Leeway Plate Rack!

The Leeway Horizontal Plate Rack' will help you more conveniently move weights between platforms or lifting areas in your gym.  Easy to wheel around, even with over 180 kgs on it.

With its ergonomic handle and wheels positioned on one side, the Horizontal Plate Rack offers easy mobility within your gym.  This ensures convenient plate storage exactly where you need it.


The wheels prevent the rack from touching the ground when stationary, thereby extending its lifespan. Thus, Easy to roll your bumper plates on to your Olympic lifting platform.


Crafted from exceptionally robust  steel. Impressively, the plate rack can support up to 180 kg of plates. (Depend on plate thickness)

Heavy Duty Build

This rack has five 7” wide plate slots for versatile bumper plate storage for any commercial gym, and powerlifting setting. Two barbell tubes for added barbell storage.


Buy it because it provides a designated and organized space for storing your plates, preventing clutter and making it easier to find the plates you need quickly.

Why Buy?