have to be very conscious about neighbors and you know you don’t want a loud rowing machine. 

This is a loud rowing machine, and it is the loudest out of all the rowing machines and that really is its biggest drawback about it. 

Other than that, there are not a lot of like frills that you’re going to get with this rowing machine.

Concept 2 model d indoor rowing machine features 

✔️ Resistance system 

The concept 2 model d resistance is provided through an air flywheel.

Resistance is created by air flowing over the flywheel and is self-adjusting depending on your rowing speed. Faster rowing increases resistance and slowing down reduces it.

Unlike basic air rowers, this one also has a dampener that works by regulating airflow to the flywheel, therefore, allowing you to adjust resistance and choose one of the 10 levels. 

✔️ Monitor 

pm 5 monitor of concept 2 rower
This is one of the most appealing features in this machine. It comes with a sophisticated performance monitor pm5 which displays standard measures like time, distance, and calories burned workout. And everything that you need to know about your rows as far as the metrics go. 

Things like pace per meters watts calories per hour. It even has things like force curves and there’s just a lot of really solid metric data that allows you to track your performance and your progress over time.

Data is automatically stored in internal memory or can be stored in a USB drive.

✔️ This way you can easily transfer your data to another device for analysis. It gives you a reliable way to track and progress your workouts and that’s one of the most important things when it comes to rowing as an exercise, and this is something that you need to understand. 

concept 2 rower for home India

The pm5 is powered using 2 d-cell batteries included with the machine to save battery power. 

The monitor can draw power from spinning flywheel connectivity. This is something you don’t see in rowers in lower price ranges. The model d is compatible with bluetooth and ant plus, therefore giving you wireless connectivity to link it to a variety of fitness devices and apps. 

A recommended app is concept 2's free erg data which is used to organize workout data, which can then be synced to the concept 2 online logbook. 

✔️ Footrests and handles 

concept 2 rower model D handles

The footrests on this model are large enough to accommodate users with both large and small feet. They’re also designed with heel rests which makes them comfortable because your foot feels secure. 

Whether you choose to row barefoot or keep your shoes on as for the handle, it is designed with a 10-degree bend which is said to mimic the natural outdoor rowing position.

A strong grip is maintained thanks to molded rubber which absorbs sweat. 🔥

Other Recommendations of Best Rowing Machine in India.

  • Cost Under Rs 100000

  • PowerMax Fitness RAC-2500 Air Rowing Machine with PM5:  

    At Rs 99900, this air rower is the best you could get from an Indian brand. It has a 96.5 cm long rail. This rower is built of durable steel and has an elastic cord resistance with 10 degrees of adjustable tension, which is incredibly smooth and quiet, making it the ideal addition to your home gym. r home gym. 

  • LET’S PLAY LP-3664 Imported Air Rower:

    Many brands try to copy what concept2 rower is. They want to have the same success with their rower. Let’s play brand has DIMENSIONS of 2.51 x 0.51 x 1.15 Metres and has LCD Monitor to Scan, Stroke Count, Time, Calories, Speed, Reset.

    Cost Under 60000

  • Flexnest Flex Water Rower+:

    This is a standalone rower in India, with interactive classes. At the end of the day, it’s a good water rower, can be folded and stored reasonably quickly, and looks far nicer than its all-metal and all-plastic competitors (the wood construct here does give it a much better aesthetic look).

    Cost Under 36000

  • Flexnest Flex Magnetic Rower:

    Since it requires no power, I could be kept on my terrace. The Flexnest app’s classes are excellent; they keep you motivated and interested. Both models come without a screen, so if you want one you have to have one of your own. 🔥

  • SPARNOD FITNESS SR-90 Air Rowing Machine:

    This one closely resembles the concept2 air rower, being of just 32 kg and could hold the weight of a maximum 150 kg weight capacity. It’s the same rower with just different branding, and with not-so-great quality. 


The concept 2 model d indoor rowing machine is worth the investment, although it is not one of the cheapest options in the market.

It is worth the investment because it can withstand regular use for many years with manageable maintenance requirements. 

The sophisticated monitor connectivity and air resistance system make it a great companion on your weight loss journey. 🔥🔥

FAQs on Rowing Machine
Who is it best suited for?

It is best suited for commercial settings like gyms and fitness centers where it’s used for several hours every day. 

Are there alternatives to the concept 2 model d indoor rowing machine?
Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine for Home

The Flexnest magnetic resistance India is the one to check.

How to make concept 2 rower quieter?

Rowing at a pace slower than 2:30/500m will result in no noise being heard outside the gym.🔥

It is impossible to predict whether using an air rowing machine would wake up a neighbour or your sleeping spouse because the noise levels vary depending on how hard you row. It also relies on other elements, including the person’s sleep habits and the home insulation quality.

Check this article here to know more. 

How to use concept 2 rower for weight loss?

If you’re looking to get into rowing for weight loss, you know for fitness results in general like you need to be able to stick with this long term and the metrics that are on this monitor as well as being able to attach things like phones, tablets, etc really give you all the tools you need in a very reliable compact way.

Where to buy concept 2 rower?

The machine itself is lightweight, and compact when you break it down. It’s an overall all-around great package and for the price of it’s the best value rower out there. You can buy it on WOD ARMOUR site in India for just Rs 125000 (Use my 5% Discount Code: MENSQUATS)

Where to buy concept 2 rower near me? 

You can buy Concept 2 rowing machines in India on Amazon or on WOD ARMOUR site. These are imported equipment so only buy from genuine sellers, because some people do piracy and sell duplicate models.   

Is the Concept 2 rower worth it?

When you think about the longevity that this machine is going to last you forever, it’s been around for freaking forever. The community is the largest rowing community that’s out there. It is the best value rower that you’re going to get. So the concept 2 rower is always going to be a good choice.

How much is a Concept 2 rower worth?

Concept 2 rowing machine price India is around Rs 125000 on WOD ARMOUR site, but you can get 5% discount if you use referral code: MENSQUATS

This is the best rower of all time and has been used all over the world. So the price is worth it. 

I hope this blog on best rowing machine in India: Concept 2 rower Model D could give you some insight into the rowers that are out there and the different experiences that are out there.🔥

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Thanks for reading. 

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