Nike Gym  Equipment  

For those unfamiliar, Nike has just unveiled their latest line of strength equipment, called Nike Strength. Covering everything.


Nike Coated Premium Barbell 20 KG – $325 Nike Coated Premium Barbell 15 KG – $290 Nike Barbell 15 KG – $250 Nike Barbell 20 KG – $285


These gravity-cast kettlebells are pretty standard, featuring a powder coat finish for a solid grip. The packaging effort is commendable, with extra layers for protection.


These rubber-coated hex dumbbells range from 5 lb to 100 lb. The handle design varies with weight, and given the hype. Rubber coating protects the dumbbell, floor, and surrounding equipment.


Nike offers two types—virgin rubber plates and crumb bumpers, known as The Grind bumpers. Made from recycled shoe material, the crumb bumpers provide more balance than virgin rubber plates.


Nike offers squat racks and power racks, with the latter referred to as a squat cage. Their racks, 58 in holes, 11-gauge steel, 3×3. They’re coming in at a good price point.


We’re shining the spotlight on Nike’s brand-new strength gear. Rea the below blog to know more.