Best Metal Hand Gripper 150 lbs Review!

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adjustable hand gripper

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Having a powerful grip strength can go a long way when weightlifting and playing sports. But you know it also plays an important role in our everyday lives. 

Well, you can always test your hand grip strength by seeing how many bags of groceries you can handle in one trip from the car to the house. 

Having a metal hand grip strengthener like one of these from Amazon, allows you to train those same muscles without as much effort required.

metal hand gripper review

I’ve been using these metal hand gripper 150 lbs quite a bit lately.

So it’s time to review it. 

In this blog, I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about these “best hand grips for weightlifting” from the price and some features to some pros and cons and of course, who should or maybe should not purchase these? 

But before I get going with all, we’ve reviewed a lot of hand grip strengtheners on our HINDI youtube channel – named “Mensquats Gym Reviews” which you must watch. 

Now let’s pick this.

Best Metal Hand Gripper 150 lbs in India.

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  • Great for:
  • Improving daily function, such as opening and closing jars, or rehabilitation after an injury.
  • Anyone looking to improve hand strength our grip strengthener is for climbers, weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, and more.


  • Fully metal built. 
  • Actual Resistance.
  • Comes in different weights. 
  • Tough quality, compared to an adjustable hand exerciser. 
  • Unbreakable design.


  • Knurled handle pinch sometimes. 
  • Starting weight is 150 lbs, which might be tough to squeeze for beginners. 
  • None, hardly find any.
Best Metal Hand Gripper 150 lbs Review!


Let’s take a quick second and talk about some money. 

There’s not a whole lot going on here because this is really straightforward. Every single one of these grip strengtheners is going to run you right around Rs 499, it’s really competitive price compared to other similar products. 

You know there’s not a designated full set for you to purchase, but you can buy them individually. 

It’s actually cheaper than some other options that I was browsing online the other day.

Yes, you can absolutely find some cheaper ones out there that are made of plastic, but honestly, you know considering the quality and kind of what you’re getting out of these in the long run. 

I think the money is more than justified! 

What do I like About the 150 lbs Hand Gripper? 

Best Metal Hand Gripper 150 lbs Review!

Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was just simplicity at its finest. 

So all you do is grab one of these in your hand. Start squeezing, it’s all there is to it. 

Now, I also enjoyed the metal knurled handles, which give me a really solid grip. It’s a really nice touch. 

These carbon steel springs, which are really durable and both of these materials are going to be pretty resistant to rust which is a nice thing for obvious reasons. 

These are competitively priced, so they’re all going to run you around Rs 499.

Speaking of the multiple options there are four different ones you can choose from:

  • 100 pounds
  • 150 pounds
  • 200 pounds
  • 300 pounds

It’s going to allow most people to find one that suits their gripping strength the best.

What I Don’t Like About the 150 Lbs Hand Gripper? 

150 lbs Metal Hand Gripper Forearm

I can’t really think of any, so if we want to talk about money yeah there are some cheaper ones out there, let’s say adjustable hand exercisers which come around Rs 200, maybe even less than that. 

But those are probably made of Plastic. 

They might not even last you very long, so honestly Rs 499 for a metal hand gripper is pretty solid in my opinion. 

Another thing to keep in mind, though it’s probably just the knurling you know textures’ personal preference and you might not necessarily like that. 

Build Quality! 

When it comes to the build and the features of these metal grip strengtheners.

I just want y’all to remember this is a simple product, so there’s not a lot going on, but we got to talk!

These have fully knurled handles, made out of aluminium. 

It gives me a really solid grip when I’m working on my grip which is nice. 

61tNkTLy6cL. SL1438

Also, I like how they used carbon steel for the spring.

It’s really durable and that aluminium and carbon steel they’re both going to resist rust and corrosion at an efficient level.

Then lastly I mean that’s pretty much it you have markings that go on the bottom right here just to show you you know what resistance you’re working with. 

Who Should Buy the 150 lbs Metal Grip Strengtheners? 

If you’re serious about increasing your grip strength and your forearm strength it’s one of the best options in my opinion. 

Trust me, you’re going to be feeling the burn, especially as you go up in REPS or SETS. 

Speaking of weight there are 4 different options for you to choose from: 100 lbs, 150 lbs, 200 lbs, and 250 lbs.

So there’s likely you know a resistance for everybody out there. 

“This is just simplicity at its finest.” 

You know all you do is sit and hold it and squeeze it.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Metal Grip Strengtheners? 

adjustable hand gripper

It’s just personal preference in my opinion. 

Let’s say you don’t like the knurling on handles, well there are other options that have a different knurling pattern or maybe don’t have knurling whatsoever. 

So definitely check that out. 

A lot of people also prefer the reverse grip strengtheners, where you lace up your fingers and kind of expand your hand.

If there are hand strengtheners that are designed specifically for your wrist where you kind of like to roll it up. 

If you know you’re looking for one of those specific options like I just mentioned well you’ll just have to keep looking. 


I personally love this best metal hand gripper, super easy to use. I really LIKE the knurling pattern, it gives me a really nice HOLD. 

There are multiple buying options which are really nice for obvious reasons. You know there’s an option for everybody and also these are competitively priced. 

They’re all going to run here on Rs 499 for a single piece and if you buy 200 lbs hand grip that may come at a premium price. 

Just remember the holding pattern might not be ideal for everybody.

best metal hand gripper

Best Metal Hand Gripper 150 lbs

Premium and durable aluminum handles with superior quality springs.
Q1: Do hand grips work?

Yes, hand grips can be effective in improving grip strength and forearm endurance.

Regular use of hand grippers can lead to noticeable improvements in grip strength and muscle definition in the forearms.

Q2: Is hand grip useful?

Yes, hand grips can be useful for individuals looking to enhance their grip strength and forearm endurance.

They offer a convenient and low-cost option for grip training and can lead to noticeable improvements in grip strength and muscle definition in the forearms.

Q3: Do hand grip increase forearm size?

Yes, regular use of hand grippers can indirectly lead to an increase in forearm size.

While hand grippers do not directly work the forearm flexors, the grip strength increase achieved through training can result in increased forearm strength and size.

Q4: How to use adjustable hand grip?

To use an adjustable hand grip, you can follow these general steps:

  • Hold the hand grip in one hand with your fingers wrapped around the handles.
  • Squeeze the handles together as much as you can, engaging your fingers, palm, and forearm muscles.
  • Hold the squeeze for a few seconds and then release slowly.
Q5: Does hand gripper increase muscle?

Regular use of hand grippers can lead to increased muscle strength in the forearms, wrists, and hands. They are particularly effective in improving grip strength.

Hand grippers also enhance muscular endurance, dexterity, and overall hand function, making them a valuable addition.

Thanks for reading our blog on “Best Metal Hand Gripper 150 lbs” and if you liked the above product you may purchase it on Amazon.

Stay Strong!

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