Best Electric Treadmill Under 35000 For 110 kg Person in India.

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best electric treadmill under 35000 in India 2022

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We’ve prepared a list of the top best electric treadmill under 35000 in India based on the functions they offer, their pricing, and customer reviews to make this comparison much easier for you.

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While there are numerous motorised treadmill options available on the amazon, we have selected a few of the best for you to consider.

You may easily select the one that best suits your preferences without having to worry about missing out on vital product details.

Please note: We have no intention of shading any other treadmill models or brands through this list.

3 Best Electric treadmill under 35000 for 110 kg person

SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3700 (4 HP Peak) Foldable Treadmill

Fitkit FT200 (4.5HP Peak) DC-Motorised Treadmill 

Welcare MAXPRO PTM405I 2HP (4 HP Peak) Motorized Folding Treadmill


Max User Weight: 110kg
Speed: 0.8 - 14.8 Km/hr
2 HP Continuous and 4 HP Peak Motor.
Running belt size: 1240X420 mm
5 Inch LCD display.
Lifetime Frame Warranty.

Max Weight: 110 Kg

Speed: 1-16km/hr
Belt size: 48.81" X 16.53"
Motor: 2.25HP Continuous ( 4.5HP Peak)

Live workout sessions from OneFitplus Studio 

Max Weight: 110kgs.
Max Speed: 1 to 14 km/hr
12 pre-set programs
Running belt size: 1125mm x 440mm
Motor: 2hp Continuous 4 HP peak
15 level incline

Side By Side Comparison Of All Treadmills.

Benchmark We’re Comparing With?

  • Motor Power: 4HP DC
  • Max User Weight Capable: 110 kg
  • Interactive Features
  • Speed (1-15 km/hr)
  • 15% Auto-Incline Settings

Conclusion: Which to Buy?

SPARNOD STH-3700 Treadmill has a large belt leg space for walking and moving, hydraulic lift to fold easily, auto inclination features set from 0-15%. The only con is motor makes a slight noise and the console buttons could have been a capacitive touch button. Its a normal push touch button.

FITKIT FT200 DC-Motorized Treadmill: This treadmill comes with LIVE interactive classes by ONEFITPLUS. You get connected & interactive fitness, Fitwarz fitness game to play so boredom doesn’t catch you. Very sturdy and silent motor. However, incline, audio, response from heart rate monitor could have been better.

Welcare MAXPRO PTM405I is recommended for home use. This treadmill is well built, come with good user-assistance. Worth the money (30 -31k). Even when running for 12 to 14 kilometres, people outside the room can’t hear a thing, the cushions are doing a terrific job. It’s simple to move and run comfortably.

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Please go through our treadmill review to choose which electric treadmill under 35000 is suitable for you.

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