Compare Pro Wolf PRX 900 Vs RXN Hercules Weightlifting Shoes

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rxn vs prowolf shoes comparison

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Are you tired of squishy shoes that pinch your toes, making it difficult to maintain a stable arch and distribute body weight evenly? 👍 Introducing the weightlifting shoes. 

These shoes are snug where they need to be, preventing foot sliding, yet wide in the toe box to allow your toes to spread out naturally.

👟 Ideal for squats & other weightlifting exercises. 

✔️ Today, we’re diving into a detailed review and explanation of two popular weightlifting shoes in India, currently in our possession. 

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I know – there is a major price gap 💸 between 2, but I have only these shoes available with me to compare. You can also compare Prowolf PRX 700 vs RXN Hercules shoes. Both shoes come under Rs 6,000. It’s also an interesting comparison. 😎

➡️ Anyway, if you’re frustrated with using sports shoes for squats & other lifts inside the gym, the wait is over. “Get any of these to get optimal comfort and control during your lifts.”


While I’ve personally used RXN wooden heel lifting shoes initially, then I moved on to the ASE lifting shoes a year later for added sturdiness and recently, in the Year 2023, moved on to a premium TPU heel shoe, which is ProWolf PRx 900. 🚀

So brace yourselves as we explore the number of shoes cluttering my small apartment. 🙅

Which Weightlifting Shoes do I Recommend? 

Let’s start by categorising from flat to heeled options. 

➡️ For dead lifting, classic choices like Prowolf Deadlift Shoes and even wrestling or boxing shoes are viable. Flat shoes offer stability, and crossfitters may prefer them for versatility during lifts. For those venturing into weightlifting with a no-heel preference, PT shoes remain a staple PICK.

➡️ Now, onto heeled options, we have an eye on Prowolf Prx 900 lifting shoes & RXN Hércules shoes. 😁

While RXN lifting shoes emphasise their lighter weight and softer forefoot, providing agility for weightlifters. 

They touch upon its suitability for split jerks and how it caters to different preferences.

RXN shoes

✔️ Compared to the ProWolf shoes, which are acknowledged for a sturdier feel and rich quality shoes, making them favourable amongst professional weightlifters & powerlifters.

  • In the RXN lineup, the RXN Hercules shoes are highlighted as a stable, sturdy and cost-effective option. 
  • Meanwhile, the ProWolf’s Prx 900 is the costliest shoe on their list, especially because the Nepa leather is used & heel/ pasting is very rich. These all combine to help maintain your upright torso & lift with full confidence.

An interesting mention is the RXN weightlifting shoes, considered a budget-friendly alternative with similar features to the Pro Wolf.

The earlier version of RXN shoes with its wooden heel is a unique choice, which comes at just Rs 2,200. 

It’s renowned India-wide & it’s used by almost everybody. 

These new RXN Hercules shoes, with TPU heel & synthetic upper mesh, come for Rs 6000, though more expensive, are praised for their lightweight construction, making them good if a person wants to experience something better. 😎

PRO Tip😁: While shoes enhance performance, they won't magically make someone stronger. The focus should be on finding shoes that offer a flat, stable surface and suit individual preferences. 

What’s In For You? 🧑 Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a newbie looking to upgrade, this shoe review provides valuable insights into the world of lifting footwear. 

ProWolf Lifting Shoes – PRx 900

Untitleddesign 19
  • The ultimate choice for serious athletes. With a 25mm heel height and a robust TPU plastic heel structure, it’s the best you can get for weightlifting in India.

✔️ The standout feature– the wider toe box & TPU heel. 

Does it make a difference? The answer is a resounding yes. The wider toe box provides a stable base, especially noticeable during snatches, clean and jerks, and squats.

It’s not just a gimmick; it genuinely enhances the lifting experience. 

A TPU heel is a harder material than wood and can take a load of stress. The increased stability and connection to the ground set these shoes apart.

  • 🚀 Moving on to the upper shoe material, Prowolf has nailed it. The durable Nepa leather material ensures durability, avoiding common issues like wear and tear. The uniformity of material throughout the shoe adds to its appeal.
  • Heel height. While not a downside, it’s a subjective area. The heel may be slightly too long for some (1 inch), but this helps maintain balance during squats. However, for lifters without ample dorsiflexion, this could be an advantage.


👟 The Prowolf PRX 900 weightlifting shoe is a commendable addition to the weightlifting shoe market. The wider toe box & quality material used is a game-changer for many lifters, offering a unique and valuable feature. 

The shoes are aesthetically pleasing, especially in red.🔴 If you ever aspire to have Reebok or Nike weightlifting shoes, you can ditch those for these.  

👍 Overall, the Prowolf PRX 900 is a compelling choice, and its distinct features make it a noteworthy competitor in the weightlifting shoe landscape.

RXN Hercules Weightlifting Shoes

81+ 9baglnL. SL1500
  • A specialized weightlifting shoe designed to provide stability, support, and traction during weightlifting exercises. Do try it to know it!


  • It’s beginner-friendly. With a heel height of around 1 inch, it’s a good option for those new to heel elevation. This allows beginners to ease into the experience without going from flat shoes to a significant heel elevation. It’s also suitable for athletes who prefer a lower heel.😎
  • All-around budget-friendly weightlifting shoes. If you’re into casual weightlifting, squats, or lower body exercises and don’t want to break the bank, this could be a great option. At a price point of around Rs 5500 or 6000, it’s a more affordable alternative to pricier models.
  • The reworked upper is a PLUS. The canvas with mesh inserts provides a secure fit, good breathability, and a snug feel. The design, wrapping from the forefoot to the midfoot, offers stability and support.


  • The toe box runs narrow. As with every RXN shoe, this shoe is also narrow in the front. This may not be ideal for those with wider feet, as the padding around the heel tends to push the foot forward. Sizing up could be a solution, but it’s not a perfect fix.
  • The non-gusseted tongue can be an issue. If it rolls during a workout, it can be uncomfortable, and adjusting it mid-session can be frustrating. A gusseted tongue or a wider design could have solved this problem.

In terms of performance, the RXN Hercules shoe shines in squats, offering stability and grip.👌

For weightlifting, it’s decent, but the toe box may feel limiting.

It takes some time to break in due to the stiffness of the sole. For other lower body accessory movements, it performs well.

Should you buy them? 

☑️ Personally, I find the RXN Hércules shoes to be a subtle yet noticeable improvement over the RXN wooden heel shoes.

The increased rigidity in the forefoot provides a sense of enveloped stability, offering confidence during lifts. The lateral stability, both forward and maximal, creates a snug and secure feel.

Which One Should You Go WithProWolf or RXN?

Now, let’s identify who this shoe is best for.

#1 RXN Hercules Shoes

rxn Hercules shoes unboxing
  • Beginners: Great for those new to weightlifting shoes, RXN makes sense. Since it remains the first shoe of almost all Indian weightlifters for many years. And sticking with RXN’s expensive shoes – Hercules will be more like a home feeling. 
  • Budget-conscious shoppers: An affordable option for occasional use.
  • All other: Since the RXN Hercules shoes share the same TPU heel as Prowolf shoes and copy other international shoe brands in terms of quality, strap design is preferred by most. 

❌ In What cases do I say don’t Buy This?

  • Wide Foot: If you have a wide foot, this won’t be a perfect fit for you. Since it will crunch your feet.
  • If You Want Premium Feel: I didn’t find this shoe as premium & good-looking as pro-wolf shoes. The brand logo is also less expressive. I prefer PROwolf shoes to flex amongst my friends.  

#2 ProWolf PRX 900 Lifting shoes 

prowolf weightlifting shoes
  • Athletes who prefer high heel elevation: Suitable for those who like a heel height of around 1 inch.
  • Who wants QUALITY & looks: These are the most attractive-looking shoes in the market. All other options look null & dull in front of it. They are eye-catcher & in trend. If you’re wearing Prowolf shoes, people ask!

Regarding sizing, most users may find it beneficial to size up by half a size for a better fit. 💸 Priced at Rs 8500, the ProWolf PRx 900 offers a fair deal for its features.

❌ In What cases do I say don’t Buy This?

  1. Price: Prowolf shoes generally go costly & so do you get the quality. If you can’t afford it or are going to use it occasionally, go with less expensive shoes, like the Prowolf PrX700, which goes for 5,500. (If still expensive, then get RXN wooden heel shoes from Amazon.)    


☑️ Concluding the blog, the weightlifting shoes are deemed cool, featuring a highly effective TPU plastic heel & rigid EVA foam—ideal for those seeking stability during lifts & squats.

best weightlifting shoes

The price point of both the shoes, at Rs 5,500 to 8500, aligns with standard rates for quality weightlifting shoes.

  • The RXN Hercules shoes are narrow in the forefoot because of the new rigid material, which may cause discomfort for some, but proves beneficial during lifts. It’s better for every newbie & offers great stability & performance than their cheap wooden heel shoes. 😎
  • The aggressive heel height may not suit those with significant ankle mobility, making the Prowolf PRX 900 a better choice for average proportions, especially for squatting. Aesthetically pleasing in 🔴 red & black adds a distinctive touch, though preferences may vary. The insole with aggressive arch support enhances the overall experience, contributing to the modern and ergonomic feel. If you have extra FUNDS💸, the ProWolf Prx 900 stands out as a top choice for lifting shoes.👌

As a final note, both shoes offer you the same TPU heel, double strap design, good upper material which doesn’t form wrinkles or wear & tear.

They both are premium shoes from the brands which make your lift go wow!

It’s up to your personal preference which would you like to PICK! 🆗

😎 If you ask me, I would pick Prowolf PRX 900 shoes, just for their rich design & luminous red & black colour. Otherwise, both feel good.   


Q1: Is RXN a good company?

Yes, RXN sports company is renowned for its boxing & wrestling products, including gloves, mats, boxing bags and more. And also for their weightlifting shoes, among weightlifters.

Q2: What is the price of RXN weightlifting shoes?

If you ask about the normal beginner shoes of RXN which comes in a single strap option – it comes for Rs 2500 on Amazon.

RXN double strap – wooden heel weightlifting shoes cost you Rs 2,800 or something.

& RXN premium TPU heel shoe named Hercules shoe costs you Rs 5,999. I recommend their top-tier shoe if you are a person who likes high quality and best products irrespective of their price.

Q3: How is pro wolf prx700?

Prowolf PRX 700 gives a stable platform – A wide heel creates a stable base for heavy lifts, while a rubber tread provides durable traction to not make your feet move. Its a good shoe for weightlifting.

Q4: What type of shoe is best for deadlifts?

Avoid shoes with excessive cushioning or elevated heels, as they can affect your stability and the biomechanics of the lift. The goal is to have a direct and solid connection to the ground, allowing you to generate maximum force during the deadlift.

Generally, flat-soled shoes, such as ProWolf deadlift slippers, are popular choices among powerlifters because they stick to the ground & are non-slippery.

Q5: What are some best weightlifting shoes India?

Top 5 Best weightlifting shoes in India are –

  1. PRO WOLF PRx700 – Best Value for Money
  4. RXN Hercules Shoes – MOST PREMIUM

☑️ We welcome your suggestions for shoe reviews in the comments. While our ability to review specific models depends on availability and logistics, popular requests will be taken. 

Thanks for reading.

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