Best Dumbbell Set of All Time.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. From adjustable sets to fixed-weight options, we'll help you find the perfect set for your needs.  Don't miss out – read our guide now!

Budget Quick Adjustables - Flexnest Dumbbells

Check these adjustable dumbbells that you won't have to spend a lot of time changing between sets.  At INR 16,000 for a pair, these are not inexpensive, but they are also very feasible.

Best steel adjustable dumbbells - Leeway

The entire dumbbell is composed of cast iron with a chrome coating to prevent rusting.  It's entirely made of metal. The one con is it takes roughly 60-90 seconds to change the weights, which is time consuming.

Best Twist Adjustable dumbbells - Cockatoo

You simply twist the dumbbell handle and in less than 2 seconds it gets ready.  Honestly, the twist mechanism makes these so simple to use. They are next similar to using a fixed weight dumbbells.

All metal Adjustable dumbbells - Bullrock T-rex 

If you want the most durable adjustable dumbbells and are willing to sacrifice quick adjustment, these are the ones for you.  They are also rust resistant because of E coat. You can drop and mistreat them, yet they will not break.

Best Olympic adjustable dumbbells - 1rm

You can use Olympic dumbbell rods to attach your existing weight plates to dumbbell rods.  These are for INR 10,000. You receive a set of 25kg dumbbells that range in weight from 5 to 25kg in 5kg increments.

Budget Hex Dumbbells - Leeway

The Leeway have a contour handle with knurling that grips really well.  The rubber is of high grade and does not smell at all. They have just a matt rubber coating that looks fantastic in the long term and does not wear off.

Best Hex dumbbells - Bullrock

The bullrock hex dumbbells have a 32mm thick straight grip with regular 1.2mm barbell knurling.  The knurling is gripping, and Bullrock uses high-quality materials, which I believe is the case with these dumbbells.

Best Budget Round Dumbbells - Rubx

If you're seeking for some low-cost yet high-quality bouncer dumbbells, these are my recommendation.  These are some of the cheapest round dumbbells on Amazon, with a price tag of roughly 150/kg, yet there has been no compromise in durability.