The Flexrower is the first rowing machine in India with Bluetooth technology that streams on-demand classes from the best instructors to your rower.

The most magnetic resistance is permitted at a "10" setting, which results in the greatest resistance. A "1" reduces resistance and allows for minimal airflow.

The Flexrower provides a smooth row and a slow, magnetic resistance.  You must use the Flexrower for yourself to really appreciate it.

Magnetic Resistance 

Exercises you can do

Here are some exercises that you can do with a rowing machine: – Traditional rowing – Interval training – Endurance training – Strength training exercises – Full-body workout.

With a rowing machine, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home.  The best part without having to go find actual body of water, boat, and get wet to get a good row workout in.

Power: (12V/1A) Net weight: 25 KG Gross weight: 30 KG Max Load capacity: 120 KG Magnetic Resistance Support for a Smartphone or Tablet.

Flexrower Technical Specifications

I love the Flexrower!  Amazing machine with the best construction I've ever seen.

With the majority of Flexnest products, including the FlexRower+,is dedicated to premium customers.  But is it worthwhile to spend that much money?