Siege Fitness Flat Bench

Siege really mastered the relationship between durability and ergonomics with this piece of equipment...

– Weight: 37 KG – Height: 17” – Width:14” – Lenght: 48” – Reinforced Chassis – Polyurethane wheels with dual bearings – High Quality 11 Gauge steel construction


– Great price for a good value bench – 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel – Sturdy 3-post bench – Rated to 1,000 pounds – Meets the IPF specs

– People who are very specific about foot positioning during bench press – Home gym owners who want a less expensive alternative.

Great for:

There’s a handle in front and two wheels on the back,  So you can easily pull it in or pull it out on the best squat racks of your choice.

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I've talked about specs, but I don’t want to harp on those, because specs don’t always tell the whole story in terms of performance.