All-new IronJack Mini Jack

IronJack is a revolutionary deadlift jack. It can lift the complete setup with just four fingers and can hold 350 kg on the barbell.

What we are using prior that?

-Full deadlift Jack - Dead Wedge -2.5/5 kg plates underneath the plates.  -Mini Deadlift Jack (Heavy one)

Full Deadlift Jack 

It is designed to work up to 800 lbs of weight with relative ease, so it will always be ready to take on the heaviest of loads while in a competition.

Change Plates

You do use a smaller weight plates, and place it under the last loaded plate to break the contact of the other plates from round.  So you could easily change them!

Mini Deadlift Jack

This is a heavy version of mini jacks, these are more stable  but can't be carried away to and fro from gym. But is the best in business.

Dead Wedge

The contoured loading ramp of the Dead Wedge, made of a durable natural rubber,. It allows athletes to roll a barbell safely onto the elevated platform.

out of all jacks this is the one which I most prefer, its cheap, stable, easy to carry, can handle 350 kg weight,. Must for home gyms, commercial gyms.