Are adjustable dumbbell worth it?


Adjustable dumbbells provide a financial benefit over fixed ones they're also simple to set to the weight you desire and can be stored compactly.

Best Overall: 24 kg Flexnest Dumbbell 

15 different dumbbells can be substituted for 1 flexibell. For adjusting weights, the dumbbell has simple selection dials. Goes in 1-1.5 Kg increments.

Best Runner-Up: 24 kg Cube Club Dumbbell

Cube Club have similar design of Flexibells. But here you get weights in LBs, not in Kgs.  Both dumbbells are available in 24 kg, and 48 kg variants.

Best Heavy Weight: 2.5 to 72 kg Bullrock T rex Dumbbell

The finest feature of the BullrocK T-ReX Kit is that you may start with the basic-level or pro kit and add extension kits as your strength improves.

Best Compact: 2 to 20 kg Cube PowerBells Twist

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Simple-to-use technology.  With a twist, choose your desired weight.  Twist smoothly from 2 kg to 20 kgs to complete your workouts quickly.

Best Budget: 15-20 kg Dolphy Dumbbells

Cast iron adjustable dumbbells are for people who love the iron feel.  These cost lesser than others, because it doesn't uses any complex mechanism to lock. 

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