What is Squat Bar?

The squat bar's central knurling grabs your shirt to avoid slippage. It also have a large diameter and typically have very little whip. This is a specialty bar for squats.

The shaft is 32mm thick. Compared to a standard Power Bar, this is 3mm larger.  This wider circumference can support more weight and stay stationary on your back.

Bullrock 32 MM Squat Bar

Dimensions of Squat Bar

Bar Weight: 25kg Diameter: 32mm Knurl: Fully Knurled Center Knurl: Fully Knurled Loadable Sleeve Length: 425mm Tensile Strength: 200,000 PSI Max load: 907kg

Squat Bar is completely knurled across the bar. Additionally, this is very dissimilar to a standard Power Bar, which often has a 4" to 5" centre knurling and knurl cuts around the powerlifting ring marks.

The decision to buy a squat bar ultimately comes down to your needs, what you want to achieve with the larger bar, and whether it's the correct choice for you. Check below link.