Types of Resistance Bands

We recommend that beginners should start with a lower strength of resistance band. But if you are familiar with this, you can go into a heavier resistance band i.e., 30lbs+ .

choose a resistance band?

Resistance bands are a popular exercise tool designed to provide resistance, enhancing muscle strength and flexibility. Available in various shapes, sizes, colors.

Resistance colours significant?

Depending on the colour you can choose the degree of difficulty of the workout. The most common colours offered are shown in table.

Mini bands

These bands are flat, form a continuous loop, and are around 10 inches to 12 inches long. They are used to increase flexibility and strength.

Super bands

Pull-up bands help in doing pull-ups, and are very useful for beginners who can't perform pull ups. This band works best for them.

Resistance tube band

Tubes and are longer than 4 feet. They have two plastic handles, and are used to train the upper body, arms, and lower body.

Lateral tube bands

These are 1ft long bands have Velcro cuffs instead of plastic handles. The cuffs are wrapped on the ankle and used to train hips and thighs.

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