Siege Fitness "Chieftain Bar"

Siege is Indian gym Manufacturing brand. This chieftain bar is the most durable yet cost-effective option. Reliable if you SBD heavy.


With a sleek black colour, it spans a length of 7 feet 2 inches, weighing 20 kilograms, the bar has a robust tensile strength of 205,000 PSI for the game powerlifting.

Why Powerlifting Bars?

These bars are durable and designed to handle heavy loads, meeting specific weight and dimensional criteria for official powerlifting competitions.

What's Special?

The bar features a 205000 psi tensile strength& offers close to 0 whip and high stability even under massive weights of up to 900Kgs.

Coating Used

The E coating provides an incredible finish, which does not compromise the sharpness of the knurling and at the same time, requires no maintenance.

Best Meant For

A powerlifting bar is best suited for the sport of powerlifting.  Featuring.  1) stiffness for stability, 2) aggressive knurling for a secure grip,  3) center knurling for squats.

Volcano Knurling!

Alloyed steel rod of 29mm diameter together with a 1.5mm pitch aggressive volcano knurling for the best possible grip.


This bar is priced for ₹18,000 + Shipping. Trust me IPF bars, may it be of challenge or Bullrock cost no less than 22k. So its really cost-effective.