If you're sitting down to search "which rowing machine to buy", you're most likely looking at number #1: PRICE. Obviously, but number#2, What resistance is best for rowing? 👌 There’s
… ...

✔️ Today we are going to talk about the difference between a recumbent bike vs upright bike for weight loss & tell you which is better recumbent or upright exercise

People often ask, what is the best rubber flooring for gym India? what is gym mat flooring price? And its true. Because when it comes to owning a home gym,

✅ Today's blog is an introduction to how to start olympic weightlifting for beginners, first covering - what is olympic weightlifting, then moving on to the reasons why somebody might

Working out doesn't have to be complicated—well, sometimes it is, but if you're generally healthy and looking to burn some calories, lose weight, increase energy levels, or prevent injuries, ...

Namaste! 🙌 This blog showcases some awesome home gym setup in India created by fellow Gym Rats like you, who shared their builds with us.  These home gym setup Ideas