OneFitplus OFP-M1 Spin Bike Review

Flywheel: 14.3lbs Max Weight: 120kg Maximum Height: 6 Feet Item Weight: 33000 Grams

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Spin classes are a great way to improve your physical, mental, and social well-being while having a good time.  Now is the time to bid goodbye to excuses.

You get 100-level magnetic resistance system to challenge you for various intensity workouts, as well as a strong belt drive mechanism that is quiet and requires NO maintenance.

Spinning mechanism?

Max user weight -120 kg

Note: Always pick an Exercise Bike with a user weight capacity of at least 20 Kgs greater than your present weight because the weight increases during cycling.

Equipped with Tablet Holder

The bike allows the user to connect phone or tablet to the OneFitPlus/Fitwarz Apps and show all analytics, as well as enjoy a premium fitness gaming experience.

Active post-sales and customer support

Free at-home installation services are available in 650+ cities across India. Other bikes have poor after-sale services, but here is different.

OneFitPlus- Your 24/7 fitness partner

When you buy any this smart Spin bikes, you'll get a free 6-month cult pass LIVE.