6 Best Kettlebell Weight in India For Beginners, and CrossFit Gym.

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There is a reason why kettlebells are found in every gym: they are one of the most complete exercise options you can find out there. With Kettlebell set for home gym turning into a people’s favorite, it is important to know what is the best kettlebell weight in India to add to your fitness space.

Don’t have time to read full? Here we compare the best kettlebell set to get for your home gym:

Kakss Cast Iron Kettlebell for Strength Fitness Kettle Bell for Home Gym 2 KG to 92KG removebg preview
Kakss Half Coating Neoprene Kettlebell removebg preview
Kakss Vinyl Half Coating Kettle Bell for Gym Workout removebg preview
Lifelong Vinyl Cast Iron Kettlebell for Gym and Workout Black 6kg 16Kg removebg preview
Lifelong Neoprene Cast Iron Kettlebell for Gym and Workout Black 6kg 16kg removebg preview
Cockatoo Imported Metal Integrated Rubber Kettlebell removebg preview
AmazonBasics Vinyl Kettlebell removebg preview
The Indian Made JIMWALT Premium Half Coating Vinyl Kettlebells 2KG to 48KG removebg preview
Kobo Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell with Wide Handles for Cross Training Swings Body Workout and Muscle Exercise removebg preview
Kobo Cast Iron Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning Fitness and Cross Training LB and KG Markings removebg preview

Kakss Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights

Kakss Half Coating Neoprene Kettlebell

Kakss Vinyl Half Coating Kettle Bell

Lifelong Vinyl Cast Iron Kettlebell

Lifelong Neoprene Cast Iron Kettlebell

Cockatoo Metal Integrated Rubber Kettlebell

Amazon Basics Vinyl Kettlebell 16 kg

JIMWALT Premium Half Coating Vinyl Kettlebells

Kobo Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

Kobo Cast Iron Kettlebells- LB and KG Markings


₹473.00 - ₹51,000.00

₹599.00 - ₹51,000.00

 ₹515.00 - ₹12,000.00

₹599.00 - ₹3,319.00

₹1,000.00 - ₹3,511.00

₹2,794.00 - ₹10,499.00

₹1,359.00 - ₹7,499.00

₹499.00 to ₹11,549.00

₹699.00 to ₹8,000.00
₹1,440.00 to ₹8,599.00

Material: Textured Paint









Textured Paint

Weight Range: 2 - 92 KG

2 - 40 KG

2 - 40 KG

6 -16 KG

6 - 16 KG

8- 28 KG

10 - 60 Lbs

4 - 48 KG

2 - 32 KG

4 - 28 KG

✔️ Considering the Indian fitness market, you won’t be seeing many kettlebells being used in most of the gyms. But don’t let the trends fool you, Best Kettlebell in India are one of the most complete, advanced, and rewarding fitness equipment that you can use to build muscle, improve your shape, & gain balance. 

It complements your functional training, which comes to blending strength and conditioning, on one scale.

We also recommend the best dumbbell set, best Olympic barbell set, but nothing compares to swinging a kettlebell. There is no wonder why selected-class of exercisers buy kettlebell online India to exercise, especially in home gyms, where it is a favorite because of their compact shape that at the same time offers a lot of versatility. 🏃‍♂️

The best kettlebell routine allows you to practice a wide variety of exercises. Since it allows a differentiated workout for each muscle, it can easily become all that you need to build your entire body. But the tricky part is there are many kettlebells which all look similar, but differs in price, coating, or the width of their handle. 

➡️ The objective of this blog is clear: Here, I want to show you the Best price kettlebell in India so you can too get your kettlebell rack set up and ready. 😄

Price range:

  • Cheap: Less than 7500 INR
  • Normal: Between 7500 and 11500 INR
  • Pricy: Over 11500 INR

If you want one equipment that has all weights adjustments. You may also choose to read our top picks for the best adjustable kettlebell weight in India.

My Choices For The Best Kettlebell Weight in India

Top Pick

1. Best Kettlebell Pick: Kakss Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights.

  • Premium Material
  • Void Free Surface
  • Single Piece Casting
  • Wide Flat Machined Base
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%
  • Included Component: ‎1 Unit of Wallet.

An amazing brand with a range of kettlebell weights and materials to fit every newbie and experts’ needs.

If you are looking for a brand that has a lot to offer, look no further because Kakss has something good for everyone. Whether you want a beginner kettlebell set, or you are trying to Buy competition kettlebells India, you will have an answer to your body-building dreams with this brand.👍

Do you want a top-quality, single-piece, extreme-endurance, rustic-finished, old-school-looking 32 kg kettlebell India? 😄 Kakss will not only offer you this model, but you can also find a lighter 16 kg kettlebell, as well as a heavier 48 kg kettlebell.

This brand is also versatile with its coating materials. With a resistant and floor-friendly coating, kakass vinyl half coating kettlebell has a robust metallic core to make you sweat your way to a killing body while maintaining your floors untainted. 
And if you want to add insonorization/ soundproofing to the math, Kakss range of neoprene coated kettlebells are the perfect addition to your home gym which are way softer to touch, and on the floor they’re quiet.🤫

Main Title


The Good

  • Available in weights that go from 2 to 92kg.
  • Strong, high-quality cast iron-made construction in all the kettlebells.
  • Soft, protective coatings at the bottom to avoid damage to your floors.
  • Different price ranges that allow you to buy one regardless of your budget.

The Bad

  • The actual kettlebell weight can vary around 200-300 gr. +/-
  • The handle could be slightly thinner for a better and more comfortable grip.
What Are The Different Variants Available?
Why should you buy Kakss Kettlebell?

Kakss – Best kettlebell brand in India has something for everybody, from Cheap kettlebell set to specialized competition kettlebell India. With different weight options available for novices and experts, they also have different coatings of kettlebells for every need: from traditional cast iron kettlebells for outdoor or gym practices to neoprene coating kettlebells for home gyms and indoor spaces. 😊

➡️ Their price range is as wide as their variety of products, so you can get anyone regardless of your budget.

Top Pick

2. Best Kettlebell in Quality & Looks: Lifelong Vinyl Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • Solid cast iron kettlebell
  • Textured wide handle
  • Flat bottom
  • Painted surface for increased durability.
  • Sold as a single piece.
  • Country of Origin: ‎China

A brand that focuses on quality, Lifelong offers heavy kettlebells for any type of gym flooring you may have.

Lifelong kettlebells are designed to help you improve your balance, flexibility, and agility whilst taking good care of your floors. You’ll be able to practice your best kettlebell exercises for arms, or generally of any body part with full confidence and ease.💯

Coated with neoprene or vinyl, this brand is a great addition to any home gym, besides, they are easy to store and safe for your home’s surfaces. 

This brand really understands the meaning of a home gym and they know that just because you can easily lift a bunch of pounds, that does not mean you don’t want to keep your floors untainted.

Lifelong takes pride in producing top-quality, single-piece, cast-iron weights, unlike some brands that use iron chips and leftovers. 🙂 You’ll practice the best kettlebell training program for longer with their texturized, anti-corrosion-painted handle.

Main Title

Best Kettlebell weight in India

The Good

  • Available with neoprene or vinyl coating to protect your floors.
  • Made out of one single cast iron piece.
  • Available in weights of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16kg.
  • Compact size of maximum 22×20 cm. (16kg.) that allows easy storage.

The Bad

  • Shaky coating
Why should you buy Lifelong Kettlebell?

➡️ If you are an advanced trainee who often lifts heavily and looking for the best price kettlebells to improve your bodybuilding, Lifelong offers you products that have a very reasonable price without affecting the product’s performance or quality. 

Find a perfect size and material from Lifelong range of kettlebells that weighs from 6Kg to 16Kg for your indoor or outdoor fitness routine.💪

Top Pick
Cockatoo Metal Integrated Rubber Kettlebell

3. Best Kettlebell for Heavy Lifting: Cockatoo Imported Metal Integrated Rubber Kettlebell

  • 100% Assurance for the ultra design and quality.
  • Color: ‎Multicolour
  • Very durable and premium quality.
  • Metal integrated rubber material used.
  • Ideal for professional lifters.

A sturdy, robust kettlebell made to last, this product has improved grip for comfortable, safe heavy kettlebell lifting.

📢 Exercising with this kettlebell is easy and comfortable. The Cockatoo Imported Metal Integrated Rubber Kettlebell is pretty and compact, and inside all that comeliness lies a powerful muscle-building tool to help you. 

Made out of very resistant metal and covered with rubber, this product is ideal for learning all the kettlebell exercises. Its handle is made out of chromed steel guaranteeing a proper grip on each squat, swing, roll, punch, or any other exercise. 😅

This metal integrated rubber design makes it one of the best price kettlebells, offering you quality and durability for a lower price. You can choose among any of the available weights of 8, 16, 18, 20, and 28 kg for a complete, top endurance practice.

Main Title


The Good

  • Attractive and modern design.
  • Variety of weights from 8 to 28 kg.
  • High-quality rubber construction that lasts longer and doesn’t damage the floors.
  • Affordable price in all weights.

The Bad

  • Non-flat at the bottom.
Why Should you Buy Cockatoo Kettlebell?

Combining looks with usability and quality, Cockatoo came up with this kettlebell that any home gym enthusiast would like: compact, robust, with a good grip, covered with a protective coating, and let’s face it, beautiful! 

👍 This kettlebell is ideal for medium to advanced lifters at a price cheaper than you may think.

Top Pick
AmazonBasics_Best Kettlebell weight in India

4. Best Kettlebell in Pounds: AmazonBasics Vinyl Kettlebell 16 kg

  • Vinyl-coated iron kettlebell.
  • Weights are available from 10 to 60 pounds.
  • Weight-specific colours.
  • Protects floors, reduces noise.
  • Textured handle for secure grip

Practice your favorite on-the-floor exercises with this vinyl-coated kettlebell for a complete fitness routine.

👍 For the ones who rather know how much weight they are lifting in pounds, the AmazonBasics Vinyl Kettlebell offers these kettlebells that go from 10 to 60 pounds. The kettlebell is made out of iron and coated with soft, anti-slippery vinyl in several fun colors to choose from.

Practice your swings and even your push-ups with this kettlebell that features a textured handle with anti-slippery, anti-corrosive coating in matte black that gives it an extra fun look. ✔️ Endorsed by Amazon, they offer a one-year warranty to make a safe purchase.

Although this is not the best kettlebell under 1000 rupees you buy, which obviously you only get when you buy for 10 pounds or 4.54 kgs, but its low price close to thousand bucks makes it one of the best options if you want to stay in shape without breaking the bank. 🏦

Main Title

amazon_basics Kettlebell

The Good

  • Very affordable price for all the sizes.
  • Covered with vinyl that avoids flooring damage.
  • An ergonomic handle with texturized coating assures a better grip.
  • Warranty of 1 year and 10-day returnable policy.

The Bad

  • Weight is shown only in pounds.
  • The handle can feel a little too wide for some users.
Why should you buy AmazonBasics Kettlebell?

The AmazonBasics Vinyl kettlebells are a great option if you want to get yourself a Kettlebell set of 2 or more weights for squats, planks, or any other 2-weight exercises.

With a low price, compact size, fun variety of colors, and protective vinyl coating, this product is ideal for any home gym or to keep in the office. 😄

Top Pick

5. Best Kettlebell for a full-body workout: The Indian Made JIMWALT- Half Coating Vinyl Kettlebells.

  • Material: Cast iron & vinyl material
  • Durable lead free vinyl coated finish
  • Wide, smooth handle.
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Skill Level: ‎Professional
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 61 x 58.4 x 73.7 Centimeters

A national product, this kettlebell focuses on offering you a large variety of weights for your every exercise needs.

Exercises like Kettlebell swings, squats, push-ups, punches, and slides can represent a huge improvement in your overall body balance, awareness, strength, and flexibility.🙂 Slowly adding weight to your routine will help you to gain sustainable muscle, and the Jimwalt Kettlebell gives you exactly that.

With a variety of kettlebells that go from 2 to 48 kg., the brand takes pride in being an Indian company that offers exercise equipment made to last in time.

➡️ These kettlebells are half-covered with top-quality, shiny PVC that does not only protect your floors but also gives you a quiet, relaxed exercise session with no noise. The handle may look a little rustic, but it is designed with the idea of giving you a perfect grip every time. 

A perfect balance between looks and usability, Jimwalt offers products with top-quality materials at very affordable prices. 💰

Main Title


The Good

  • Weights of 2 to 40 kg. In jumps or 2kg for all fitness needs.
  • Compact PVC coating for floor and noise protection.
  • 100% pure iron construction for a longer lifetime.
  • Flat bottom for a wider range of exercises.

The Bad

  • The handle could look more polished.
Why you should buy Jimwalt Kettlebell?

With very accessible prices and a proud national production, Jimwalt offers what a serious trainer needs: kettlebells designed to focalize and sculpt every one of your muscles to turn you into a fitness machine. And you don’t have to pay a lot of money for it. 💙

Their design is created with the intention of allowing a wider range of routines, including floor exercises.

Top Pick

6. Best Kettlebell For Competition: Kobo Cast Iron Kettlebells- LB and KG Markings.

  • Weight Accurate to Within 2% of Stated Weight
  • Color-coded rings at the base of the handles.
  • More versatile & Functional Fitness Equipment
  • Wide smooth slightly textured Handle And Flat Base.
  • High-quality 16 Kg Powder Coated Cast Iron Material.

For serious bodybuilders, Kobo creates very accurate kettlebells with LB and KG markings which are sturdy, long-lasting, and made of non-damaging materials.

Kobo is an international brand dedicated to offer great fitness products for different needs and tastes. Taking pride in being a high-quality, high technology brand, Kobo comes to lead the bodybuilding competition niche, creating products designed to go through long and intense hours of use.

The brand has a traditional cast iron, textured painted kettlebells that go from 2 to 22 kg., for lighter and heavier lifting. The extra textured handle is highly appreciated to practice with confidence. ✨

➡️ For indoor gyms, or just have them laying beside your desk, Kobo also offers top-quality vinyl-coated kettlebells with an iron core that builds your body while taking care of your floors. They go from 4 to 28 kg. And have a flatter bottom for more versatility.

🙃 In all the cases, Kobo helps you to easily identify the different weights with a color code you will master rapidly.

Main Title


The Good

  • Easy for weight identifying thanks to the color codes.
  • Wide handles coat with textured paint for a better grip.
  • Extra strong cast iron construction for durability.
  • Large variety of weights for novice and expert weight lifters.

The Bad

  • A little lack of design aesthetics.
Colour Codes of Competition Kettlebell
KOBO-weight-range-available- kettlebell
Different Variants Available of KOBO kettlebell.
Why Should You Buy Kobo Kettlebell?

Kobo kettlebells are designed to offer regular exercisers a durable product that can be used time and time again. With materials created to resist external conditions and tear, the Kobo Cast Iron kettlebells are ideal for bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Besides, they have a very affordable price.

👉 Kettlebell Recommendations That You Can’t Go Wrong With!


  • Only Metal Integrated Rubber Option.
    Cockatoo’s kettlebell has a lot to offer: high quality, a great look, and thick rubber protection that makes it perfect to use anywhere. Besides, it has just the right weights for novices and intermediate bodybuilders. 😀

    It is certainly expensive when you compare it to the rest, but it is definitively worth it. Another con? The round shape of the kettlebell will keep you away from some floor exercises like planks.
  • Get Quality with Price.
    If your budget is not that high but you want to pump those biceps up, Lifelong is a brand that offers very affordable prices with kettlebells made to last.

    You will also have the chance to choose from different materials like neoprene, vinyl, or traditional cast iron, and their design is great with a flatten bottom.
  • Available in Variety of Options.
    But without a doubt, my top favorite is Kakss kettlebells. Not only is it a brand with quality, with one-piece kettlebells and great designs.

    👉 In Kakss you have the widest variety of weights, going up to 92KG, a weight not so easy to find with other brands. 
Their prices are amazing! And you can choose to have your cast iron core just covered with matte paint or to upgrade it with a coat of vinyl or neoprene. These babies have it all.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kettlebell

What is the best material and coating for a kettlebell?

Kettlebells feature generally 2 different materials to consider, the material of the kettlebell’s body can be:

  1. Cast iron: Strong, sturdy, and durable. Rustic. 
  2. Metal/steel: strong, less sturdy, and smooth.

And you can also find kettlebells in different coating materials such as:

  1. Matte textured painting: anti-corrosive and allows a better grip. 
  2. Vinyl: a flexible type of plastic, normally in shiny colors and smooth texture. It’s used to protect floors and other surfaces. It’s superior to matte painting because it protects the floors and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Neoprene: it’s a type of foam, fluffy and thicker than vinyl. It is porous, and it’s used to protect surfaces, as well as to produce less noise. 
  4. Rubber: thick and shiny plastic material, very similar to tires. It’s used for surface protection and noise reduction. Their designs are normally better than neoprene and vinyl. Also, it combines the aesthetic or vinyl with better protection or neoprene in one material.
What weight kettlebell is best?

➡️ Practicing progressive weight lifting to build muscle is the best option for sustainable bodybuilding. Increasing the weight whenever you can helps you gain strength and resistance, for a more effective workout that produces long-lasting results.

Our top pick, Kakss kettlebells have a great variety of weights to choose from for your progressive muscle growth. You can find kettlebells in all weights for beginners and for seasoned fitness lovers. 😇

Why kettlebells are so effective?

➡️ Kettlebells are a great addition to your training because they allow a wider variety of exercises than regular dumbbells. Their effectiveness lies in their gravity center, which away from the hands helps you improve your balance, coordination, core & body awareness. 😇

Using kettlebells helps you to build muscle with heavy lifting, while at the same time contributes to exercise other important parts of your body:

 ➡️ Benefits of Kettlebell:

  • Improves your heart rate when you practice kettlebell movements.
  • Burns the stored fat when you practice kettlebell heavy lifting.
  • Sculpts muscles that regular dumbbells can’t due to their uncentered weight.
  • The uncentered weight is also very effective to work tendons and ligaments of the body, improving your flexibility.
Do kettlebell swings work abs?

➡️ Kettlebell swing requires a little training to really grasp the technique, but once you practice it properly, you will see results all over your body. 

The body’s change of position, when you move from bending to standing up while holding the weight, specifically focuses on working the abs’ muscles, helping you to achieve amazing six-pack abs.

How many kettlebells do I need?

➡️ This answer depends on which muscles you want to work (i.e. your thighs or your pectorals), the results you want to achieve (i.e. strength vs. endurance, flexibility or muscle definition, etc.), whether you are a novice or an expert, and many other factors. 

Ask yourself, is 10 kg enough for me, or do I need to add more weights? You have to feel the muscle working hard, yet not putting you in danger to harm yourself. 

Normally women start with 1 or 2 KG and men with 5 or 10 KG. Build your way up by practicing A LOT, tensing out as many muscles as you can, and making sure to always warm up before training. 🏃‍♂️

What muscles does kettlebell swing work?

➡️ Kettlebell swings can:

  • Tighten your abs and glutes.
  • Improve your spine curvature.
  • Strengthen your lumbar area.
  • Build muscle in your arms, thighs and legs.

According to Coach Magazine the top 3 exercises to build muscle with kettlebell swings are:

  • Basic kettlebell swing with 2 hands
  • 1-hand kettlebell swings
  • Kettlebell swing swap

Kettlebells have proven to be the perfect partner for any fitness routine. Their design allows you to work each and every one of your muscles and body areas, also improving your heart rate, balance, body awareness, and helping you burn fat. ❤️‍🔥

Today I aim for you to don’t wait any longer and start kettlebelling with the amazing options I presented. They are the top in the market.

Choose your favorite kettlebell!

Thanks for reading the “Best kettlebell weight in India” blog.

If you’ve any questions as always you can leave them in the comment box below and we will come with the answers to solve any queries you may have..

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