Most Budget & Cheap Olympic Barbell Rod  (Under 7000)

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This bar is a Black 20 KG Bar. It is 85 inches long, has 15.5 inch loadable sleeve lengths comes with 2’’ Olympic Barbell Clamps. 

LEEWAY Multi-purpose Barbell

This barbell is an incredible tool for multimodal, constantly varied workouts. From Olympic lifting to powerlifting, this barbell can meet every challenge you throw at it.

2159mm in length; 50-inch shaft length; 15.5-inch loadable sleeve length; 30 mm handgrip diameter; 49 mm loadable sleeve diameter; Knurling 7” x 2 on each side.

What you get?

Medium-depth diamond knurling for secure, non-slip grip;  Sleeves with Bearings for a smooth lifting and to reduce pressure on the wrists and forearms.

Black powder coating on shaft and sleeve with chrome finish to prevent rusting. Finished in durable coatings to provide a long-lasting barbell that offers exceptional performance.

These clamps are crucial for keeping removable weight plates secure on your barbell. Without collars, you run the risk of plates shifting and unbalancing.

Nothing you will find at this price.

Brand: LEEWAY Material: Alloy Steel 50-inch shaft length; 30 mm handgrip diameter

Material: Alloy Steel Brand: LEEWAY Item Weight: 16 Kilograms Grip Type: Hard length: 7 ft long

Material: Alloy Steel Olympic 7 feet Grip Diameter:28 mm Finishing: Hard Chrome 2’’ Collars are included.