Today we’re reviewing which I think is one of the best flat bench for home gym India, i.e., Bullrock Fitness Gym Flat Bench 1000lbs rated. Not only is it a

This blog is geared towards serious powerlifters who are looking to buy IPF powerlifting bar specs in India and they want to buy one bar and they're probably considering the

One of the most common questions I get from people after seeing me working out in my RXN best weightlifting shoes in India and that's “what type of shoes should

Today, I want to talk about a very interesting bar from ATE Brand which is their Best Budget Olympic barbell India. In this case, this 20 kg Olympic barbell comes

This powerlifting barbell, often called by name power bar or stiff bar, has quickly become the gold standard when it comes to the best powerlifting bar in India. Whether you're

Today we are reviewing the most well-known barbells out there, which is The Deadlift Bar by Bullrock Fitness India. This specialty bar is the best deadlift bar in India and