Open trap bar vs closed trap bar

Open trap bar and closed trap bar refer to two different designs of the trap bar used for trap bar deadlifts and other exercises.

Hex Trap Bar

The closed trap bar, has a hexagonal or rectangular shape that surrounds you completely when you're inside it.

Why closed End Design?

Suitable for more traditional lifting experience.  With the weight plates positioned on the sides, the center of gravity feels different compared to the open trap bar.

Open Trap Bar

"half hex" or "frame" trap bar, features a frame that's open on one side. Allowing you to step into the bar from the front.

Ideal for beginners, those with mobility limitations, and anyone who prefers an easier entry and exit.  Plus you get in-built jacks for easy plate loading.

Why Open End Design?

Which to choose?

But for trap bars, just if you prefer easy entry an exit or if you want built in jacks - then get open design. Rest hex trap bar is always good.

Where to buy?

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