(Review) Hack Athletics Weightlifting Velcro Belt in India

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hack athletics weightlifting belt

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Today I am going to give my opinion on Hack Athletics 4-inch Weightlifting Velcro Belt in India, and I want to share my thoughts with you. 😁

☑️ My favourite things about this weightlifting belt in India are its nylon build, which allows you to stay mobile for explosive movements, and the reinforced back, which provides optimal support for your lower back. 

Plus, the Velcro strap paired with the quick-locking roller buckle keeps the belt securely in place during your workouts.

But before I dive into the details of this particular gym belt, I want to remind you that we’ve reviewed a wide range of lifting belts on mensquats.com, and we’ve put together the best list to help you find the top picks. 

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Let’s get started with the review.😀

Hack Athletics Weightlifting Velcro Belt in India

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon
  • Brand: Hack Athletics
  • Colour: White & Black
  • Closure Type: Velcro

Watch this Lifting belt review –

By Subodh Rawat

Specifications –

Thickness5 mm
Width4 inches
Closure TypeVelcro
Break In timeNot needed
StiffnessNot Stiff
Weight600 grams
PriceRs 1,490

Lifting Belts Explained

First, let’s talk about lifting belts in general. 

Lifting belts help you create intra-abdominal pressure by providing an external source to brace against. 

This is particularly useful when you’re lifting heavy weights, as it can help you lift more weight and reduce the risk of injury. 

☑️ There are different styles of belts available, including nylon, leather, and variations in thickness, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your style of training.

The first key difference between these belt styles is how they fasten. 

  • Leather lifting belts typically come with a double-prong, single-prong, or lever buckle and have pre-inserted holes. 
  • Nylon and cloth belts usually feature a stainless steel roller buckle and a Velcro closure to secure the belt. While there are variations within each belt style, this is the typical setup you’ll find for each style of belt.
  • Nylon belts like this one are ideal for explosive movements, CrossFit, and Olympic weightlifting, as they allow you to stay mobile. 
  • Leather belts, on the other hand, are typically thicker and more rigid, making them suitable for powerlifting, squats, and deadlifts. The choice depends on your training style.

Construction & Materials Used. 

  • Leather belts tend to be a bit thicker and more rigid compared to nylon belts. Many powerlifters prefer leather belts when they’re going for their max lifts because they need that extra rigidity and stability for their torso.
  • Nylon belts are a bit more flexible, making them a great choice for strength and power workouts, as well as functional fitness training sessions.

These are just a few of the key differences between leather and nylon lifting belts.

Keep in mind that there are various variations within each style of belt, but these differences should give you a good starting point for making your choice.

What I Like About the Hack Athletics Weightlifting Velcro Belt

Weightlifting Velcro Belt in India

Now, let’s dive into what I like about this specific belt. 

The self locking buckle on this belt adds stiffness and stability to the lower back, making it excellent for powerlifting movements.

The combination of a Velcro strap and a quick-locking roller buckle ensures a secure fit around your belly button, which is the ideal placement for a lifting belt.

This belt is available in 6 different sizes, from extra small to double XL, making it suitable for a wide range of lifters. 😀

It also comes in a single color- white which adds some style to your lifting gear. 

I particularly appreciate the consistent design, which provides a wide surface area for bracing against, offering support to your core while allowing mobility in the hips.

Potential Cons

✔️ I honestly don’t see any significant drawbacks with this belt. 

It mostly comes down to personal preference and your style of lifting.

If you’re a dedicated power lifter, you might prefer a thicker, fully leather belt. 

However, for those who want a versatile option or you are the lifter, this Hack athletics nylon belt in India with a quick locking mechanism offers the best of both worlds.

Pricing for the Hack Athletics Lifting Belt

Hack athletics Weightlifting Velcro Belt

The Hack Athletics Olympic gym belt is reasonably priced at around Rs 1490. 🏷️

Constructed with premium-grade Nylon and equipped with a sturdy self-locking metal buckle, this belt is designed for champions, delivering unparalleled performance and durability.

Its distinctive features include exceptional breathability and effortless cleaning, ensuring your comfort and an odour-free experience.

Considering the quality and features it offers, it’s a solid deal that should last you a long time.

Demo of the Hack Athletics Belt

✔️ This belt is about 5MM thick.

While it contours to your body because it’s made of nylon, the added thickness provides additional stiffness to your lower back.

The tapered design keeps you mobile on your hips and provides ample support.

Sizing for the Hack Athletics Gym Lifting Belt

hack athletics gym belt
Weightlifting Velcro Belt

This belt is available in 6 different sizes, and it’s crucial to choose the right size for a comfortable fit. 

When measuring yourself, focus on the area around your belly button, as that’s where the belt should sit. 

You can use a fabric measuring tape for accurate measurements. The Velcro strap is an essential feature as it allows you to get a snug fit without any extra straps hanging around.😀

Who Should Or Shouldn’t Buy the WeightLifting Belt?

This belt is an excellent all-around option for those who like to mix various lifting styles into their workouts. 

It’s suitable for powerlifting due to the reinforced backing, and its NYLON build is perfect for explosive movements like Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. 

So, if you want a versatile belt that caters to different training styles, the Hack Athletics 4-inch lifting belt is a great choice.

There are only two reasons not to purchase this belt, in my opinion. 

  1. First, it’s not IPF-approved. So, if you need a belt for IPF competitions, you should explore other options from Hack Athletics. 
  2. Second, your choice comes down. Dedicated Powerlifters may prefer thicker, fully leather belts, while Olympic weightlifters and CrossFitters might prefer a nylon belt like this.
  • Powerlifter’s best PICK
    81S7rWUSjbL. SL1500

    Hack Athletics 10MM Lever Belt

       Indestructible, even in the heaviest use, this ensures consistent back support and stability.
  • Best For Powerlifting
    91LT8HbzVbL. SL1500

    Hack Athletics 13MM Lever Belt

      You’ll never have to worry about its reliability for securing your lifts. Get look alike SBD Matt Black Steel Lever.

Who Should Buy This Gym Belt? 

  1. For Competitors: Ideal for competitive lifters seeking a certified belt.
  2. Weightlifters: A solid choice for weightlifting enthusiasts.
  3. Profile Preferences: Users uncomfortable with the 5-inch width can opt for the 4-inch version.

❌ Who Should not buy?

  1. If you’re in powerlifting. 
  2. Want to use this belt for powerlifting competitions, it’s not allowed there! 
Wrap Up!
81+lJnFm8DL. SL1500

Weightlifting Velcro Belt

Weight Lifting Belt – Great for Squats, Lunges, Deadlift, Thrusters – Good for both Men and Women – 4 Inch Black

That’s all I’ve got for you today on the Hack Athletics 4-inch Weightlifting Velcro Belt in India Review. This belt provides excellent support for powerlifting and explosive movements. 

We will review it in more depth once I buy it or get it for review. This is only the initial impression of this belt. 

Q1: Which weight-lifting belt is best in India?

Popular weight lifter gym belt brands available in India include:

Q2: How do I choose a lift belt?

Consider the purpose (powerlifting or weightlifting), material (leather or nylon), closure type (single-prong, double-prong, or lever), and fit before choosing a lifting belt. 

Q3: Do I need a 3 or 4 lifting belt?

A larger-inch belt is often preferred for powerlifting, providing more support during squats and deadlifts. For weightlifting, a 3 or 4-inch belt allows greater mobility in dynamic lifts.

Q4: Should I buy my own lifting belt?

Yes, owning your own lifting belt is advisable. It’s a valuable investment for those engaged in regular weightlifting & you don’t need to borrow anyone’s belt.

Q5: Is 4-inch gym belt allowed in competition? 

The permissibility of a 4-inch gym belt in competition depends. But a 4-inch gym belt is what is allowed in weightlifting competitions. Nothing more or less.

☺️ Thanks for reading, and I hope this blog was helpful.

To dive deeper into the details, head over to Amazon. Or just search “Hack Athletics 4-inch Weightlifting Velcro Belt in India” to find it. 

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