ROXAN Open Trap Bar

The open-sided frame permits the lifter to easily enter and exit the bar, without restricting the range of motion in the lower body.

Dual Handles

It offers a choice of two pairs of handles with moderate knurling, each measuring length and featuring diameters of 28mm.  This allows you to select the most suitable grip for your exercises.

Full Design

The frame has a textured matte black powder-coated tube construction that is, backed by a 1-year manufacturing warranty against any welding defects.

Roxan Brand

Roxan Brand, from merrut is a renowned manufacturer in the fitness equipment industry. You can also trust them for setting up a complete gym.

Weight capacity

Making your deadlifts more convenient! Additionally, the bar weigh 16 kg, each having weight capacity of approximately 300 kgs.

Eliminate the additional effort required for loading and unloading plates with an Open Trap Bar.  This 16 kg bar can be effortlessly lifted with the assistance of the jack. check full review...