5 Best deadlift Shoes in India 

Remember, the best shoe for deadlifting depends, body mechanics, and the type of deadlifts you perform.

What To Look For? 

1. Flat Sole: Opt for a flat, non-compressible sole for stability. 2. Thin Sole: Choose minimal sole thickness to reduce lifting distance. 3. Grip: Rubber or non-slip sole for traction.

1. Prowolf slippers

Some lifters prefer deadlift slippers for their minimalistic design and thin sole, providing a close-to-the-ground feel.

2. Prowolf Prx 900 shoes

These shoes are designed for weightlifting but are versatile enough for deadlifting. They offer a secure fit, a stable base, and a raised heel.

3. Converse Shoes

These classic, flat-soled shoes are a favorite among many powerlifters for their simplicity, flat sole, and affordable price.

4. Wrestling Shoes

Specifically not designed for deadlifting, but these shoes have a thin, flat sole and a strap for added foot support. They are lightweight and offer good grip.

5. RXN Hercules Shoes

While designed for weightlifting, the RXN lifting shoes offer a stable base, good traction, and a secure fit, making them suitable for deadlifting as well.