Proper deadlift form. An excellent form under the bar/ over the bar is a recipe for symmetrical gains and uniform training progression over time. A good form is for a

Squat shoulder pad. Need extra padding for when you squat? Why not check out our squat pads? Available in multiple colors and sizes and easy to use, it is definitely

If you’re familiar with the full body vibration machine, good. But when I first saw this on a commercial, I thought it was some type of gimmick and it wasn’t

Walk into the CrossFit box, or powerlifting gym today, and you would see one common but highly promising gym-gear worn by most athletes other than weightlifting shoes, which are ...

What does Time under Tension for hypertrophy even mean? For your better understanding, the definition of time under tension (also called TUT) talks about the time in seconds taken to

Is there anything more majestic as a clean squat? Umm, not sure, but surely there is nothing near to it.  If you are the one who takes equal care of

Shoes: The most common piece of footwear found in everyone’s closet. Add a word in prefix (Weightlifting) shoes, searching not found*, ah not really sure! Are they even necessary? “The ...