All Flexnest Home Gym Equipment Reviewed.

Flexnest is India's #1 Brand for Premium At-Home Fitness Equipment in India. We have created a review for those who want to buy their product. Check next. 

Home gym Equipments we've reviewed untill now of Flexnest 1. Flexnest elliptical 2. Flexnest barbell 3. Flexnest dumbbell 4. flexnest walking pad 5. Flexnest bike 6. Flexnest rower More to go!!

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Flexnest Elliptical

The Flextrainer is a full-body cardio in a compact design that fits your home, delivering HIIT-style workouts that challenge you to move further and faster. Price: 29999


By Agatha Android

The Flexbench is a high end multi-functional bench for specific training activities using barbells, dumbbells and small accessories, as well as for bodyweight exercises. Rs 29999

Flexnest walking pad

Ultimate walking pad and foldable treadmill for your home. The Flexpad connects to The Flexnest App to give you 500+ Trainer Guided workouts and 50+ Virtual Walks. Rs 27999


The Flexbike is India’s 1st Smart Bike. Trainer-Led Workouts: It comes with power-packed trainer-led workout sessions and virtual rides.  Rs 20000

Flexibell+ 48KG

The Flexibell is the latest innovation in Home Fitness, replacing multiple sets of weights. 1 Flexibell is equivalent to 15 different dumbbells. Rs 34998

Flexibell Dumbbell 2.5-24 KG

The product has easy-to-use selection dials for adjusting weights. The weights adjust from 2.5 to 24 Kgs / 40Kgs in 1-1.5 Kg increments. Rs 15998


The Flexrower is India's 1st Bluetooth enabled Rowing Machine that streams On-Demand classes to your rower from the the Best Instructors in the country Rs35999


This is India's 1st smart barbell with plates that doubles up as individual weights. With the flexibar, you'll do more of what you love - flex. Rs 21999


FlexiKettle replaces 7 different sets of traditional kettlebells and combines them into 1. It comes with weight selection dial to choose your desired weight level. Rs 6999

Flexnest FlexGun

Ultimate Massage Gun for your Muscle Recovery. Its quiet, powerful, lightweight, and built with the highest quality materials. Price:5999

Flexnest Water Rower

 This elegant cherry wood machine is a blend of classic aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology. Price: Rs 59,999


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January 16, 2020

Robots, Humanity's New Best Friend

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January 16, 2020