Today’s topic is of picking second hand gym weight plates for home gym, I want to talk about the used or secondhand market which to be honest I think is

While writing this GUIDE on “How to choose best barbell for home gym”, I dove too deep into finding out the best barbell for home gym.🧐 I just don’t want

When fine-tuning the squat technique, it should go without saying that in order to fix squat form your heels should be planted on the ground firmly, knees should be pushed

😫 Not getting the same feeling from your squat sessions? Do half-reps, inefficient pushes make you feel not confident and at-risk? Here are some easy-to-implement action tips on how to

When you’re first getting started weight lifting or doing CrossFit or powerlifting, it’s easy to get caught up in buying tons of equipment and reading a lot of online reviews
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Proper deadlift form. An excellent form under the bar/ over the bar is a recipe for symmetrical gains and uniform training progression over time. A good form is for a