Due to the flat foot design and grip, it makes an ideal shoes for deadlift. Introducing the Pro wolf DLx500 deadlift slipper, a truly unique product. These come with a much lower price tag.

What you Should Look At?

When considering deadlift shoes, look for a flat sole that provides stability and allows for better force transfer during lifts.  A secure fit, comfortable material, and durable construction are also important factors.

The main thing that appeals to me about these slipper is their design.  I dislike having to tie shoelaces. With these slippers, all you have to do is pull the velcro and you're good to go.

At present, these shoes are available on Amazon for approximately INR 3,500.  Some may argue that this is a steep price, but in my opinion, it is justified given the shoes' versatility.

I highly recommend these shoes for deadlifting due to their minimalistic design and excellent grip.  However, I do suggest that the manufacturer offer more colour options such as white, red, or blue.


They share some similarities in terms of their flat sole design, which can provide stability during lifts.  While Converse shoes may not offer the same level of support and stability as dedicated deadlift shoes.