Cheap & Best Xtrim Weightlifting Belt Review in India

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Cheap & Best Xtrim Weightlifting Belt Review in India

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When you're new to buying weightlifting belts, different styles, materials and various brands abound, can get anyone confused. 🚀 There are many options available, but one of my current favourites for my exercises is the Best Xtrim Weightlifting Belt in India, which comes at just Rs 500 or sometimes less. 

In this blog review, I’ll provide you with all the details you need to know, including pricing, features, pros and cons.

And at last who should consider buying this Xtrim gym belt for their gear.

✔️ Let’s start with the basics. 

Xtrim Weightlifting Belt Review in India

 XTRIM 4 Inches Unisex Weightlifting Gym Belt with PU-Foam Padded Comfort For Fitness Workout, Moisture Wicking Lining
  • Size: M (Fits 28-32 inches)
  • Material: 12 MM EVA and 5 MM Open Cell PU foam
  • Brand: XTRIM
  • Colour: Black
  • Closure Type *EXTRA* Long Hook and Loop Closure: 2 Inches wide and 12 Inches long closure strap allows Fast, Easy and Secure Fit.

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How does a lifting belt work? 

➡️ It’s simple – it creates abdominal pressure in the front, providing lower back support. Now, should you use a lifting belt?

The answer is yes, but sparingly. 😊

Don’t make it a crutch. Reserve your lifting belt for your heaviest sets, and you might not even need it for every workout. Less is often more.🚶

One important thing to remember is that whether you go for a cheap or an expensive lifting belt, they all get the job done. 

A high-end belt like SBD won’t magically add weight to your personal record. 

Many people opt for lever or prong belts for questionable reasons. 🏋️‍♂️

They see their idols, strongmen, bodybuilders, or YouTube influencers using them and think it’s the right choice.

👍 Yes, one advantage of lever and prong belts is that they last forever. 

I mean, if the belt is 30 years old it will still go strong. Plus, you can customise them with cool sayings or your own personal brand. 

✔️ However, there’s a break-in process when you first buy them in a few days, and they can be challenging to adjust to, especially if your weight fluctuates.

Which Gym Belt do I Recommend to You?

Now, here’s the twist. 

I recommend a fabric lifting belt for almost everyone reading. 

Why? Well, they’re easy to put on and take off, perfect for those who wear various layers or fluctuate in weight.

You don’t need to adjust the belt; just grip it, rip it, and you’re ready to go. 😊

Other features:

  1. They’re also affordable, especially compared to leather, lever or prong gym belts.
  2. They offer excellent back support while being flexible and comfortable for different exercises. 
  3. They’re durable, with the only wear and tear usually occurring on the Velcro after several years. 

But let’s be honest; you’ll probably want a NEW gym belt by then.

Why Not A Lever Belt?

Now, hold on for a moment. 

🚀 The only people who should consider a lever or prong lifting belt are those competing in Strongman or powerlifting events.

Chances are, many of you reading won’t be doing either. 

You must be either a weightlifter or a normal gym goer, for your flexible nylon belt or PU-foam belt would work.

❌ So here’s what to avoid when purchasing a weightlifting belt:❌

  1. Steer clear of the extremely cheap ones with subpar stitching and Velcro. They tend to fail quickly. 
  2. Also, “avoid belts with padding.” While it may sound comfortable, it soaks up sweat and ends up reeking.

Best in Cheap Xtrim Weightlifting Belt in India: 

Gym belt kaise lagaye?

Customer ratings by feature

The Xtrim weightlifting belt Amazon offers top-to-bottom back support and is equal from all sides for extra comfort.😊 

It’s made in India and is currently a favourite for almost all weightlifters in my area who want a gym belt under Rs 500.

👍Truly it’s also better in hold when you compare it with a leather belt of Rs 1000 

What I Like About the Xtrim Weightlifting Belt?

✔️ Support is a top priority when working out, especially during heavy lifts, and this belt offers the support you need. 

It’s made from multiple materials like synthetic material, polythene closed-cell foam, PU foam, polyester mesh leather, and polyester.

It allows for mobility during explosive movements like power cleans. 

steel roller buckle of xtrim gym belt

The combination of the Velcro strap and steel roller buckle makes it quick and easy to put on or take off during your workouts.

The EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate Padded) construction of this belt offers comfort during workouts. 

While there is❌ no padding on the inside, it’s still comfortable to wear. 

The steel buckle and roller make it easy to secure the belt in place. When putting it on, position it around your belly button and slide the strap through the rollers. 

To take it off, simply release the Velcro strap and guide it through.


Lifting Belt for Men & Women for Lower Back Support
Cheap & Best Xtrim Weightlifting Belt Review in India

It is priced at around Rs 500.💰 You can purchase it directly from Amazon here. 

Compared to other belts on the market, it’s reasonably priced. 

Some similar weightlifting belts COST more💰, while fully leather belts tend to be pricier and less versatile.

Build Quality

✅ This weightlifting belt is constructed from 80% EVA and 20% PVC lining, making it suitable for various types of workouts.

This belt is cheap so a lot of synthetic materials go in. 

The steel buckle is durable and should last a long time. 😄

The Velcro strap offers customizable support, and the belt is available in 4 different sizes and colours to match your preference. 

It’s a 12 mm thick and 4 inches wide profile, but keep in mind it’s not tapered at the front.

-> ✔️ Who Should Buy the Xtrim Weightlifting Belt?

➡️ This weightlifting belt is an excellent choice for those seeking versatility.

It works well for Olympic lifts, traditional power lifts, and more. 

The foam core on the inside is made from soft, breathable, plush tricot lining which comforts the back and abdominals during heavy lifts!

The Velcro strap allows you to control the amount of pressure and support you need during workouts. 

🚀 If you want a belt you can put on and take off quickly between sets, this one is worth considering.

-> ❌ Who Shouldn’t Buy the Xtrim Weightlifting Belt?

If you prefer a tapered belt, you may need to explore other options. 😊

This Xtrim Weightlifting belt is not tapered at the front. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for a lever-style belt or one with padding on the inside, this may not be the right choice.


thickness of power lifting belt
thickness of powerlifitng belt

✔️ This belt stands out from typical cheap gym belts in a few key ways. 

Firstly, it’s 12 mm thick, which is an inch thicker than your standard 4-inch weightlifting belt. This extra width provides more support and coverage.

It also features an added foam core, offering a pleasant layer of padding that enhances comfort and feels great against your body and skin. 

The stainless steel buckle adds durability and sturdiness to the belt.

To give you an idea of the belt’s size, I have a Large-sized belt, and my torso or waist measures around 34 to 36 inches. 

When I put it on and pull it tight, there’s no overhang, and the velcro strap is long enough to secure it effectively.😄

How does it fit?

✔️ On the positive side, there are several pros I’ve noticed about this Xtrim weightlifting belt. 

The steel buckle is a highlight, providing a thicker and more secure closure that allows you to tighten the belt firmly.

The velcro is also a bit thicker than what you find on standard belts, likely due to the belt’s 4-inch width.

The foam core, which adds padding, is a significant advantage in terms of comfort.👍 

It’s particularly great if you’re lifting shirtless since it feels fantastic against your skin.

Some Negatives: 

The Velcro may not have a particularly long lifespan, so if you’re looking for a belt to last you multiple years, this might not be the best choice. ❌

Additionally, the foam padding could potentially split or shift when you get sweaty while lifting, especially if you’re working out shirtless. 

While it wasn’t a significant issue, it’s something to keep in mind for those who want a secure fit, especially during intense workouts.

  • XTRIM 4 Inches Unisex Weightlifting Gym Belt


✅ Xtrim Weightlifting belt is a good 4-inch unisex gym belt, and the foam core adds a nice touch of comfort. However, there might be some concerns about its long-term durability since it is made up of EVA, PU-foam and not NYLON. 

But currently after 5 months of use, I haven’t seen any issues. 👍


Q1: How much should a good lifting belt cost?

The cost of a good lifting belt can vary depending on factors like the brand you choose, the material you prefer, and the features you get. Generally, you can find decent lifting belts in the range of Rs 5,00 or more. Higher-end belts made from neoprene or nylon may be more expensive, like Rs 1500.

Q2: Is it OK to lift heavy without a belt?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to lift heavy weights without a belt, especially if you have proper lifting techniques and a strong core. Weightlifting belts are not mandatory for all lifters. It’s a personal choice.

Q3: How much difference does a weightlifting belt make?

It provides extra abdominal and lower back support, which can help maintain proper posture and reduce the risk of injury. It also allows you to lift heavier weights in some cases. 

Q4: How to wear a weightlifting belt?

If you’ve made it this far in the blog “Cheap & Best Xtrim Weightlifting Belt Review in India”

Thanks for reading, and as always, don’t hold back in your workouts – and don’t save anything for the trip back.

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