Walk into the CrossFit box, or powerlifting gym today, and you would see one common but highly promising gym-gear worn by most athletes other than weightlifting shoes, which are weightlifting [...]

What does Time under Tension for hypertrophy even mean? For your better understanding, the definition of time under tension (also called TUT) talks about the time in seconds taken to […]

Is there anything more majestic as a clean squat? Umm, not sure, but surely there is nothing near to it.  If you are the one who takes equal care of […]

Shoes: The most common piece of footwear found in everyone’s closet. Add a word in prefix (Weightlifting) shoes, searching not found*, ah not really sure! Are they even necessary? “The [...]

If I have to recommend one piece of gym equipment, everyone should include it in their home gym or just start with. Then, an adjustable dumbbell set would be my […]

When it comes to questioning how to boost levels of testosterone, quality sleep, exercising, balanced diet come first.   A few supplements may help to maintain healthy testosterone levels (male [...]

Have you ever heard of a famous line ever said by someone smarter than you and me – “You Are What You Recover From.” Clearly, these words hold some authority. […]

If you dabble in at-home workouts rather than working out the gym because of the COVID-19 virus, you’ve probably up till now have gotten some basic gears required.  (If not, […]