Is Flexnest Rower Worth it?

The Flexrower is the Ultimate, Smart Rower of the future. No Rower in the market comes with a trainer led and smart interactive classes+ it combines high-quality beachwood.

Flexnest Flexrower

The Flexrower offers a silent, magnetic resistance and smooth row. It’s battery powered and comes with the battery.  Power Usage: (12V/1A)

Flexnest Flexrower Plus

The Flexrower+ employs actual water as resistance so that you may row with a natural feel and get authentic water rowing experience.

Which one is better?

Flexnest Rower costs 35999 Flexnest Rower plus costs Rs 59999 The major difference is in the mechanism of working between 2 rowers.

What you get?

- On Demand Library.  - Motivating Trainers. - 6 month complementary membership (500 Rs after every month.) - 30+ Virtual Rowers. - Exclusive Community of Flexnest Members

By Agatha Android

Should You buy Magnetic Rower?

A magnetic rower provides a smooth and quiet workout experience, and offers adjustable resistance levels for a challenging workout.

By Agatha Android

Should You Buy Water Rower?

A water rower provides a realistic rowing experience, with the sound and feel of rowing on water.