ATE Powerlifting plates

Powerlifters often aim to break records and achieve PRs.   When a lifter knows that the weights they are using are accurate and standardized, it can boost their confidence.

Why You Need Them?

They are manufactured to strict tolerances, ensuring that each plate is the exact weight it's labeled to be.

Powerlifting plates are a necessity in official powerlifting competitions. These competitions strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set by IPF.

When They can be used?

Calibrated plates are made from metal which can be susceptible to scratches when they come into contact with hard or abrasive surfaces.

One Negative

Colour coding on Plates

Color-coded plates make it easy for lifters to quickly identify the weight of each plate. This is particularly useful during competitions.

There are several brands that manufacture calibrated powerlifting plates.  The choice of brand often depends on factors like budget, and use.