Cheapest Weightlifting belt

Xtrim Fitness Belt - Buy this Best & Cheapest velcro Belt in India.  It is a lightweight weightlifting belt that ‎has 80% EVA and 20% PVC lining.

What it is meant for?

A weightlifting belt is meant to provide support to the lower back and core during heavy weightlifting exercises, helping to reduce the risk of injury and increase safety.

How to Fit?

To fit it, place it around your natural waist, tighten it snugly but not too tight, secure the buckle, and ensure it stays in place during your lifts.

How big it is?

Dimensions: 12 mm thick and 4 inches wide. Length is standard. comes in 4 sizes from M to XL.

Steel Buckle

It comes with a simple and easy-to-use self-locking buckle and releases roller that will never wear down, open, or slip no matter how big your lift is, and risk injury

Where to Buy?

You can simply visit and purchase this weightlifting belt. You can first choose the size you want, and then do a payment.